Trestolone (MENT) Reviews

The following information was taken from r/steroids Compound Experience Saturday post for Trestolone (MENT) and a post made by ‘Big Cat’

Pharmaceutical Name

Trestolone, MENT, 7MENT (As Acetate)

Chemical Structure



Molecular Weight of Base


Molecular Weight of Ester

60.0524 (Acetic acid, 2 carbons)

Effective Dose:

10-50 mg every day.

Average Street Price

Only available through chemical wholesale.


Available Doses

None known. But Schering has been conducting extensive research into use for MENT both as a male contraceptive and as a means of hormonal replacement.


MENT has always been my favourite steroid, and that’s just from reading the studies and looking at the structure of it. Thinking of what MENT can do should make every steroid user drool. This stuff is nearly as strong as its 17-alpha-alkylated counterpart mibolerone (cheque drops) but without the mad liver toxicity. It’s a 19Nor substance, a nandrolone derivative. Its very much like nandrolone, except it has a 7-alpha-methyl attachment. This attachment stops it from being 5-alpha-reduced1. Now as you know, 5-alpha-reduction makes nandrolone, otherwise a very potent hormone, much weaker. A nandrolone derivative without 5-alpha-reduction for example is trenbolone (Parabolan/Finaplix), a very strong and potent androgen. But because of trenbolone’s triple double bond structure, it also does not aromatize. But MENT on the other hand is still capable of aromatizing2 (which would not be the case with a 4 or 5 methylation), so you still have the benefits of estrogen : extra strength, better glycogen use, upgrading of androgen receptor, increased GH output and more IGF1. Its estrogenic potency may in fact be slightly larger because 7-alpha-methyl-estradiol (the product of MENT aromatization) may show less affinity to binding proteins as well. It is in fact suggested that part of MENT’s actions may be the result of this potent estrogen1.

This stuff should literally and in all aspects be stronger than testosterone. Its androgenic character will be like trenbolone (same risk of hair loss, prostate hypertrophy, acne, deepening of voice) and its estrogenic character will be like that of nandrolone (same risk of gyno, bloating and fat gain). But its hypertrophic ability should be much higher than either of these, or even testosterone.

One question begs to be asked however: why on earth would they make it an acetate ester? In depot shots that means daily injections. This is after all the same company that is looking to market injectable testosterone undecanoate for shots once every 10 weeks. Well, so far two uses have been found for MENT in the medical community. Sundaram, who is probably the leading researcher where nandrolone and its derivatives are concerned, found it to be of perfect use for both replacment therapy for men, as well as for male contraception3 (Which would suggest it at least doesn’t suffer from the libido suppressing drawback that nandrolone does). And from what the latest research in the matter seems to suggest, it looks like Schering is planning on making it in implant pellets4 that would release the drug over time, with 4 pellets delivering no more than 1.3 mg/day ! Assuming most of us do not want to use 40-50 pellets that could pose a problem for the use of MENT for enhancement purposes, lest there are some black market knock-offs. But take it from one who had looked, currently none of the wholesalers seem to have access to MENT. So the pending release of MENT may not be such joyful news after all (except for Schering who stands to profit nonetheless).

There is one study5 in particular that documented the exact effects of MENT very well, although it was carried out on castrated mice so these effects may not be transcribed to humans. MENT was capable of restoring sexual behaviour and seminal vesicle weights to intact levels as good as testosterone but at 1/3rd of the dose ! What was also interesting was that MENT did not seem to stimulate aggressive behaviour at all. Compared to a control group of castrated mice, there levels of aggression did not nominally increase at all. This could be positive news for all those roid ragers out there giving the steroid community a bad name.

Another interesting study6 more or less quantified the effects of MENT as compared to testosterone, and found that its androgenic character, based on the weights of ventral prostate and seminal vesicles, was 4 times greater than that of testosterone and that the hypertrophic nature was no less than 10 times greater, based on the weight increase in the levator ani muscle. More disturbing was the finding that the suppressive effect of MENT on HPTA was 12 times greater than that of testosterone, which is concerning at the least for a product with uses as a male contraceptive. The varying figures indicate that where a dose of testosterone that can maintain serum gonadotropin levels and muscle mass, can also maintain the prostate and seminal vesicles, where MENT cannot. This can easily be explained because the larger part of testosterones androgenic action stems from target specific conversion to a more androgenic form in the prostate and other androgen sensitive tissues, because these have a high concentration of 5-alpha-reductase. But MENT is not affected by 5-alpha-reductase.

Because of its 7-alpha-methyl group, MENT also shows no significant binding to SHBG7 (sex hormone binding globuline). On the one hand that is why it is such a strong hormone compared to testosterone (estimated 3 times stronger), but also why its half-life is shorter (begging daily injections still with the acetate ester). So in conclusion we can state that this hormone is extremely powerful at what it does and could find more uses, both in the medical community (to treat wasting diseases and burns) and in the sports enhancement field. While its production is imminent and its safety record proven in both studies with humans and animals, it remains to be seen for what purpose and in what form it will be marketed by Schering. As things are now, it looks like it will be produced in a form that will only be useful in hormonal replacement therapy, and not in short term treatment of burns or wasting diseases, or for sports enhancement.

