Johneffer Does a Brief Q&A

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Name: Giovanni Constantino DelBiondo AKA Johneffer
Height: 6’2″
Off-season weight: 275lbs
Competition weight: 225lbs
Instagram: @johneffer
YouTube: Johneffer


What was the last show you competed in?

NPC Max Muscle.

When will you next be competing?

Teen Nationals and Bev Francis Classic.


A lot of people seem to think you are actually called John Effer. I know this is not the case and you’re actually called Giovanni. How did ‘Johneffer’ come about?

Well, it’s kind of a silly story. I used to play this game called World of Warcraft, my characters name on there was Johneffer. I devoted my life to it playing 16 hours a day sometimes. I was very, very young but I had people paying money to come to my server and play for my guild. I woke up one morning and my character had been deleted and my amazing guild was disbanded. It was heart breaking for me because I invested so much time in to it, so I realized I need to move on and do dedicate my time to something else. So I chose to make a YouTube Channel called Johneffer and there I posted videos of me lifting and posing, from 15 to now. And it stuck! I do plan on changing my name on Instagram to Giovanni DelBiondo (my real name) when teen nationals come so I can get be taken serious, of course.


John’s dad in the 80’s vs John in 2016

Who introduced you to bodybuilding and what age did you get started?

My father used to show me movies like Pumping Iron and Conan the Barbarian before I could even talk. And he’d show me his trophies that he won as a teenager. My house was a ‘meathead’ household. When I was 10 my dad would take me to the gym with him and there I would learn how to do negatives on the bicep machine and negatives on the leg extensions which I believe has made my legs very developed along with squatting. I started training seriously when I was 15 for my football team. Soon I realized that football wasn’t for me and entered my first bodybuilding show when I was 15. And the rest is history. My dad taught me true hardcore style dieting and training which I believe earned me the size I have at a young age.


Steve Michalik who trained John’s father in the 80’s

Your personal favorite/most inspirational bodybuilder of all time?

I would have to say Steve Michalik. He trained my father in the 80’s and won the Mr Universe. His training method was so insane that people couldn’t even fathom it if I tried to explain. It was fucking brutal. Imagine doing a set to failure with a medium weight, and then increasing the weight instantly after by a ton and forcing your body to get that up no matter what.


What is your long term goal in bodybuilding?

I don’t know. I want to stay healthy and I want to be the best I can be. I want to look different and have people look up to my work ethic. I think I will have to have a class of my own when I’m fully evolved!


Have your family/friends been supportive/helpful in your journey?

Yes, very supportive. I consider myself spoiled by how well I am fed and how well I am looked after. Every day I have pounds of meat ready to be eaten and if I didn’t have this I would not be any where close to where I am today. I am very grateful for this. My girlfriend supports me a lot and motivates me to have the mentality I need to go beat myself up in the gym. My brothers look up to me and are proud of what I’ve achieved. It all seems so surreal because at the beginning they thought I would never get in shape and wouldn’t have the guts, but I proved a lot of people wrong.


Last off-season you got very heavy by the end, do you plan to take a slower approach this time so you have less weight to lose next time you’re preparing for a show?

I realize that my style is to gain a lot of excess weight in the off season. I think it’s one of the reasons I can put on a ton of muscle in a short amount of time. I do plan on tightening up well to about 250 before I start my next contest prep which will put me in a pretty good place.


How much weight did you lose and in what time period during your last prep?

I went from 270 to 223.6 lbs in a 4 month period and gained muscle mass during the cut.


What does a typical week look like for you as far as routine goes?

Monday – Shoulders and Triceps
Tuesday – Legs
Wednesday – Arms
Thursday – Back
Friday – Chest
Saturday – Off
Sunday – Chest, Abs and Calves.

I go to work on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday where I lift furniture. It doesn’t conflict with my exercising or eating as I eat my food in the truck


What is your approach when it comes to diet? Any foods you would recommend in particular?

I really like low carb dieting. It’s what I’ve always done. Sometimes going even as low as 40 grams of carbs for 3 and a half months. That was fucking crazy but damn, I felt alive. The last diet I did 200 carbs and didn’t feel like I was struggling enough. Although I looked my best. I plan on going back to basics this time and listening to what my body needs. My food consists of boiled ground turkey which I mash up cook proper nicely. I love it because it is very, very easy to digest. A lot of lads eat steak and chicken, but how much are you shitting out? Try to get something that’s already broken down a lot and I guarantee it will help you out! I eat a lot of protein, like 500 grams a day. A lot of people ask me how bad my farts smell but they are fine. And digestion is fine too.

Do you use any supplements? Are they worthwhile?

The best supplements are illegal! Don’t waste your money on bullshit. The only supplement I buy that can be bought in a store is beef liver in a pill form. But I would gladly buy it at a store and cook it up if need be, this is just more convenient.


What is the hardest thing about preparing for a show? Is it tougher on the mental or physical side?

I am happiest when prepping for a show. I am most in touch with myself and I thrive off the struggle. I wish I could prep my whole life to be honest.


John showing the results of his 4 month prep, 270lbs – 223lbs

You’re a strong motherfucker, what are your heaviest working sets for the big 3 at the moment?

Thanks lad. I have done 405lbs bench for 6 reps, 495lbs for 12 reps squat, 405lbs for 6 sets of 12 on squat which is very easy now. And dead lifts I mess around with 585lbs a lot, usually 4-6 rep sets. When preparing for a show I do 4 sets of 20 with 405 lbs on dead lifts even a week out from the show. Great for hamstring and lower back development.

Strengths and weaknesses of your physique? What are you trying to bring up now?

Arms, back and calves.

Give us your best Johneffer quote.

I’m not a bodybuilder. I just happen to compete in bodybuilding. This is a way for me to express myself, if I found painting interesting I’d be the best damn painter I could be. This is a way for me to show who I am inside.

Any fucking meathead can pick up a weight and get a big chest, shoulders and arms. But it takes a different kind of lad to get big ass legs from squatting his ass off.

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  1. leftzing

    Watched this guy grow on different forums over the year. Not only am I impressed by his growth but he has matured quite quickly and stayed humble. I know if I had the success he was having at his age I would not have handled it as well as he has.


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