Brief Interview with Wesley Vissers AKA Vintage Genetics

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Wesley Vissers AKA Vintage Genetics answers some questions following his recent showing at the Arnold Classic Europe.


Name: Wesley Vissers
Age: 23
Height: 6’2.5
Off-season weight: 246lbs
Competition weight: 222lbs
Instagram: @gymtimewes
YouTube: VintageGenetics

When will you next be competing?

Juliette Bergman Dutch Grand Prix 2016, Juniors and Super Heavyweights.


How did you get started with bodybuilding?

I always looked up to my dad who was always big when I was just a little kid. I’ve always been inspired by characters such as Goku, Superman and other action heroes. My dad gave me the opportunity to come and learn from him in the gym and ever since I stepped foot in there I never looked back.


Who’s physique do you admire?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is my number one pick. His physique is the only physique right now that I’m chasing after. His proportions, unique body parts and overall presence on stage is still to be matched to this day.


Were you in good shape as a teenager growing up?

I did gymnastics for about 4 years, I have always been lean, but I was a very thin boy until I starting workout out at the gym.


What motivates you?

I look at my body as a sculpture. What motivates me is that slowly but surely I will add muscle on to parts of my body to make my physique more complete. The intense effort that it requires to bring up even one single weak point is what motivates me, it’s what makes me love the sport. Easy would be boring.

What advice would you give to somebody who has just started lifting?

Stick to the basics and listen to your body. Don’t overdo it. I didn’t do much when I started out and I kept making solid gains for years. 3 times a week, 3 exercises per body part is more than enough. Also make sure your diet is in check to maximize your gains.


What kind of routine do you run?

I run a 2-week split based off of my own preference mixed with old-school influences. It’s one regular week and one super set week of lifting. I train 6 times a week for both of the weeks and train my weaker muscles groups twice a week.


Does your training change between off-season and during prep?

The main difference between off season and prep is that my rep range goes up and weight does down a little during contest prep. This activates the muscle more, burns more calories and lowers the risk of injury.

What is your approach when it comes to dieting?

Eat specific macro nutrients only at specific times. For example, you only need carbs right after waking up, before working out and after working out. Why eat carbs in between two meals? Fuel your body with the resources it needs at that given time and you will have the best results.


Do you use any supplements?

I use Scitec Nutrition supplements for their quality and variety in products. I mainly use Whey Isolate and Vitargo for post-workout recovery. Additionally I use Creatine for strength and fullness, Omega 3 and CLA for blood plasma health with regards to cholesterol and blood pressure and I use Bromelain to aid digestion of a protein-rich diet. Then I also Milk Thistle for liver health, Vitamin C as a powerful post-workout anti-oxidant and during competition prep I use Turbo Ripper and Water Cut to aid the burning of fat.


Do you bulk and cut or stay lean year round?

I stay lean year round. My body fat doesn’t differ a huge amount off-season compared to my competition prep, which is the only time I cut. The rest of the time I use ‘lean bulk’, which is eating slightly over maintenance levels to keep fat gain at bay yet gain as much muscle as possible.

What is your long term goal in bodybuilding?

My long term goal is to bring the classic bodybuilding physiques back to the modern stage. For years people have been crying out for a change and as an old-school lover myself with the potential to make it far, I aim to truly make a difference and bring back the Golden Era of bodybuilding.


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