Q&A With Mr Olympia Men’s Physique Competitor Jared Goodrich

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Name: Jared Goodrich
Age: 30
Height: 5’11”
Off-season weight: 200lbs
Stage weight: 185lbs
Instagram: @jaredg90


What was the last show you competed in?

Mr. Olympia 2016 Men’s Physique Division.


When will you next be competing?

IFBB Men’s Physique Division.


How did you get started with lifting?

I’ve been lifting since I was in High School but I got in to competing in 2013 when my friend and fellow IFBB Pro Jake Alvarez did his first amateur competition. I was amazed by all the guys and I wanted to give it a try.


Who’s physique/attitude do you admire?

The physique I admired most was Jeff Seid. It was pretty amazing to compete with him at Olympia 2016. The best attitude I’ve seen of any competitor is Ray Edmonds. He turned pro with me but he is always in a good mood and always positive and that is a great trait to have especially in this sport.


Cool people you’ve met in the industry while competing?

I met Steve Cook before I ever competed, when I turned pro he was the one to give me my trophy and then the 3rd time I met him was at Olympia 2016. It was pretty cool to see it all come around full circle.


Were you always in good shape?

I was always in good shape because I played sports 5-6 days a week, whether it was competitive hockey or soccer.


What motivates you?

The drive to put my own unique mark on the world. I have always loved competing and always wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. Through body building and competing I have found that outlet.


Thoughts on the new Classic Physique category?

I love it! I feel it has brought Men’s Physique back to a better look. It was getting to look like body builders in board shorts but since the Classic division came out I think it has pushed Men’s Physique in a good direction.


1 tip you would give to somebody who was planning to compete?

Hire a coach with a track record of winning. I have seen too many people hire coaches who have no success or coach themselves. For me it’s all about peace of mind and knowing I have someone in my corner who I can trust and don’t have to second guess.


What is your approach when it comes to dieting?

I do not incorporate any cheat meals in to my diet when I am on prep. It can make prep very hard but in the long run it is what works best for me. I tend to have problem with self control if I get a taste of a cheat meal.


Is cardio necessary for getting in to stage condition?

Absolutely, no doubt about it.


Any particular supplements that you find to be useful?

Any product from Evogen. When I first started competing I thought to myself if I am giving 100% to everything from training to dieting, I might as well use the best supplements too. A few years later I am now a Pro and have competed in the Olympia! I started with Evogen, a few years later I became an ambassador and now a signed athlete.


What is your long term goal in the sport?

To be honest I have none. This is my hobby, I have a full time job, a wife and I want to start a family. I do this for fun and as long as I am enjoying it I want to keep competing at the highest level!

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