Bodybuilding Competition Prep: Phil Staplehurst 2nd Place at NABBA South East

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I had a chat with Phil Staplehurst, also known as Chelsea from the UK Muscle forums who has recently competed in Novice Class of the NABBA South East Competition. Phil was kind enough to give us an overview of his prep from start to finish where he managed to achieve 2nd place in a tough category with 12 other stacked competitors.

This was Phil at the start of his prep after a healthy off season, tipping the scales at 259lbs at 6’2″. His off season stack consisted of 1,000mg Test and 1,000mg Deca per week, 50mg of Anadrol per day and 8 units of Hygetropin on training days, a typical ‘wet’ gaining stack which allowed him to fill out in all the right places and add a great deal of thickness all round.

Start of prep – 259lbs – 25th January 2016

How did he get lean?

Phil began with fasted LISS every morning which consisted of a 20 minute brisk walk with the dog. Calories were reduced and sugar was taken out entirely so he was left with just low GI carbs allowing him to stay fuller for longer. He started the diet on around 4,500 calories and was losing body fat at a good pace, giving him plenty of room to further reduce calories when he hit weight loss plateaus.

As weight loss slowed down Phil added a second cardio session in the evening before bed, this was another 20 minute LISS session with the dog followed by a night time casein shake.

The 2 cardio sessions a day really got combined with gradually lowering his calories and reducing his fat intake in particular really got things moving. For the last week of the prep cardio was kept to a minimum as Phil wanted his legs to fill out in time for the show. Training remained at a high intensity throughout the prep, Phil didn’t go to absolute failure very often, his main goal was to keep the muscles primed and deplete glycogen and then slowly up the carbs during the final week to fill out and look as full as possible on stage.

End of prep – 223lbs – 30th April 2016 (12 weeks later)

Gear protocol

As mentioned previously Phil’s off season ended with a wet stack of high Test, Deca, Anadrol and Hygetropin GH. Phil began prep with a TTM blend (Test E, Tren E, Mast E) and Dianabol which was pulsed pre-workout. 5 weeks out from the show he switched to single compounds and short esters (Test P, Tren A, Mast P) as he felt he would be able to manipulate water better that way and would have control over his Test, Tren and Mast ratios. He also added a touch of Primo, Anavar and Winstrol within the last few weeks of prep and pulled the Hygetropin out of his stack just over a week before the show to minimize water retention.

Pics from the day of the show


Training was volume based and Phil would usually save himself until the last set of each exercise where he would put maximum effort in and go as heavy as possible for as many reps as possible. His training largely remained the same throughout the prep and he did not notice a significant drop in strength until the final couple of weeks although even then he was still benching 130KG for reps.

Competition day

Phil thoroughly enjoyed the day of the competition walking away with the 2nd place trophy. He admits the guy that took 1st place looked awesome on the day and had actually competed in the same show the year prior, placing 4th. Phil had nothing but good things to say about the NABBA staff and the organisation of the competition. Overall it was a great result for his first time on stage and he intends to return next year and claim 1st place. His aim for the off season is to gain as much lean tissue as possible, he will be documenting his entire off season journey here on UK Muscle and will be running his heaviest cycle to date, totaling just under 2,500mg per week including high Test, Deca and Dianabol with 4 units of Hygetropin daily.


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