First Steroid Cycle and PCT Guide

Some of the information below was taken from a post made by user ‘Swole Troll’ from UK Muscle forums


In this article I am going to talk about a beginners first steroid cycle. The post will include how to administer the steroids, recommended doses and duration, how to prevent and counteract side effects and what you can expect to gain from your first cycle.

Contrary to what most people say, I do not believe that you have to have reached your full natural potential before running a cycle. What I do recommend is that you have a good amount of experience and knowledge when it comes to training and nutrition and that you start off fairly lean – I recommend being under 14% body fat and ideally closer to 10%.

The cycle I would recommend to a beginner is a 15 week cycle of Testosterone while running a moderate calorie surplus with emphasis on gaining as much lean muscle tissue as possible and progressively adding weight to your compound lifts.

Testosterone is a powerful tool if used correctly and can put a good 12-15lbs of LEAN mass on you (excluding water and fat gain) over the course of the 15 weeks. It is also a relatively mild compound and causes little to no issues with side effects – most potential side effects can be avoided entirely if the cycle is followed correctly and the proper precautions are taken.

When purchasing your AI and SERMs I advise buying pharmaceutical grade products when possible. Your Testosterone can be pharmaceutical grade or from an underground lab (UGL) – just make sure you do some Googling of the brand before you spend any money to make sure they have good reviews. A tool I find useful is who independently test steroids from underground labs and publish the results online, allowing you to check the quality of the products labs are putting out and make sure you are getting exactly what you pay for.

What you will need:

  • Testosterone Enanthate 3 x 10ml vials (generally dosed 250mg per ml)
  • HCG 3 x 5000iu vials
  • Bacteriostatic water x 10ml
  • Anastrazole 2 x 30 tablets (dosed at 1mg per tab)
  • Tamoxifen 4 x 30 tablets (dosed at 20mg per tab)
  • Clomid 2 x 30 tablets (dosed at 50mg per tab)
  • Blue base needle / 23g x 1.25″ x 100
  • Green base needle / 21g x 1.5″ x 100
  • Luer lock syringe barrel x 100
  • Alcohol injection swabs x 100
  • OPTIONAL – Femara 1 x 30 tablets (dosed at 2.5mg per tab)

Buying Steroids, AI’s, SERM and PCT Drugs

I use – they stock a few top labs and a bunch of pharmaceutical grade drugs for AI, PCT etc. As well as fat-burners, HGH and insulin. Shipping to the UK usually takes 1-2 days and they do ship internationally too. Just send them an email explaining that you got their email address from this website and ask for a price list and they will send over a full list of products and prices.

Why 3 vials of Testosterone and how should I dose it?

Typically the first cycle advised to new steroid users is 10-12 weeks and personally I believe 10 weeks to be slightly too little and 12 weeks to use an uneven amount of Test so that you will be leaving oil in a punctured vial for a prolonged period of time. I like to advise 15 weeks of Test E as I find it’s around the week 14 mark that gains start to stagnate. Given this is your first cycle and will likely yield the most dramatic results assuming diet, training and rest are on point you want to strike a balance between maximizing your gain and minimizing the time it will take to recover from the cycle and any potential side effects.

Isn’t that too much AI to have on hand, how much will I need on cycle?

How much AI is required can very from person to person, as a guide I advise you to take 0.5mg Anastrazole EOD and adjust as needed. You will basically need to use trial and error to find your ideal AI dose to get your Test:Estrogen balance at your personal ‘sweet spot’.

This guide gives an idea of side effects for both low and high Estrogen levels which may help you gauge an idea of where you’re at should you become confused and not want to have bloods taken – Krea’s Estrogen Handbook.

If your Estrogen is wildly out of control and you are developing puffy nipples Letrozole will blast your E2 down low enough to stop the majority of cases in their tracks, the chances of you requiring Letrozole on 500mg of testosterone per week is slim to none but as i always say ‘it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.’

For further information regarding understanding and controlling Estrogen, have a look here.

Why Anastrazole and not Exemestane?

If you push your E2 too low with Anastrazole you can rebound it back up fairly quickly and adjust as needed, with Exemestane you get no such privilege and you can end up spending a long time waiting for your E2 to rise again which will have a negative impact on lipid profile, joint integrity, mental health, libido and overall gains.

How do I mix and run my HCG?

You want to pin 500iu twice weekly spaced apart by roughly 3 days, I usually opt for Mondays and Thursdays. My ratio for mixing I like to use is 1ml of bac water per 5000iu of HCG which results in 10 units (5 small lines on a 1ml insulin syringe) being 500iu of HCG.


Why should I use HCG?

Running a small dose of HCG will help to keep the testes full and will aid with recovery once you come to the end of your cycle and need to PCT. It’s not 100% necessary in my opinion but if you have access to some and don’t mind spending a small amount of money to speed up your recovery then it is probably worth looking at.

How and where do I inject my gear?

