Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Reviews

The following information was taken from r/steroids Compound Experience Saturday post for HGH


Human growth hormone (also known as HGH, Somatropin, Nutrobal, Nutropin) is a peptide hormone which stimulates growth on the cellular level. It is a protein which has endocrine functions in living animals and is synthesized in cells from amino acids.

Growth hormones stimulate cell reproduction and cell regeneration in humans and animals. In the fitness world, it is used across the spectrum as a performance enhancing drug, and in the non-fitness world it’s used as an anti-aging compound.


Desirable Effects of Growth Hormone Use

Growth hormone use can increase muscular size, increase metabolism, reduce fat mass, reduce elevated blood pressure, and improve healing, strength, natural testosterone production, recovery from training, sleep, and perceived quality of life. In those experiencing effects of aging, it can improve appearance of skin, reduce or reverse osteoporosis, and appear to partially reverse some signs of aging.

All the above are potentials rather than guarantees.

Possible and Likely Adverse Side Effects of Growth Hormone Use

Growth hormone can be used with good safety. However, there are possible adverse side effects, particularly with high dosing and especially with chronic high dosing.

GH use can cause insulin resistance, increase serum free fatty acids, and increase TNF-alpha, lipoprotein (a), and fibrinogen. These effects can act towards increasing cardiovascular risk.

Additionally, growth hormone use can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, compressive myelopathy, water retention, and sleep apnea. Acne can be promoted. Prolactin can be increased. In women, hirsutism, menstrual irregularities or endometrial hyperplasia can occur.

Of these, the most consistent effect is insulin resistance. This can essentially be guaranteed at sustained higher doses.

Other possible adverse side effects of GH use include increase in skin tags, imbalance in phosphate levels, hypervitaminosis D, promotion of arthritis, and growth promotion of existing cancers or polyps.

Incidentally, while increase in skin tags could seem a minor thing, there’s a strong correlation between having more than 3 skin tags and having increased risk of colon polyps. Gaining skin tags, then, may be a warning sign.
Long term GH use giving levels comparable to those occurring naturally in acromegaly may yield the adverse consequences of that condition. These include diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, heart enlargement, joint thickening, arthritis, coarse facial features, enlargement of hands and feet, thick skin, darkened skin, chronic fatigue, impotence, increased rate of death from cardiovascular disease, increased rate of death from cancer, and a two to four times overall increase in mortality rate. Of course, in acromegaly high GH levels are experienced for years or decades on end, and not every person with the condition suffers all these effects.

With all this said, when used in moderation GH’s track record for safety in bodybuilding is good. Problems usually are limited to worsening of insulin sensitivity and, commonly, carpal tunnel syndrome or other neuropathies which usually are reversible on cessation of use.

Extreme use, especially over an extended period, likely carries significant health harms and risks.

Pharmacology of Growth Hormone

What does growth hormone itself do at higher doses, exclusive of what may happen from released IGF-1?

In skeletal muscle, GH at supraphysiological doses interferes with insulin signaling, decreases glucose uptake, increases fatty acid uptake, and increases basal rate of lipid oxidation (fat burning).

Overall, the effects promote anabolism and a metabolic shift towards fat-burning over glucose-burning.

At supraphysiological doses, GH also increases lipid storage within muscle cells, which is an adverse effect, yielding to some extent lipotoxicity. (Only adipose cells are capable of storing substantial amounts of lipids without self-harm and metabolic impairment.)

At normal GH levels, the story in muscle is largely the same as above, except that normal GH levels actually support normal insulin signaling, rather than impair it, and do not cause abnormal lipid storage.

In adipose tissue, GH increases lipolysis, decreases lipogenesis, decreases glucose uptake, and decreases local activity of corticosteroids by downregulating 11βHSD1. Some of the increase in lipolysis appears to be from upregulating adipose β2 and β3 receptors.

All this helps in fat loss or to help in partitioning nutrients towards muscle gain. Additionally, the increase in serum free fatty acids produced from increased lipolysis appears to be GH’s mechanism for increasing muscle anabolism. When this increase in free fatty acids is blocked, GH no longer increases muscle anabolism.

In the liver, GH stimulates conversion of glycogen to glucose, impairs insulin sensitivity and thereby reduces glucose uptake, increases uptake of triglycerides, increases storage of triglycerides, and increases production of VLDL (“bad cholesterol.”)

In both muscle tissue and the liver, GH also stimulates production of IGF-1. IGF-1 produced by the liver provides systemic effect; the effect of IGF-1 produced in muscle is thought to be mostly local.

Dosing of GH in Anabolic Steroid Cycles

For a high degree of improvement in muscle mass and/or fat loss in anabolic steroid cycles, 4 IU per day is a gold standard amount in my opinion. However, not all can tolerate this.

