4 Day Split Made by Me Which Can Be Done in a Home Gym

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I was looking through some old folders on my desktop and found this 4 day hypertrophy split I designed for a dude who trains at home and only has access to basic equipment e.g. DB’s, barbells, a rack and a bench. This is ideal for you if you want to gain some mass and have that kind of setup, there’s no fancy equipment required.

This routine also gives a guideline for how long rest periods should be, unlike my other routine.

AMRAP = As many reps as possible. The goal for the AMRAP sets is simply to get as much blood in to the muscle as possible.

Exercise Sets Reps Rest period Notes
CHEST & BICEPS        
Flat barbell bench press 4 12 75-90 seconds 2 light warm up sets of 20 reps before first working set. 2-3 second negatives on working sets, 1 second pause at the bottom of the movement and stop just before locking out to keep constant tension on the chest.
Incline DB press 4 15, 12, 10, 8 75-90 seconds Pyramid up in weight as you progress through your sets, I would suggest increasing your weight by 5 – 10% each set. I like to twist the DB’s outwards slightly towards the bottom of the movement to get a better stretch.
DB Champagne press 4 12 60 seconds The last 2 exercises focused on the stretching part of the movement, this focuses on the contraction. There will be a tutorial on YouTube if you’re not familiar with the exercise, hold and squeeze your chest hard at the top of the movement for 2-3 seconds.
DB fly 4 15 45 Minimal rest in between sets for the last chest exercise as it’s an isolation movement, slightly higher reps just focusing on getting a solid pump on your chest.
Standing barbell curl 4 15, 12, 10, 8 60-75 Pyramid up in weight as mentioned above, 1 second hold at the top part of the movement during the contraction, 2-3 second negative and let the BB down low enough so that you can flex your tricep, this ensures that your bicep is fully stretched.
Seated incline DB hammer curls 4 12 60 Doing them seated takes any chance of using momentum out of the movement making your form much stricter. Hammers will also hit your brachialis and forearms well too.
BACK & TRICEPS        
Wide grip pull ups 4 AMRAP 90 The staple exercise for lats IMO. Do as many reps as you can going to a dead hang, it might not be many to start with but once you’re used to doing them and as you get lighter the amount of reps you’re able to do will increase. Once you can’t do any more full reps do partial ROM reps until failure.
Bent over barbell row 4 15, 12, 10 8 90 Pyramid scheme again, add weight as the sets progress. Overhand grip is better, takes your biceps out of the equation and puts all the weight on your back. Avoid using momentum, Dorian Yates has a good tutorial for rowing/back exercises in general on
Seated cable row 4 12 75 Narrow grip seated cable rows, they hit your mid back and rhomboids more than a bent over barbell row does, good exercise for overall back development.
Straight arm cable pullovers 4 20 45 Great exercise to use as a finisher to get as much blood in to your lats as possible. If you’re unfamiliar with the exercise just watch this video. Strict controlled form, slow negatives and high reps. Your lats should be on fire after doing these.
Tricep dips 4 AMRAP 90 If you don’t have a dip station you can substitute this for bench dips. Again I advise AMRAP as possible with the bodyweight exercises rather than a set number, and then drop to partial reps once you are finding it too difficult to do a full rep.
Cable rope push downs 4 15 30-45 Minimal rest, again trying to get as much blood in to the muscle as possible as a finisher. 1-2 second squeeze and hold at the bottom of the movement for a nasty pump.
Seated DB press 4 15, 12, 10, 8 90 You’ve probably seen most routines recommend OHP but I find seated DB press to be much better for shoulder development, do 2 light warm up sets of 20 reps before your working sets. Pyramid up in weight as mentioned above and take the DB’s down below parallel and pause for a second or 2 to take the momentum out of the movement.
Lateral DB raise 4 15 45 Probably the best exercise for developing that capped look for the shoulders. Drop the ego with the weight for these, you want to use a weight where you don’t have to use any momentum to get the weight up, you’re able to hold for a second or 2 at the top of the movement and do a slow 2-3 second negative with.
Inverted rows 4 AMRAP 60 Again you might not be familiar with this exercise so here’s a video demonstrating the movement. It’s another body weight exercise so follow the AMRAP protocol as you did with pull ups and dips and use partial reps again afterwards. This is a top exercise for developing your rear delts.
Upright row 4 15 60 Start with 2 sets of wide grip (shoulder width or a bit wider) to finish your delts off and then do 2 sets of narrow grip which will put emphasis on the traps. Again, use a weight where you can hold, squeeze and contract for a second or 2 at the top.
Standing barbell shrugs 6 20, 15, 12, 8, 6, 6 90 Start with 20 reps on a lighter weight to get some blood in to the traps, pyramid up, once you get to the 6 rep sets you may be at a weight where you want to use straps as your grip might not be as strong as your traps are – which is fine.
Barbell squats 6 15 90-120 Rest times are longer with squats as they are quite taxing. Do 3 sets with a very narrow stance and your toes pointing outwards and then 3 sets with a wider stance with your feet in a neutral position. Go down to ATG or as low as your mobility allows you comfortably, come up to the point just before you lock out and then repeat, this keeps constant tension on the quads.
Stiff leg dead lifts 4 15, 12, 10, 8 90 Follow the pyramid scheme again, SLDL is the best exercise for adding mass to the hamstrings and glutes. It’s important to squeeze your ass cheeks together as tight as possible at the top of the movement. If your mobility is good enough you may want to stand on a block and do deficit SLDL which are harder and allow for a better stretch.
Leg extensions 4 20 60 I’m a fan of high rep sets on legs, leg extensions are probably the best exercises to get a solid pump on your quads, you don’t even have to use a particularly heavy weight just make sure you’re squeezing the life out of every rep and using slow negatives as mentioned on previous exercises.
Walking lunges with DB’s 4 AMRAP 60 Again, treat this as a burn out exercise, hopefully you have enough space to walk around in the gym, if not you can always take some DB’s in the back yard. Go until failure and this will fry the hams/quads/glutes.
Weighted calf raises 6 20 60 Foot positioning plays a big role in how your calves will get hit so do 6 sets and lay it out like this – 2 sets with a neutral stance, 2 sets with your toes inwards and your heels outwards and 2 sets with your toes outwards and your heels inwards. That will ensure your calves get hit effectively from all angles. It’s all about form with calf raises so again, make sure you get a full stretch, use slow negatives and hold the contraction for a good 2-3 seconds.

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