DNP Before and After Pictures

The following article was written by user ‘cybiz’ and user ‘muscletitan5555’ from r/steroids and r/dnp Reddit

I’ve just finished my cycle (700 Test E/600 Deca weekly) and I figured I’d share my results and DNP protocol.

Bulking phase was pretty normal, nothing out of the ordinary. However I’ve realized I was getting fat and I decided to cut it a bit early, lose the fat and then do a quality lean bulk in the spring.

As far as stats go: 28 years old 190 cm (6’3) Pre cut weight: 105kg (235 lbs) Post cut weight: 95kg (214 lbs)

Workout program:

Just your regular 5 day split: Chest/Back/Off/Shoulders/Off/Arms/Off


Workout days: 2,700 calories (40 Protein/45 Carbs/15 Fats) Rest days: 2,500 calories (pretty much the same macros).

I have a physical job and I usually cut at ~2,300 calories.


  • 125mg Test E E3D
  • 250mg DNP ED
  • 50mg T3
  • 2g Vitamin C
  • 500iu Vitamin E
  • Electrolytes in tablet form

I took the DNP early in the morning, started at 250mg and tried to taper it up. Even though I live in the UK and it’s pretty cold here right now I could only tolerate up to 500 mg for a day or two and had to go back to 250. The sides were pretty severe, I was sweating all the time, shortness of breath (cardio was kill). I know it might seem a low dose for some people but the source I got it from is sort of known for having overdosed DNP – my sweet spot seemed to be 250mg. I ran the cycle for 3 weeks, started dosing T3 after week one.

I wasn’t really watching the weight during the cut, just went by feel and what I saw in the mirror. I didn’t lose a ton of strength, looked like shit due to glycogen depletion and was really drowsy all the time (thank God for Caffeine).




Sorry about the quality and lack of dick pics. Also, the after picks were taken 2 days after stopping DNP so I probably should’ve waited a few days for the carb up to take full effect but whatever. No leg pictures due to injury, there’s nothing to show there sadly.

Overall I’ll say I’m really happy with the results. Lost about 10KG in 3 weeks, no noticeable muscle loss (as DNP is muscle sparing). This wasn’t my first run with DNP and I can honestly recommend it to people provided that they’ve done their research and understand the risks.

The plan was to run DNP for a bit longer to get to single digits but I think I just got used to the caffeine and started feeling miserable in the last few days.


Here’s my final cutting results on DNP and AAS. This has been my 6th DNP cycle, I’ve used it safely and responsibly and feel it has a bad reputation but when used responsibly it yields amazing results. Yeah, it’s a “poison” but so are many other chemicals put into food and alcohol.

I did a huge bulk with Dianabol and got up to 22% body fat and 225lbs. I was strong as an ox but gained a huge amount of fat and water.

Then I went on an epic cut, taking Test E 500mg a week and DNP @ 400mg a day for a 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. I did this 3 times. So total time to lose 15% BF was 3 months. I would recommend running DNP on AAS, you don’t feel like crap, I only felt the heat sides. I was not lethargic and was able to train hard as fuck in the gym. I would train first thing in the morning, then take DNP after my workouts as taking DNP before workouts make them suffer. I’ve taken DNP without AAS and felt like crap, would not recommend. I also took all recommended supplements with DNP, NAC, Vitamin C, etc.

For my diet, I ate at pretty extreme deficits, 1,800-2,000 calories a day on workout days and 1,600 on non workout days. On gear you’re anti catabolic so you won’t lose muscle even on extreme defecits. I limited my carb intake to 100g per day and stopped eating carbs after 5PM. The rest was around my body weight in protein and some fats in between. I don’t count every macro I eat, I just aim for my body weight (1g per lb) in protein while cutting, and I ALWAYS stay slightly hungry. It sucks but extreme results come with extreme consequences.

DNP is a dangerous drug but when used responsibly it yields fucking amazing results. Friends and gym buds were astonished to see me chiseled and ripped in such a short time. I’d recommend DNP to anyone with a brain and is willing to do their research, and can properly weigh out risk rewards.


Buying DNP

I use – they stock DNP. Shipping to the UK usually takes 1-2 days and they do ship internationally too. Just send them an email explaining that you got their email address from this website and ask for a price list and they will send over a full list of products and prices.

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  1. Fujan

    Hello i am seriously deciding to use dnp as a female with a lot to loose would it be suitable i mean ive researched the risks and everything within limits but im only 23 and i weogh 85 kgs i mean come on!


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