DNP + Amphetamine The Right Way

The following article was written by Chem

For those of you who are hell-bent on crash dieting and getting lean in the absolute shortest period of time possible, there is no method that can compete with DNP + Amphetamine, and I’ve been seeing more people attempting this lately so I figured I would give a guide based on my experiences using this method, and my knowledge of pharmacology.

The “Why”

You who have used DNP in the past are more than likely aware of that fact that DNP causes some of the worst carb-cravings one can imagine.

When you couple these cravings with a general sense of malaise from the heat, and often-dimished sleep quality, the entire campaign becomes something that isn’t sustainable and has a high rate of failure.

The purpose of using amphetamine during a DNP cut is to enhance subjective sense of well-being and energy levels, and combat the cravings from DNP. There’s no point in putting yourself through misery all day, just to binge on a bunch of sweets later that night and ruin the fatloss from the day. It makes the entire process much more pleasant and achievable, call it a fail-safe mechanism if you will.

The “How”

We will be using 500-750mg of DNP, along with as minimal a dose of amphetamine as possible, for a period of 10-14 days. If you would prefer to use a lower dose (250mg) for a longer period, I would advise against the addition of amphetamine, as I’ve generally found 250mg to be unnoticeable and not require any other pharmacological aids.

Depending on the form of your amphetamine, our dosages will vary. This is because there is a large difference between Adderall or Dexedrine/Other Generic Amphetamine Tablets or Capsules, Vyvanse, and street Amphetamine (speed).

Adderall/Dexedrine/Generic Amphetamine Tablets or Capsules:

These formulations are almost entire Dextroamphetamine (D-Amphetamine), in either instant or extended release form.

I prefer instant release tablets to extended release capsules, because it allows for easier modulation of your dose throughout the day and gives you more flexibility for afternoon dosing.

When using XR formulation, dosing anytime after 12-1PM can be a big issue because it can keep you up all night, and then you'll REALLY feel like shit the next day.

It is of worth to note that for Adderall XR and it's equivalents, it is extended release because of the shape of the amphetamine beads contained within the capsule. 

Clumping the amphetamine into beads reduces it's surface area, slowing the rate at which it is absorbed.

If you crush these beads, the XR is now an IR. 

When I give dosages in the guide below, this is the type of amphetamine I am using as a base reference.

Vyvanse (Lisdexamfetamine Dimesylate):

Vyvanse has 3 molecules:

Lysine(amino acid)
dimesylate(2 methanesulfonic acid)

Those 3 things equal the total mg. So to figure out the percents you need the molecular weight for everything.

d-amphetamine is 135g/mol
lysine is 146 g/mol
mesylate is 95 g/mol but you have two so 190 g/mol.

So that totals to 471 g/mol but lysine and d-amphetamine are bonded together by a peptide bond from a dehydration synthesis reaction. That means you lose an H20. The O (oxygen) comes from lysine and the two hydrogen are from one of each. Oxygen weights 16 g/mol and hydrogen is 1 g/mol. Just subtract

So Lisdexamfetamine dimesylate weights 453. Now we just divide. Dextroamphetamine is 135g/mol but it lost a H so it is 134g/mol. 134 / 453 *100 = 29%. So 29% of Vyvanse's molecular weight is dextroamphetamine.(I guess multiple by .29 not .28...)

If using Vyvanse, to find the equivalent dosage, multiply the dosage I provide in the guide below by 3, or 2.5 if you want to be conservative about it.

Street Amphetamine (Speed):

Street Amphetamine, is typically somewhere between 25-50% pure. If you have a good source, you can find purities of 60-70%, with 73/74% pure being the absolute maximum:

Amphetamine has a molecular weight of 26,2163g/mol (x2) = 272,4326. Sulphate has one of 96,0636g/mol.
So the total is 368,4962g/mol. Which means: 272,4326/368,4962*100% = 73,93 %

If purchasing via the darknet, expect purities of around 50-60%. We will assume 50% just to take a conservative estimate for those of you who may be sensitive or inexperienced with amphetamine.

Now, the other major factor here is that street amphetamine is RACEMIC.

This means that it is a preparation containing equal parts of the dextro- and levorotatory forms of a compound.

Chiral molecules can be expressed as one of two forms, both of which are mirror images of the other but which have different pharmacological properties.

In the case of amphetamine, it is D-Amphetamine which is responsible for the Central Nervous System stimulation, while L-Amphetamine primarily stimulates the Peripheral Nervous System.

CNS Stimulation = Energy, motivation, euphoria, etc.

PNS Stimulation = Heartrate increase, shakiness, sweating, etc.

