Impressive 8 Month Body Transformation

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Ben Ellis from UK Muscle recently completed a crazy 8 month body transformation which proved beyond reasonable doubt that muscle memory IS real. Ben was coming back from a long break from training, dieting and steroids and was admittedly in the worst shape of his life. He set his sights on the UKBFF Welsh Championships and began training daily with the intention of gaining a considerable amount of muscle AND leaning down to sub 8% body fat in a matter of months.

January 31st

He started a training journal here on the UK Muscle forums where he documented his entire prep including his training, diet and cycle.

February 16th

Did he complete this transformation naturally? Fuck no, of course he didn’t but even with high doses of steroids and fat burners, gaining this amount of muscle mass and losing fat simultaneously would not have been possible in that time period had Ben not had muscle memory on his side.

March 19th


It was at the 6 week mark when the progress became apparent. Ben kicked off the cycle with long esters so at this point they had reached peak levels.

April 23rd


I’m unsure of Ben’s exact stack and what doses he used. What I do know is that the cycle contained a base of Testosterone and Anadrol and that he saved Proviron and Trenbolone for later in the prep to give him a dryer, denser look.

May 13th


Ben used a typical ‘bro’ style training split, training each muscle once a week with high volume and high intensity, working towards a good pump and focusing on mind-muscle connection.

June 15th


The hard work paid off and Ben was sat at a comfortable 7-8% body fat in the days leading up to the show giving him ample time to carb up and fill out.

August 29th

Ben admits that he was not completely happy with his placing at the Welsh Championships, finishing a respectable 3rd in his class, a lot of the feedback he received afterwards indicated that he deserved 2nd or even 1st place.

On stage at the UKBFF Welsh Championships

Regardless of his placing I think it’s safe to say that Ben’s transformation was nothing short of remarkable, especially given that the entire process lasted only 8 months. Ben is keen to compete again soon and I do believe he will place higher next time as he will no doubt have a productive off season and a better base to start with next time.

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