What Is the Best Steroid Cycle for Mass?

The following article was written by ChestRockwell of Team StackingPlates

There are two primary growth compounds I recommend for growth anchor purposes, Nandrolone and Testosterone. It is up to the individual to do some self experimentation to see how their hormonal response is to each.

At a very high level, Nandrolone will be the preferred growth anchor compound for those that handle it well.

Conversely, Testosterone will be the primary growth anchor compound in either of the following scenarios:

  • If nandrolone causes estrogenic sides in the individual
  • Growth hormone is used

Accessories can, and should be used as needed.

  • Masteron/Proviron have high affinity for SHBG and can make testosterone more readily available and more efficient. This is important in a test anchored stack

Orals can, and should be used as needed

  • Dianabol is preferred although Anadrol can also be used – all others are largely going to be a waste and I do not recommend using them during periods of growth
  • Winstrol is also one that may sound odd to be included here however it has a great affinity for SHBG too, and theoretically could be GREAT to use in a testosterone anchored stack. I have not done this myself, however, so it is purely speculative.

If the need for AIs arises, you are running too much gear and should lower doses and/or determine which compound is problematic and drop it. AIs are VERY harsh on our bodies and I feel strongly that a growth stack should promote as little stress in our body as possible.

Using Less AIs = less systemic stress
Less Systemic Stress = happier body
Happier Body = overall a more efficient “growth machine”

This is another reason why you can make greater progress using minimalist stack designs when you plan intelligently. Some stack designs I see around here are just horrifying.

In a “perfect” world, the individual will simply stick to the following compounds for growth purposes:

  • Testosterone
  • Growth Hormone
  • Insulin

These are all going to be identical to endogenous hormones in the body so it stands to reason these would provide the most “bang for your buck”. This is not realistic for everyone, so that’s why I elaborated above.

10 Responses

  1. Dsupreme

    Are you suggesting the Insulin and GH in a stack are less harsh on the body than a simple AI?
    Also ‘bang for your buck’ with GH in it, isnt exactly cost effective nor best value.


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