As you can see, D-Amphetamine is our baby. L-Amphetamine isn't going to kill you, but it's not particularly psychoactive. It has traditionally been used in medicine as a decongestant and bronchodilator.

So, assuming 55% pure racemic amphetamine sulfate, we get:

80mg Street Amphetine = 44mg Actual Amphetamine, of which half is D-Amphetamine = ~22mg D-Amphetamine per 80mg Street Amphetamine

If using Street Amphetamine, to find the equivalent dosage, multiply the dosage I provide in the guide below by 4.

Using Dextromethorphan as an NMDA Receptor Antagonist to Attentuate Tolerance Buildup:

“First of all, a little on desensitization to stimulation in general. Your body naturally desensitizes itself to constant stimulation. This is the reason why you don’t even feel the clothes on your body. Your clothes are constantly activating the touch receptors within your skin, and it would drive you crazy if the neurons in your skin were constantly sending the information to your brain that reminds you you’re wearing clothes. This is why sometimes scarves can be uncomfortable in the beginning of the winter, because the touch receptors in your neck don’t usually receive constant stimuli, so you notice it when you wear a scarf more than other kinds of clothing like pants and shirts and socks, that you wear year-round. You wear scarves much less often and are thus less desensitized to feeling them.

We also see evidence of desensitization (or lack thereof) in infants and toddlers. Kids are sometimes so hard to keep clothed because the constant stimulation to their touch receptors bothers them so much. The reason why we’re able to discipline ourselves to keep clothed later in life is because we get desensitized to it over time, making it not bother us starting at a relatively early age.

Anyway, I’m going to get into what causes amphetamine tolerance now that you understand the basic idea behind desensitization and why it plays an important role in maintaining homeostasis. When we take adderall, we’re essentially very radically unbalancing the normal level of chemicals of our brain. Amphetamines enter the brain, and force neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin out of the brain. It’s very hard on our bodies and our brain seeks to maintain homeostasis by gradually desensitizing us to it, not really realizing that the improved focus is really helping us in our daily lives, not hurting us.

So now you have a basic understanding of what desensitization is and why it occurs. I’m going to explain how our body knows to start to desensitize itself to amphetamine, now. A calcium ion (Ca2+) influx occurs secondary to amphetamine administration, and this is what causes the body to know to desensitize to amphetamine. Your body sees its neurotransmitter levels being messed with so harshly, and it responds by telling itself to react less to diminish the problem.

I’m going to explain now a little bit on NMDA and glutamate and why it’s relevant. Glutamate is one of the most important excitatory neurotransmitters in the brain, and NMDA receptors activate by binding to glutamate and glycine. If they are not bound to glutamate and glycine, they are inactive. The NMDA receptor channel is the cite of the Ca2+ influx, so by inactivating the channel, you can essentially stop what causes tolerance and even reverse it. NMDA receptor antagonists such as memantine downregulate glutamate, inactivating NMDA receptor channels, indirectly putting a limit on Ca2+ influx and consequently influencing amphetamine tolerance.”

We will be administering 30mg of Dextromethorphan with each of our doses of Amphetamine to modulate tolerance.

The Protocol

1,500kcal, food will consist of three 500kcal protein shakes only. Trust me, you won’t want to eat anything and even getting these down your throat are going to be unpleasant.

Training will consist of Fulbody M/W/F, 3×10-12 Squat/Bench or Dip/Overhead Press/Pullup. You can add in cardio or any activity you enjoy doing on the off-days, take advantage of the amphetamine energy!

Days 1-3: 10mg Amphetamine + 30mg DXM in the AM, 10mg of Amphetamine + 30mg DXM around 1-2PM if necessary to prevent crashing and appetite from returning.
Days 4-6: 15mg Amphetamine + 30mg DXM in the AM, 10mg of Amphetamine + 30mg DXM around 1-2PM if necessary to prevent crashing and appetite from returning.
Days 7-9: 15mg Amphetamine + 30mg DXM in the AM, 15mg of Amphetamine + 30mg DXM around 1-2PM if necessary to prevent crashing and appetite from returning.
Days 10-12: 20mg Amphetamine + 30mg DXM in the AM, 15mg of Amphetamine + 30mg DXM around 1-2PM if necessary to prevent crashing and appetite from returning.
Days 13-15: 20mg Amphetamine + 30mg DXM in the AM, 20mg of Amphetamine + 30mg DXM around 1-2PM if necessary to prevent crashing and appetite from returning.


Buying DNP

I use – they stock DNP. Shipping to the UK usually takes 1-2 days and they do ship internationally too. Just send them an email explaining that you got their email address from this website and ask for a price list and they will send over a full list of products and prices.

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