Many need to limit growth hormone dosing to no more than 2 IU per day to avoid serious side effects, particularly carpal tunnel syndrome and other neuropathies. At this use level, dosing is preferably divided, but it’s a fine point. If individual preference calls for injecting GH only once per day, that will work fine.

When using about 4 IU per day, it becomes very preferable to divide it into at least two doses per day. Even further division of the dose may be better yet.

What about going over 4 IU/day? If there’s still room to improve results by increasing anabolic steroid dose, I think this is a safer and better path than taking GH usage beyond this amount. In fact, I recommend first optimizing the anabolic steroid component of a stack before exceeding the 2 IU/day level.

It may also be better, rather than going past this amount of GH, to add IGF-1 to it rather than to add more GH. Not only to avoid further worsening of insulin sensitivity, but for greater effectiveness.

At the other end of the spectrum, GH is sometimes used at lower dosing such as 1 IU/day or 2 IU every other day. Younger lifters will find such a use to be a waste: they will experience little benefit from it. For older lifters, however, such dosing can provide noticeable benefit, as their natural GH production is lower. Reasons to choose low dosing usually would be cost or conservatism rather than intolerance of mid-range dosing.

Brands and Purity

Brand Amino Acid Purity Available Since Manufacturer (Country)
Ansomone 191 medium 2005 Anke Biotechnology (China)
Fitropin 192 low 2008 – 2010 Kexing Biotech (China)
Genotropin 191 high 1996 Pfizer (USA)
Getropin 192 low 2006 – 2012 re-labelled generic, unknown (China)
Glotropin 192 low 2012 re-labelled generic, unknown (China)
Humatrope 191 high 1998 Eli Lilly (USA)
Hygetropin 191 medium 2008 Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm (China)
Hypertropin 191 high 2007 Neogenica Bioscience (China)
Jintropin 191 high 1997 GeneScience Pharmaceuticals (China)
Kigtropin 192 low 2011 re-labelled generic, unknown (China)
Norditropin 191 high 1997 Novo Nordisk (USA)
Nutropin 191 high 1997 Genentech (USA)
Riptropin 192 low 2009 re-labelled generic, unknown (China)
Scitropin 191 medium 2005 SciGen (Singapore)
Saizen 191 high 1997 Merck Serono (Switzerland)
Serostim 191 high 2002 EMD Serono (USA)
Tev-Tropin 191 medium 2001 Teva Pharmaceuticals (USA)
Zomacton 191 medium 2002 Ferring Pharmaceuticals (Australia)
Zorbtive 191 high 2003 EMD Serono (USA)


I am liking HGH so far. I am using a reputable generic brand; I’m not convinced pharma is worth the big price difference. I started at 2iu ED and ramped up the dose .5iu every week until I reached 6iu ED.

I originally opted to buy HGH out of desperation. I had dealt with shit shoulders for 4-5 months post accident. I couldn’t even take my own shirts off. The original plan was to make it to my 6iu dose and bang out the rest of my BPC 157 and TB500. Within a little over a week I was noticing a difference already. I was convinced it was placebo. I was wrong. I wish I would have logged it, but within 3-4 weeks my shoulders felt 100% again. I was blown away as I had just gone 4-5 months prior and had zero improvement and now I was as good as new. Now maybe my body would have healed on its own in those 3-4 weeks, maybe not, I really don’t care because I was free to work shoulders again and take off my own damn shirts. I would have gladly paid double if I knew it would heal my shoulders.
After a couple weeks the lethargy hit me. I was tired as fuck most of the day and just wanted to be sleeping. This thankfully improved and got better after a month or so.

I have noticed a minor improvement in BF I believe, but I’ve just been eating the see-food diet so it wasn’t expecting much to change.
The bloating I’ve gotten used to. I feel Dandelion Root helps mitigates it some, but I’ve just learned to accept it.

Skin has improved a bit, it feels softer and it seemed to have helped lighten up some I’ve my scars from the accident. I also believe I heal much quicker. I helped a friend put on a tin roof 3 weeks ago and I sliced my finger so bad I was contemplating stitches. It was bleeding profusely, but I finally got it to stop with enough pressure. About 24 hours later I took off my wrapped concoction and it was still gushing a bit. It stopped by that night, and was good with no bandaid a day later. After a week or so it didn’t look much worse than a paper cut.
The numbness in my hands has been the worst side. It was present and tolerable for probably ~6-7 weeks, but just continued to get worse. Now I’m good while I’m awake and I’d be good while I sleep too, except… I like to sleep with my arm under my pillow. This can cause my arm/hands to go to sleep so bad that it will actually wake me up. I’ve had to adjust how I sleep for the most part. I do still sleep my old way every now any then and my hands/arms do not get bad at all, so I believe this is improving. If I were just someone who sleeps on their back, this wouldn’t be much issue.