Stacking and Use

This information is of course purely hypothetical and based on an injectable version of the aforementioned acetate ester of MENT. Given the short half life and the short ester, daily injections would be required. In most cycles we would inject around 75 mg per day of test (give or take, based on 500 mg/week). Similar results could be obtained with 25-50 mg per day of MENT. The drug does aromatize like nandrolone, and it aromatizes to 7-alpha-methyl-estradiol. In light of the low affinity of MENT for binding proteins, the same could be assumed of 7-alpha-methyl-estradiol, so this may be a quite potent estrogen. Combined with the progestagenic action of 19Nor steroids that could lead to a reasonable risk for gynocomastia. Especially those prone to estrogen should probably supplement with 1 mg per day of arimidex or 2.5 mg per day of letrozole to keep these effects at bay. If stacked with additional aromatizing or otherwise estrogenic hormones its best to keep Nolvadex on hand as well, and to remind yourself of the progestagenic action. RU486, the abortion drug, is the only known truly effective progestin blocker, but is hard to find and terribly expensive. Combining with Winstrol may help, as it does have some competitive progestagenic blocking abilities, but their extent is not quantified in any study. The androgenic effects may be quite strong, so acne probably will occur, and men prone to problems with male pattern hair loss or prostate problems should be cautious. Due to the 7-alpha-methyl group, MENT is not affected by 5-alpha-reductase, so treatments like Proscar will have no effect.

When stacking this product, one will probably be looking to add mass to the frame. To that extent it could be stacked with testosterone (particularly powerful combo), Methandrostenolone (40 mg/day), Oxymetholone (100-150 mg/day) or Boldenone -(200-800 mg/week) (the latter would be my preference). It would not make a very good match for nandrolone, as nandrolone can be considered the weaker relative of MENT, with similar action but much less androgenic possibilities. Given the progestagenic nature, Stanazolol (50 mg/day) may be a good match for MENT as well.

Keep in mind that there are very few real world results with MENT on humans, and there is no literal data on its hypertrophic ability, so a lot of this is hypothetical, based on the available studies and evidence.

Buying Trestolone

I use – they stock Trestolone from some of the top UK/EU labs. Shipping to the UK usually takes 1-2 days and they do ship internationally too. Just send them an email explaining that you got their email address from this website and ask for a price list and they will send over a full list of products and prices.


Used it without a testosterone base for about 8 months. Used it at a higher dose (350mg/wk) for about half of those 8 months, and a lower dose (70mg/wk) for the latter half (Acetate ester the whole time).

  1. At 350mg/wk I needed an AI, but not nearly as much as when I was running trest and test together for the first month. At 70mg/wk I needed no AI
  2. Though this is anecdotal, I’m going to say I’m 100% confident that trest is an effective replacement for testosterone. Even at the low dose I had no issues with libido or performance. I felt completely normal at 70mg/wk while 350mg left me with a significantly heightened sex drive.
  3. It increased my appetite and that increase was definitely dose dependent. It was a nice contrast from Tren which typically kills my appetite.
  4. It feels like a wet Tren. It’s an accurate description. Strength was way up, muscular endurance was up as well. If I took a diuretic before bed I would wake up having shed the water weight throughout the night. Definitely had a slight Tren-like fat burning quality to it though not as powerful.

If you can afford it, try it. The cost evens out a bit if you don’t use test at all. It’s a fun compound. I’m still a little drunk right now, so if I left something out or you want to know more, ask and I’ll get to it in the morning

Edit: For most of the 8 months I ran trest with mast (700mg). The last 2 months I’ve had Tren in there as well at 350mg.

Edit 2: the trest was verified via HPLC and tested at 94.5% pure

I ran trest for about 4-5 weeks 350 a week with 500 test with 10mg M1T for about 2-3 weeks and I was using a shit load of tne and adrol as pwo probably 3-4 days per week the last 2-3 weeks I suppose.

It broke my weight plateau and I went from 249 and peaked again at 263. The bloating was stupid I looked fat in my face and neck but I actually didn’t gain much fat after dropping the bloat and doing a week of keto. Now I’m cruising on 200 test and sitting at a nice 245~ around 12% body fat.

Would like to run it another month with insulin, anadrol and maybe low tren or npp before I start my prep cycle.

Strength was 10/10 with the M1T & trest Strength gains by itself weren’t that impressive

It works great for hypertrophy and putting on muscle mass. Also insane appetite boost. Never had to eat multiple times in the middle of the night before.

I ran trest ace @ 350 mg/week for 8 weeks. Initially I dropped test as many cited it wasn’t needed and greatly increased sides/aromatization. I felt fine otherwise but had ED issues. After adding back in 250 test/wk I felt fantastic and libido was high again. Didn’t have to up AI much either, I think people overblow the whole trest + test estrogen thing.

It wasn’t a prolactin issue since I know that’s going to be the first question. I’ve never needed caber on up to 700 tren/wk but added in .5 mg e3d before adding test and it didn’t help. Test is what made my dick work properly again.

