What You Need to Know About Human Growth Hormone

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Factors determining HGH dosage

  • Health state
  • Using solo or in combination
  • Cycle duration and protocol
  • Financial capacities
  • Purpose

Different quantities of the hormone will give different results. To improve your skin, feel younger and for general anti-aging purposes 2 IU daily is enough. 4-5 IU provides significant fat burning results and HGH dosage for muscle gain starts from 5 IU and can rise to upwards of 10 IU.

Experience and HGH dosage

The effects you get from HGH can depend on both your bodybuilding experience and experience of using growth hormone. A beginner will generally have better results from the same HGH dosage compared to an experienced athlete because they are much further from their maximum muscular potential and can therefore add muscle mass easier.

If you use HGH for the first time, 5 IU of quality pharmaceutical grade growth hormone will be enough to obtain noticeable muscle gain and burn fat. “Veterans”, who had several growth hormone cycles in combination with AAS and insulin, will be satisfied with 10 IUs daily.

Cycle Duration

The longer your cycle is, the less dosage you need. Although, optimal duration of HGH cycle is 3 months, 2 or 4 months are effective too.

Short cycles with high HGH dosages can help to heal injuries and strengthen joints and ligaments. This can result in an increase in strength within the first days of using HGH. Another use of short cycles is to aid with cutting. HGH helps to prevent muscle being lost during low-carbohydrate diets and can also accelerate fat loss.

Experiments comparing women with diet restriction using HGH and with diet and placebo, showed that HGH accelerated fat burning by around 30%.

Long cycles with relatively low HGH dosages can give the ability to burn fat without major diet restriction and build muscle at the same time. Another advantage with prolonged usage is increased growth hormone potential to induce hyperplasia – increasing the number of muscle cells by their division. However, muscle hyperplasia is a controversial topic among the scientists. Long cycles can give lasting, positive effects on the skin, nails and hair.

Last but not least, short high-dosage protocol shows more side effects than long, but less risk of antibodies appearance.


There are many methods of using HGH – every day (ED), every other day (EOD), 3 times a week, by one single injection in a day or divided in to several doses.

Every day protocol is classical and the most common – injections of growth hormone every day during the cycle. ED keeps GH and IGF-1 level at the same level and is the most effective protocol for fat burning and the best idea for the short cycles.

Every other day (EOD) shows good results in muscle growth, but because of changes in serum HGH level, fat loss isn’t as significant as daily dosing. The EOD protocol allows use of HGH for long periods without rapid formation of antibodies which can decrease efficiency of the hormone.

There was an interesting study that evaluated long and short term effects of ED and EOD protocols for children with growth hormone deficiency. The ED group had their week dosage divided in to 7 parts and the second EOD group injected the same dosage 3 times.

Initial 6 months resulted in 3.9 cm in ED group and 0.2 cm in the EOD group. However, 4 years of treatment showed that EOD group is, on average, 6.5 cm higher than ED group.

This experiment shows that ED injections are more effective than EOD for the short cycles, but are worse in the long perspective.

3 times a week injections aren’t effective for bodybuilding, but are usually used for growth hormone deficiency children. This protocol helps to prevent antibodies appearance during treatment continuing for years, but is ineffective in short perspective.

Do I need to split my daily HGH amount?

Yes, you do. Several injections during the day helps to keep growth hormone level smooth and thus, provide better ability for protein synthesis and building muscle.

Second argument – liver can’t convert huge amounts of growth hormone into IGF rapidly. HGH has short half-life period and excess amounts of it can be destroyed by organism without transforming to IGF-1.

Another positive is that the risk of side effects diminishes if HGH dosage is divided.

Weight and HGH Dosage

Effect of the same amount of growth hormone is correlated with your weight, especially muscle mass. GH serum level is measured in nano grams per milliliter of blood, so the bigger you are and the more blood you have, the more HGH you need. Mass of blood is about 7 percent of the whole body weight. 70 kg man has about 4,9 liters of blood and 100 kg man has 7 liters. 30% difference! Consider this when choosing your HGH dosage.

Although some people claim that growth hormone solo without AAS or insulin – is a waste of money, growth hormone alone can give you good gains, which won’t be lost after the cycle ends, without side effects and suppression of your testosterone.

But to get significant effect from HGH only cycle dosage should be higher than if you were to take steroids.

The scheme looks like this:

  • HGH – 10 IUs/ day.
  • HGH + Insulin = 7-10 IU/day of HGH + 10-15 IU of rapid- or short-acting Insulin
  • HGH + Testosterone = 5-7 IU/day + 500-1000 mg of Testosterone Enanthate/week
  • HGH + Testosterone + insulin = 5 IU of HGH, 500mg of Test-E, 10-15 IU of Insulin

Obviously, the more anabolic agents you use, the less quantity of each you need to build muscles.

In combination cycles the main purpose of HGH is to burn fat, help to stay lean and to prevent joint injuries. Muscle building function is executed by AAS and insulin, which are more potent but also more dangerous.

Finding the correct dosage depending on your health state

Although, HGH has few side effects you should always be careful and familiarise yourself with the potential risks.

Blood sugar – The main issue you need to pay attention is your pancreas and blood sugar level. Check, whether you have any close relatives with high blood sugar or diabetes. In this case you shouldn’t use high dosages (upper 8 IU) and you need to inject insulin during the cycle to help your pancreas.

Before starting your HGH cycle, you should necessary pass test for blood sugar.

High level of glucose shows that your pancreas can’t produce enough insulin, so using HGH is undesirable, because it increases blood sugar.

If your results are 3,9-5,5 mmol/l, you can use HGH dosages up to 7-10 IUs without exogenous insulin.

Blood pressure – Growth hormone usually causes water retention, thus increasing blood pressure. That is why, people who have problems with hypertension, should gradually increase HGH dosage, starting from 2 IU up to your desired amount. Also, use quality growth hormone brands with high purity, which don’t retain so much water as underground products.

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