As far as for bodybuilding purposes, I just started my blast so we shall see how much it will aid.

Bloodwork. I was happy with my GH Serum response as well as my IGF-1 levels. For reference for the IGF-1 levels; It took me 8 weeks to reach the 6iu ED and then I was on 6iu ED 22 days before bloods were drawn. Also just as a FYI about the IGF-1 results, I had been on Nolva 3 weeks before this and low Accutane 2 weeks before this due to high E2 levels. I was on a higher cruise dose ~6 weeks before (and still didn’t drop my dose enough). But anyways, I could potentially get higher IGF-1 levels out of my dose in the future.

The original plan was to run it for 6 months (as that’s the supposed minimum to reap the most benefits), but now I believe I’m going to order more. But only time will tell if it’s worth the money.



22 years old, was on HGh for several months at 3-4 ius a day pharma. According to my legitimate supplier, 3-4 ius pharma = 12-16 ius of generic that most people are ordering.

Intense numbness @ 3 ius and i recently am noticing just how insanely vascular I am becoming. jaw has grown, penis has grown .5inches in flacid length and 1 inch in overall length. Everything about my body seems better.

highly possible I was not finished growing, as I have grown another .5- .8ish inches as well, which makes me fucking ecstatic.

fatloss, seems to be melting away at 3-4 ius ED several months after injections commenced. Did not notice much fatloss for month 1-2. I vascularity has increased momentously, strength is up considerably.

deadlift is 1rm is over 500 again @ 180. benchpress is currently around 305×8, although i have been doing more cardiovascular activity.
Seem to be full often.

Concerns, some blurry vision sides, possible sugar insulin related interactions, even though i consume no carbs 2 hours before or after injection.

My Hypothesis? Taking hgh at age 21/22 can truly increase athletic and physical potential.

Started around February last year with 2-3IU of reputable generics combined with peptides (mod-grf1-29 + GHRP2/Ipam/Hex) with a goal of anti-aging and metabolism benefits.

3 weeks in I started to notice my skin was looking a bit younger, some of my laugh lines and crows feet were fading, hair and nails were growing like weeds. I continued that protocol for a few months until May. At that point I decided I wanted to take the next step and start mixing in slin for some muscle gain.

I don’t recommend anyone use insulin, it’s dangerous as fuck, IT CAN KILL YOU, put you in a coma, and ruin your physique if used incorrectly This anecdotal information is for entertainment only.

Slin: First testing/trial run:

I increased my dosage to 5IU/day and ran a month of a trial run. My anabolics weren’t too high 500 test / 500 tren / 500 mast I didn’t want to get too big or fat at this time because I had some life events at the end of summer that I needed to be smaller for. I started taking my blood glucose close to 10 times a day to get an idea of my tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Played around with different types of slin, carbs, and varying slin/carb ratios. I gained some solid size that month, but my calories were overall too low, and since I started slin at the same time as I increased my GH dosage I feel like my IGF-1 levels and AAS were too low for ‘serious’ results.

I tried Humalin-R, Humalin-N, and novolog (super rapid). What I concluded is Humalin-N is USELESS and dangerous as fuck, never use this for BB purposes.

Novolog is really easy, has a very small active window, it has it’s place, it’s not good for pre-workout, it’s great for post workout, or before meals because it’s so predictable.

Humalin-R is where it’s at. It has 2 peaks, one at about 30-60 minutes, another at 90-120 minutes. This makes it great for most insulin protocols like mutants, or Mike Arnold’s, my protocol is custom tailored to what I found works best for me, a lot of the info from GH15, joeyflex and Ergo’s protocols. It’s great 30-50mins pre-workout with a carb shake, followed by an intra-workout carb/protein shake. I can give my recipes if anyone is interested. I found that during the peak of my slin run, I liked 15IU pre-workout, with 100mg TNE, and another 12-15IU post workout with my dinner (sometimes I’d use novolog instead if it’s late at night).

Lantus – Finding information on lantus is rather hard, it has an uparalleled affect increasing igf-1 that far surpasses any other insulin’s. It stays active for 20-24 hours, this means diet is CRUCIAL 24×7, fats must be kept to an absolute minimum, I stayed under 60g a day. I started Lantus @20IU/day and increased by a few IU/day, by the end of the month I found my sweet spot (using my fasted glucose readings) at 50IU/day. Any higher and I’d wake up with low blood sugar.

Slin: Second trial:

I took the next month off dosing metformin 1.5-2.5g/day to increase my insulin sensitivity and increased my GH to 6IU/day.