For a first cycle I recommend glutes only, a nice big muscle with decent circulation and low risk of hitting any nerve clusters. The twisting and turning can be a problem for some in which case I’d advise shooting quads but there is a slightly larger margin for error in regard to hitting nerve clusters and puncturing large veins. An article regarding post-injection pain and how to avoid it can be found here.

Why do I need Tamoxifen for on cycle, I thought I only need this for PCT?

Tamoxifen will bind to the Estrogen receptor at the breast site and be your first plan of attack against uncontrollable gyno sides, much like keeping Letrozole on hand you will first resort to Tamoxifen if you are unable to control gyno symptoms on cycle on the maximum therapeutic dose of Anastrazole. Again it is highly unlikely that any of you will even require 1mg of Anastrazole ED on just 500mg of Test let alone need more than that in the way of SERM or stronger AI but as I mentioned above its always better to have it and not need it rather than need it and not have it.

Should I use Dianabol as a kick-start or should I front load my Test?

Neither, this is your first cycle and we want to keep things as simple as possible, that includes managing sides, if we start throwing in compounds like Dianabol then adjusting AI and SERM dosing starts to become more complicated as not only do you need to find your dosing for each whilst on Dianabol and Testosterone but then you also need to readjust once you come off the Dianabol.

Should I pin my Test twice per week for stable bloods?

In my own personal experience injecting twice a week has been unnecessary. Some people prefer to inject twice a week as they feel it will minimize the risk of side effects due to blood levels being more stable over the course of the week. Whether you inject once or twice a week is entirely up to you and will not make a noticeable impact on the cycle. If you are concerned or worried about side effects it might be a good idea to inject twice a week, if you want to inject as infrequently as possible, go with once a week.

Below is an example of blood levels with 500mg of Test Enanthate injected once a week, this was plotted with Steroid Calc.


Below is an example of 250mg Test Enanthate injected every 3.5 days. As you can see the blood levels are more stable over the course of the week.



After you did your 15 week cycle, you have to begin your post cycle therapy. The first two weeks after your last injection you do not take any drugs, as the endogenous testosterone is still disrupting your natural endocrine system.

Then, we begin a 4 week course of ancillary drugs restarting our HPTA Axis and produce our natural testosterone again. The first two weeks, we take 40mg of Nolvadex/Tamoxifen and 100mg of Clomid, the second two weeks 20mg of Nolvadex/Tamoxifen and 50mg of Clomid. No other drugs are needed, and afterwards you simply go on with your life, plan your next cycle or read about blasting and cruising. Again, post cycle therapy is only an ancillary to restart your HPTA axis faster, some people never ever heard of it and recover just fine, others take years to recover. It is a basic suggestion, and given the cheap prices of the drugs is generally recommended.

Here is your first cycle layout in an easier to digest layout

  • Week 1-15: 500mg Testosterone per week
  • Week 1-15: 0.5mg Arimidex EOD
  • Week 1-15: HCG – 1000iu (500iu E3D)
  • Week 15-17: Nothing
  • Week 17-19: 40mg Nolvadex per day, 100mg Clomid per day
  • Week 19-21: 20mg Nolvadex per day, 50mg Clomid per day

Blood work

Regular blood work is definitely encouraged. I would recommend getting blood taken before starting your cycle to assess your baseline Testosterone levels and general health, during your cycle to confirm that your Testosterone is legitimate and properly dosed and after your cycle to assess how well you have recovered. An article regarding blood work and how to understand your results can be found here.

38 Responses

  1. Anattymous

    How necessary is HCG for a first cycle? I know it helps with testicular atrophy but would it be detrimental to not run it for simplicity sake?


      1. 2Gainz

        Any advice for USA? I’m in the military and lift at the base gym, so I can’t exactly work my way in with someone who’s obviously riding the bike and find out from them..

        Thanks for the site bro, 10/10


  2. Pat

    Hey, this may be a stupid question.
    Would you reccommend starting a cycle with an injury with the goal of decreasing recovery time.

    I recently was diagnosed with a posterior labral tear and surgery is not a viable option die to life right now. Just to be clear the labrum doesnt fix itself it has to be reattached, but ive read stories of people working around it.

    My plan was to hop on the cycle to help with pt and stregthening the muscles surrounding the labrum, in addition to my bodybuilding split (which is being customized to work around my injury.)

    Again that may not be an ideal plan but I already know because of life at the moment I cant put myself out of commission with the surgery. What do you think?


  3. Raymond

    Is this cycle still up-to-date? I’m planing on doing my first 15 week cycle.

    Isn’t that a lot of PCT? I have often seen people using only Nolvadex or only Clomid.


  4. Jake

    Finding Bacteriostatic water (0,9% benzyl alcohol) is harder than it is to find regular sources. All hCG here comes with regular sterile water. 😦 Any ideas for EU countries?


  5. Vince

    After 15 weeks on Cycle, 2 weeks off, 4 weeks on PCT, How long should I wait before starting a Second Cycle?

    I’m currently in the second 2 weeks off period, starting my PCT Monday.


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