Bodybuilding Competition Prep: Liam Coffey Takes 1st at UKBFF Midlands Championships

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This is a prep overview for Liam Coffey who just placed 1st in the Beginners Bodybuilding class at the UKBFF Midlands Championships. He received an invite to the UK Finals and will be competing again within the next couple of weeks. I asked him if he could provide some pics and information regarding his prep for me to blog about and he happily agreed. Feel free to continue tracking his progress and show some support by giving him a follow on Instagram.

18 weeks out

Liam began his prep 18 weeks out. The original plan was to do a 16 week prep but he was eager to get started and gave himself an extra 2 weeks of leaning down. His starting macros were: Protein – 344g Fat – 75g, Carbs – 500g.

He had a productive off season and ended up tipping the scales at just shy of 255lbs at 6’3″, his TDEE was pretty high as a result of this so he was able to cut on a reasonable amount of calories and was still slamming down 6 meals a day throughout the prep. Cardio began at 3 30 minute cardio sessions per week which was eventually increased to 7 cardio sessions per week by the end of prep.


  • Monday – Quads/Calves
  • Tuesday – Rest
  • Wednesday – Chest/Delts/Traps/Calves
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Fri – Back/Hams/Calves
  • Sat – Arms/Abs
  • Sunday – Rest

12 weeks out

At this point his macros were: Training Day – Protein – 294. Fats – 55. Carbs – 330. Rest Day – Protein – 278. Fats – 55. Carbs – 294. The idea was to slowly reduce carbs and fats throughout the prep based on how he looked and how quickly he was losing weight. He felt fine with this macro split and amount of calories, maintaining his strength and losing fat at a reasonable rate. At this post cardio was 4 30 minute fasted LISS sessions per week.

8 weeks out


Hunger began to kick in around this point and Liam began to make more use of things like Diet Coke, black coffee, sugar free Red Bull and other low calorie condiments/herbs/spices in his foods to put the hunger pangs at bay.

Training Day – Protein – 280. Fats – 24. Carbs – 260
Rest Day – Protein – 254. Fats – 45. Carbs – 194

Cardio at this point was 5 x per week fasted LISS Incline treadmill walk at the highest intensity he was willing to take it which was 3mph at a 12.5% incline.

Strength was holding up fine, this was largely down to carb timing, he kept the majority of his carb intake around his training session and was using a combination of Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin and EAA’s intra-workout. This definitely helped him maintain strength and energy levels throughout the session.

4 weeks out

Training Day – Protein – 272. Fats – 24. Carbs – 229
Rest Day – Protein – 236. Fats – 20. Carbs – 164

Things were getting tough at this point. Cardio was at the previous intensity but 6 x per week and weights were still holding up but doing everyday tasks was becoming a chore. Little things like getting up out of his seat at work and making small talk was starting to becoming tedious! Cravings were kicking in as well for foods he usually didn’t even like! Condition was starting to come in nicely, especially noticeable in the side chest shot where he looked noticeably tighter than the previous side chest pic.

Peak week

Training days – Protein – 268g. Fats – 24g. Carbs – 188g
Rest days – Protein – 228g. Fats – 21g. Carbs – 139g

He kept these macros for the weekend and then on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday he gradually lowered Carbs by about 25g a day with the aim of depleting glycogen stores and removing the last few pounds of fat.

On Thursday he began his carb load. He had a rough idea of what he needed to do to replenish his depleted glycogen stores based on previous trial refeeds which were completed throughout the prep. He went for 520g Carbs on Thursday, 420g on Friday and 320g on Saturday. Over this period protein was lowered, cardio was gradually reduced and training was kept to upper body circuits. This was to allow his body to recover into the show and peak optimally for Sunday.

1 day out

He didn’t completely cut water on show day but kept it to small sips as necessary. He ate a subway a few hours before stepping on stage to fill himself out with the extra fats, carbs and sodium which he believes worked well.

Overall he came in flatter than he anticipated so he plans on adjusting the carbs as necessary for his next show in just under 2 weeks.

As mentioned earlier in the post he took 1st place in the Beginners Bodybuilding category, facing off against some tough competition including another member of UK Muscle (Matthew Berry) who showed up in great condition too.

Going forward

Watch this space! He will be competing again in the UKBFF West Midlands Championships in 11 days time where he can hopefully bring a fuller, leaner overall package. He will be competing in the open Classic Bodybuilding class so potentially could be up against some very stiff competition.

After that he is looking forward to getting back to real life, enjoying some food and time off from training and then to come back and hit the weights hard, putting on the mass necessary to compete in the open classes in a couple of years.

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