The gains were incredible. I was setting small but significant PRs pretty much every time I walked in the gym. Recovery was great and even though it is a “wet tren” the bloat was very manageable and my delts and upper back in particular looked juicy immediately.

I dropped it because I started working a shit ton of overtime (same reason I hardly post here anymore) and really lost motivation to be consistent in the gym. The sides weren’t bad though once test and AI were dialed in. Could have run it 8 more weeks and been fine. Still have a dozen vials lying around and I’ll definitely run it again when I have more time to lift.

Finally something I have a bit to say about. I’ve been fooling around with Trestolone Acetate for a while now. I’ve run it solo, I’ve run it with M1T, with Masteron and without, with testosterone and without, same with m1t, anavar, and eq. I’ve ran it at 350 (the lowest) alone and with 250mg of test. I’ve taken it up to 750mg, and I’ve run it 350mg with 1.5g of test.

All in all, I think I like it at 350mg best for results/sides. The most enjoyable cycle I’ve had so far was 350mg of trestolone, 2omg daily of M1T , and a gram of test. Most glycogen gains I’ve ever made in such a short period.

It is quite wet, but adding testosterone in doesn’t make it much worse for me. It only aromatizes at 20% of the rate of test, but to methylestro like dbol. The reason this is relevant, is because I find that I get methylestro sides even with an ai. It made me crash my e2 at first bc I was bloated to all hell on 350. The methylestro is nasty no matter how much ai I take, so I find that adding in test to 350mg of trestolone is that answer if you want more gains, rather than upping the trestolone. It will save your wallet too. The test estro is easy to combat with an ai.

Do not listen to the advice many give about crashing your estro on it “bc the methylestrogen is more powerful than regular estrogen.” This is a true fact, but I found that for the first time in my life I suffered both high e2 symptoms and low simultaneously.

People say it is like tren mixed with deca mixed with test, bla bla bla. It’s really not so much for me. It is hard to say it is like another hormone, but all in all it “feels” most like testosterone on steroids, maybe mixed with a little dianabol bc the methlyestro has a certain feel.

It has proven to be libido friendly for me as long as estrogen is in check. It feels nothing like tren except for maybe feeling very lightly thermogenic. Completely tolerable, coming from someone who feels pretty toxic on tren.

Strength gains are decent, but despite the androgenic rating, not nearly as strong as tren.

The numbers are misleading just as they always are. I would say in terms of lean muscle gains, maybe 350mg of trest is close to 800mg of test for me.

I have found it helps the joints a bit, but nothing like deca.

All in all It’s one of my favorite hormones. If you like deca though, I really don’t think there’s a big advantage to using trest over a test and deca. If deca didn’t kill my libido and make me depressed, I’d opt for that over the trestolone to save your wallet. I personally really like it, bc I don’t tolerate other compounds that are good for bulking well. It doesn’t give anxiety like eq or tren, gives a smooth confidence/drive like test does for me, not a tweaky-aggression like tren gives me.

Also a good thing to note, dht conversion is not an issue with trestolone, so adding masteron won’t cause more free trestolone in the body like it does with many other hormones, but I find masteron does wonders to alleviate some of the methylestro symtoms.

tl;dr If you have money to burn and some gyno protection on hand, definitely worth trying, but that numbers are misleading, so If you can handle a tren, deca, dbol cycle, or high test and some tren, don’t get your heart broken bc you can’t afford it. Those cheaper cycles will give you the same bang, assuming you can handle high test and deca or tren or High test and super high eq. Best run at 350mg for me with very non-linear gains after that. I absolutely think it can be ran in a cycle with other wet compounds, so if you want to try it, I wouldn’t spend more money than it takes to get 250mg per week then fill in the rest with other hormones if you want a bigger blast. Loved it with masteron test, and m1t even more. I feel I clicked with trestolone more than any “bulker” so far and am happy to share.

I have posted my anecdotal review of trest on another board but can’t link to that due to rule #2. I’ll give cliffnotes here:

Running only Trest now at 35mg ED. AI usage is 25mg asin ED. 25mg of asin with 25mg of Trest killed my libido. Upping the trest worked. For reference, I ran a quarter asin (6.25mg) ED on 60mg of Test P ED.

Libido increase is insane. You fuck until your dick is raw and still want more. I’ve been able to counter that by keeping my estro on the lower side, which seems to be working. It was getting in the way of work and I kept going until my dick was raw and then being in pain for the next 2-3 days.

Water retention is pretty crazy too. I didn’t look bloated, but when I upped my AI (12.5 to 25mg) I lost 8lbs in 48 hours. Keep your AI in check and this won’t be an issue.

I didn’t get the appetite increase everyone talks about. It definitely went up but I’m not ravenous.

Strength gains are okay, but the stamina is what this drug really seems to be all about. I’m doing GVT right now, and I can do 10 sets of 10 and it feels like if I dropped the weight 5 lbs I could do another 10 sets. It makes me feel like I could spend all day at the gym. Size and weight is up noticeably. People are making comments, my clothes are fitting worse and worse, and I look better in the mirror day to day.

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I got crazy veiny in the last few weeks. That could be due to the size I’m also gaining but it feels out of the ordinary.

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