How Can You Combat Male Pattern Baldness?

To combat MPB, you need to cover all bases. MPB is caused by a couple different things:

1) Tightening of the galea, the muscle above the eyebrows. As it gets tighter, oxygenation of blood goes down. This is confirmed by many studies (men with MPB have 43% less oxygenation of scalp blood than non balding men). T converts to DHT in low oxygen environments. This is why DHT levels are higher in the scalp of MPB patients than in non MPB patients (serum DHT levels are the same in both groups though).

This is the toughest one for people to take. They’ve been told for a very long time that its (all genetic). While its true, it may very well be genetic, that’s not really an acceptable answer as to why some people lose their hair and others don’t. Everything is genetic. In the case of cancer, that’s a purely genetic disease. Yet they didn’t just give up trying to fight cancer because its “genetic.”

There is some truth in the genetic theory. Some people have more Androgen receptors (there’s 2 types in the scalp i think) in their scalp. But when they tested MPB patients, those who had more androgen receptors due to their genetics were still in the minority (around 35% I believe).

Also, if this genetic theory were completely true in that hairloss is not being caused by some outside force, then there would be no pattern. The pattern disproves the genetic theory immediately, since all the hairs on your head would minaturize at the same rate.

This doesn’t happen though, and there is a distinct pattern.

The same people who believe the genetic theory do agree though, that the miniaturization is happening because of DHT. Since there is a gradual pattern towards the center of the scalp, we can agree that the DHT accumulation is happening gradually towards the center. This conflicts with their being an end all be all genetic issue.

This gradual DHT accumulation supports the tight scalp theory.

Also, they’ve had an 80% success rate growing hair back in balding patients by using botox in the muscles around the scalp (nail in the coffin).

2) Fungus. Yes, that’s right, fungus. One of the best remedies for MPB is an anti-fungal called ketoconazole. Certain organisms that live on our skin actually can cause sebum (oil) buildup, and its speculated that this buildup may contribute to DHT accumulation in the scalp.

3) Genetic hormone levels: it could just be caused by some people creating more DHT than most people. This is very rare though.


1) Fungal shampoo. Use every day (don’t use any other shampoos):

Regenepure DR Hair Loss Shampoo for Hair Growth and Scalp Treatment

This is a great one. Keep it on for 5 minutes, then wash it out really well.

Pura d’or Premium Organic Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo (Gold Label)

I really like this one. Makes your hair super soft. It says leave it on for 2 minutes, but I leave it on for 5.

2) Minoxidil. Minoxidil 5% works well, but there’s different blends of stuff. The best one is the one with retinol. There’s only one company that sells it with retinol (retinol is used to speed up cell division. Clinical studies show that minoxidil with retinol is far more effective.

Regaine for Men Extra Strength Hair Regrowth Solution

3) Finasteride. Just get a perscription. Buy it from India on the cheap. Not a great solution, but right now, its the only mainstream way.

4) Rosemary oil: Use this as conditioner and rub it in. Great for regrowth.

Rosemary Essential Oil – 100% Pure

5) RU58841: Experimental androgen inhibitor. Works really well.

Buy it from

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  1. GymFreak

    Hey, brilliant post. Which one have you tried recently that has been most affective? I have hair loss towards the scalp, it’s becoming more noticeable now. Do the shampoos cause regrow? Does the finastride act as a DHT blockers or can it generate growth? Thanks


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