5’9″ 230lbs Beast Genetikk Talks Cycles and Doses

The following article is a BodyMaxing.com exclusive



21 years old


5’9″ or 175cm



How long have you been using gear?

A little over 2 years now.

Do you prefer to run cycles or do you blast and cruise?

Blast and cruise obviously!

Do you remember what you ran for your first cycle/blast? How were the gains?

600mg of Sustanon. The gains were great. I didn’t gain much body weight but I was much leaner and stronger at the end.

Did you lift naturally and develop a base before using gear?

I lifted naturally for about 3.5 years before gear. I had decent size and strength but my body fat was relatively high at the time.


A few months in to lifting.


Shortly before hopping on gear.

If you could go back to the beginning knowing what you know now what would your first cycle be?

It would be the same. I believe the first cycle/blast should always be Test only at 500-750mg per week. If I could go back however I would have started leaner and bulked instead of taking the recomp route.

Craziest cycle you’ve run?

Uhm let me see. I ran 750mg Test Cyp, 750mg Deca, 600mg Tren E and 300mg Mast P last Autumn. That’s 2.4 grams of gear per week total.


How were the gains?

The gains were great but I had to end the cycle prematurely because I had accumulated too many injuries. There’s no point in taking large dosages if you can’t train properly right?

Is there a particular stack or compound that made you feel like shit or gave you bad side effects?

I made the classic mistake of taking too much gear too soon. You have to build up the dosages slowly. I went from a Test only blast to running Test, Eq, Tren and Dianabol for my second blast. That’s 4 different compounds, 3 of which I had no idea how my body would react to. I got insomnia, lost my appetite, became highly irritable, had terrible mood swings and my blood pressure shot up to the point where I’d get frequent nosebleeds during training.

Advice to somebody who’s considering hopping on?

Ask yourself if you want to keep doing this for life. If you’re one of those guys that ‘just wants to do one cycle’ then don’t bother.


What are your lifts like? Bench, Squat, Dead lift?

315 for 10 and 335 for 7 on flat bench press. I believe a 405 bench is within my grasp but I never tried it yet because I’m afraid of getting injured. I haven’t squatted in a long time but I did get 405 for 6 a little over a year ago. As far as dead lifts go, I just don’t do them.

Do you plan to compete in the future?

I’ve been saying I want to compete since I was 18 years old. I’m having second thoughts about it lately though. Will I ever step on stage? Who knows.

Is insulin necessary to reach your size?

Not at all. I only experimented with insulin over a 2 week period which is not enough to put any significant amount of muscle on.


Do you advocate insulin use?

I definitely do not tell people to stay away from it. Sure it’s a bit tricky to use but there is some serious muscle gains to be made with it, especially if you take it along with HGH.

Thoughts on DNP?

I’ve never used it and I don’t think I ever will. I would rather take a little longer to get lean.

I know you don’t follow a set routine – what is your approach to training?

I followed a 4 day split for years. Now I just go by how I feel. I mean if I don’t feel like hitting back on a specific day I don’t do it, I hit chest and then hit back on the following day. If I feel like throwing in some shoulders after training back I do it. If I feel like hitting arms two days in a row I do it. It makes training more fun and I don’t think its detrimental as long as I make sure I hit everything once a week at least.

I train with moderate weights, high volume and keep my sets around 10-15 reps but I do not hesitate to do some heavy lifting from time to time too.

Approach to nutrition?

I keep things as simple as possible. Purely for convenience. I don’t have a lot of time to cook and tracking everything you’re eating can be a pain in the ass so it’s no wonder most of meals look the same. I eat 4 solid meals a day consisting of 10-12 oz of turkey, steak or pork with ~100g carbs from white rice or potatoes plus a large gainer shake if I’m bulking. If I’m cutting I lower it to 3 and remove the shake with a little bit less carbs per meal.

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