Things to Consider Before Starting Steroids

The following article was written by Chem

I want to talk about something that really bothers me and is a widespread issue in AAS use:

Using gear when you haven’t earned it.

There are a lot of reasons why people take androgens. It’s your body, and neither I, nor anyone else, can tell you what to do with it. But for the people who live, eat, and breathe bodybuilding; for the people who wake up in the morning to look for the progress in the mirror and chase that new PR; for the people who understand the pre-eminent power of anabolics, the right to use them is something you earn.

I see so many people that have no business taking what they’re taking doing it for ages, and getting nowhere. It’s ludicrous.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you, “You need X amount of years of lifting experience, Y percentage bodyfat, and a big three total of Z”. That’s not fundamentally what this is about. This is about recognizing that AAS use is a lifestyle choice, and that you have no business taking large quantities of anything if you haven’t proven to yourself that you can eat properly and get the most out of your training. Don’t fucking touch gear if you’ve got a spare tire but summer is coming in just a few short months and you really need that extra boost to help you slay pussy. Don’t fucking touch gear because your progress in the gym has been stalling out lately and the lack of progress is upsetting you. Don’t fucking touch gear because your buddy did a cycle and now he’s bigger than you and all the cool kids are doing it.

That’s disrespectful to the sport, and it’s disrespectful to the raw power of AAS themselves.

I’m not going to completely knock hormone use for people who are relatively inexperienced, untrained, or completely unconditioned.Testosterone is a fucking miracle drug if there ever was one. I will never, so long as it is within my power, have my serum testosterone drop below ~1,000ng/dL. There are myriad benefits to be had in every aspect of one’s life from even minute amounts of this substance, and I fully support TRT as a lifelong choice for anyone, even non-athletes and non-lifters.

That being said, if you’re that out-of-shape, relatively-inexperienced lifter, you’ve got no business touching anything more than 250mg of Testosterone a week and maybe some Proviron until you’ve managed to get yourself to single-digit bodyfat and a respectable total.

This is the principle behind building a great physique: earning your gear.

If you can’t even build a solid foundation with 250mg of Test, you’ve got no business tossing Tren, Dianabol, and whatever-the-hell else in the mix. Even if you can admit that you’re using the gear as a crutch to shore up your poor diet and training, time after time I’ve seen hyper-potent stacks give fucking laughable results. It is just not…going….to…happen….

On the other hand, let’s say you’ve been lifting a year and a half, two years. You don’t have a great body, your strength is meh, you say “fuck it, I don’t have much of a base but I’m sick of this natty shit,” and you really want that radical change. You do your research, hop on 250 a week, and start dialing your training and diet the fuck in. Now, 6-8 months later, you’re 9-10% with a solid physique somewhere around upper-natty limit. When I say 9-10%, I don’t mean this bullshit 9-10%, this is what a real 9% looks like:


And here’s a real 7%, you can see how drastically every percentage point effects the physique once you break into single-digits:


(Most people consistently underestimate their bodyfat by 3-5%. I personally have hit 8% once in my life and that was fucking shredded.)

At this point, you’ve earned your gear. Now you can add in a few (200-300) milligrams of Nandrolone or Tren. This is a large enough quantity of androgens to get you fuck-huge and shredded, it just takes consistency and time.

If you’ve earned your gear, you will be able to make progress on these doses that many people will not make running grams and grams, it will be 100% maintainable, and you won’t put yourself through the process of running ridiculous, toxic doses of androgens and feeling like ass, just to waste it all because you’re constantly tired, can’t eat enough, can’t put forth your all, and then lose a bunch of it once you come off of everything.

I want to point out that I am absolutely guilty of this too. I’ve been lifting since 14, hopped on at 17, and will be 20 in a few months.

I have done some stupid, stupid shit in my AAS career and despite the warnings I was given had to learn most things the hard way.

I’ve done 5g a week with GH and Slin. I could barely function, gave myself horrible gyno, and didn’t keep any of the weight I put on in the 4-5 weeks I was doing it.

I’ve done reasonable amounts and made awful progress.

I’ve done a few hundred milligrams of Test and Tren with an immaculate diet and made fantastic progress.

I’ve done everything in-between.

You’ve got to think, if you can add no fat and just a half pound of muscle a month, in 2 years (assuming you start lean) you’ll be fucking massive and ripped to shreds.

A true couple pounds of lean tissue is a significant amount. I know, because I’ve been 165lbs at 17, and the same weight at 18 with a staggering visual difference. Size is an illusion, and being lean is the name of the game.

Don’t let water and glycogen fuck with your head. You’re not gaining more than two to threed pounds a month of actual lean tissue max, and that’s as newcomer to AAS. Expect that number to slowly dwindle over time down to half a pound or so.

I had the opportunity at the gym tonight to catch a competitor in my state who sweeps the Men’s Overall BB year after year. I finally worked up the courage to ask the absolutely-monstrous bastard about what it takes to be competitive at that level.

“Can you really even hope to keep up running anything under a gram?”

“It’s not the drugs, kid. Everyone always thinks its about the fucking drugs. Yes, drugs are a part of the sport and they come with the territory. But the drugs aren’t what’s going to make you. It’s about food. When you stop getting bigger, eat more. When you stop getting stronger, eat more. Don’t be afraid of getting fat, don’t freak out when your face puffs up. When you start a bulk and you’re up 20lbs the first month, that’s all water and carbs. Look at your body: that’s what you’re going to grow into. You’re up 20lbs, now over the next couple months, the scale’s gonna stall, but now you’re growing into that 220lbs. This is where you harden up and fill out all that space in the muscle that was water before. When it comes to training, if you come in and hit up a warmup, and you’re just not feeling anything from it that day, move on. Don’t waste your time. You know when you’re getting a good lift and when you’re not. Listen to that. But when it comes to growing, don’t ever push the drugs up, push the food.”

“What about genetics, don’t you think that’s a big determinant? Maybe you’re gifted.”
“Yeah, genetics plays a part. But everyone’s got genetics: you’ve got this and this muscle, and this and this you don’t. That’s how it is for everybody. You learn to live and work with what you’ve got. Nobody’s got genetics so bad it warrants an excuse for no progress. That’s just a fucking cop out.”
“So what, just Test, Tren, and food?”
“You don’t need all that shit man. What I’m taking, most guys take in a single pin. All these crazy compounds, all these new “next greatest thing”, I don’t fuck with it, it’s all a waste of time.”
“So what… you’re telling me just Test then?”
“That’s all I take and all I’ve ever taken.”
“What about Masteron, if not for gains then just for the mood and libido enhancement.”
“Shit’s fucking fake.”
“Toxic to the body and you don’t keep what you gain.”

He finally ended up telling me what he runs (minus precontest);

450mg Test Cyp

“You’re fucking kidding me. I don’t buy it.”
“Kid, I’ve been doing this 17 years. Think about that.”

And suddenly I got the fucking point.

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