Is Tren Acetate More Effective Than Tren Enanthate?

The following article was written by user ‘freshtest’ from r/steroids Reddit

I’ve seen plenty of people complaining that Tren Enanthate is way less effective and that they don’t “feel” the same as when on Tren Acetate, even calling the Tren E bunk. Even Pete Rubish says running Tren E is not even worth it.
We have to take into account ester weight, remember that Acetate is 87% and Enanthate is 70%. So:

  • Per 100mg of Tren A=87mg of actual trenbolone
  • Per 100mg of Tren E=70mg of actual trenbolone

So in order to inject 100mg of actual hormone you need:

  • 115mg of Tren A
  • 143mg of Tren E

If we compare in (which takes into account ester weight) common Tren dosages:

350mg per week – 50mg Tren A ED versus 175mg TrenE E3.5D


700mg per week – 100mg Tren A ED versus 350mg Tren E3.5D


We can see that Ace blows Tren E out of the water if using the same dosages, so you would need to pin more Tren E in order to have similar levels, for example to achieve 350mg of actual Tren a week you would nee to pin:

  • 402mg of Tren Ace or 57mg ED
  • 500mg of Tren E or 250mg E3.5D



We can see that even when equally administered Tren A vs Tren E, Ace has a bit higher values having ~68mg highs/40mg lows while Enanthate has 64mg highs/39mg lows. Ace having a higher average mg release obviously (you have to pin ED though).

Also I would like to compare prices (I’m not saying sources, just the average price of Tren A and Tren E from posh UGL labs that are popular in EU). Which seems to be 60€ for Tren Ace(100mg/ml x10ml) and 85€ for Tren E(200mg/ml x10ml) but remember you would have 870mg of total tren in the Ace vial, and 1400mg of total Tren in the Enanthate vial.

Which comes at:

  • 0.068965517 Euros per mg of Ace
  • 0.060714286 Euros per mg of Enan


Tren Ace if a bit more expensive than Tren E on a mg for mg basis.
Tren E is more convenient as you can pin E3D or E4D (less scar tissue, savings in time, syringes which I didn’t include in the price but adds up).
Ace will be a bit more efficient 5-10% and you will probably “feel it” more because it gets you to a higher peak in mg release.

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