I was at 6IU/day HGH for this run, I had my protocol and diet dialed in, so I was running up to 50IU Lantus/day and up to 60-80IU Humalin-R. In retrospect my AAS dosages were too low to make full advantage of that (700test/tren/mast, some adrol). For once in my life I actually had to consciously eat more, usually my appetite is plenty strong for anything, but my metabolism really started to take off at this dosage. I was doing AM fasted cardio and lifting in the afternoon 6-7x/week.
This run was far more successful, I added a good 6lbs of LBM in just a month, I added 1.5″ to my chest, and a bit over 1/2″ to my arms. I probably could have done a lot more, but had to hold back for a big event I had at the end of summer. I easily could have added another 3-4lbs if I was hitting legs harder.
Now I start my big cycle:

  • 1250mg test-c, 560mg test-p, 100mg TNE preworkout
  • 1g tren-e, 560mg tren-a
  • 1g deca, 700mg NPP
  • 600mg mast-e, dropped Mast-p starting today
  • 9-10iu HGH/ED
  • Started 50mg Winstrol 4 days ago 9/27, increased to 75mg/day 9/30
    25mg adrol 50mg dbol 7 days ago 9/24, dropped the adrol yesterday due to blood pressure
  • Lantus is currently @25IU/day, increasing daily
  • Humalin-R preworkout only, 14IU
  • Novolog post workout 12IU

Been on 4iu of FDA HGH for 3 weeks as of today.

First week I was actually experiencing insomnia and some headache/lethargy after my second injection of the day. 1½ weeks in and BOOM, I can sleep anytime and for as long as I please. For some days I had to nap 1-2 hours during the day and then 9 hours at night, and I’m usually a light sleeper who gets by with 7 hours a night. Sleep quality is better than it has ever been, my dreams are crazy vivid and my girlfriend says that I’ve both been whining, laughing and saying ridicilous things in my sleep.

The only things I’ve noticed in the cosmetic department so far is my skin is looking nicer and my nails in particular.. I often look at them and think “damn, they pretty”. Oh and the bloat, the bloat is crazy. Running 1 gram of test on the side which certainly helps, but after introducing more generous AI usage + drying compounds such as mast and winstrol, the bloat persists, which makes me think that there isn’t much to do about the GH bloat as it isn’t related to estrogen or A:E ratio. I was supposed to be cutting but fuck it. Looking forward to see what the next few weeks will do.

Ran HGH for a total of 4 months and I was really disappointed.

Started at 2iu’s/day alongside 500mg Test and worked my way up to 15iu’s/day with 1.5G Test.

These were generic HGH and the whole run was approx. 12 weeks at this point, I’ve honestly noticed zero benefits body composition wise. I felt extremely sleepy and lethargic through the whole run and the bloat was terrible, my skin improved alot it seemed I have to add.

After those 12 weeks I decided to give Pharma GH ran at it 4iu’s day, felt the same as 15iu’s with alot less bloat but still bloaty. It also made me felt like I was going hypo if I injected it before bed and I needed to wake up in the middle of the night to get some carbs in me nor did I feel like it made my Test Dosage more effective.

Felt like a big waste of money, I think HGH is vastly overrated and your better off spending your money on more anabolics and getting results 20 x times as fast.

I’m a few days in on generics, noticing water retention, deep sleep for 4-6 hours and then I wake up wide awake. Lethargic as hell throughout the day, if anyone can chime in on a solution that’d be appreciated. I’ve run GH in the past without lethargy, T4 is supposed to help but I’m not looking forward to messing with that.

Last GH run I noticed significant fat loss with minor strength increase on a natty cut.

Started with 4iu HGH and noticed an increase in muscle fullness and vascularity quickly. However, started getting really bad carpal tunnel after about 4w on… so bad that it was waking me up at night. Arms were going completely numb when I was sleeping too. So dialed back to 2iu daily now, and the thing that has been most noticeable for me is that I think I am getting more out of my roids now. I’m an old man in my forties so the difference running same doses of gear with and without GH have been quite noticeable. At least 2iu will be included in my daily routine going forward, perhaps blast it a bit higher from time to time when my cycles are heavy and I’m chasing gains.

I’ve used Norditropin pens for 4 months. I didn’t eat 100% right 100% of the time but I had a lot of benefits. I started with 0.2 mg and increased to 0.4 next week, then 0.5 next week, then 0.6, then 0.8 for 2 weeks and started to decrease in the same patternet.


I started at 60kg and ended at 70kg (with much difficulty because that was also my first bulk! I had no experience, no appetite, and a crazy eating pattern)

I also had a Pubalgia who got worse to the point I went to a doctor soon after starting my cycle. I believe HGH made me get 100% really fast. I don’t really feel anything and I didn’t even did the physiotherapy 100% right too.

Overall muscle development was around 3-4cm (I don’t know if that’s a success or failure)

I started with a visible 4 pack and didn’t gain that much fat.

I didn’t had any side effects.

I would totally use it again but this time with more experience and planning on my bulk!

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