Can You Buy Steroids Legally in Turkey?

The following article is a exclusive

I went on holiday to Turkey last year and spent a couple of days searching around all of the local pharmacies in town after reading gear was available over the counter. I hadn’t used much pharmacy quality gear at the time so I was quite gullible and under the impression that anything pharmacy quality had some magical properties and would be much stronger than UGL products.

After dragging my girlfriend to over a dozen pharmacies I found the following drugs were available for me to buy OTC:

  • Sustanon (Aspen)
  • Primobolan (Bayer)
  • Anadrol (Abdi Ibrahim)
  • Proviron (Bayer)
  • T3 (Abdi Ibrahim)
  • Nolvadex (Astra Zeneca)
  • Arimidex (Astra Zeneca)

A lot of the pharmacies only had a small amount of each item in stock. They gave me the option of ordering more of a certain item in and coming back and picking it up tomorrow but I was quite impatient and preferred to just visit another pharmacy and try my luck there instead. There must have been 15+ pharmacies within a 20 minute walk of one another where I was so I was able to stock up on more than enough gear.



Sustanon worked out to be around £4 per amp. I stocked up on a load at the time because I thought it would be super strong because it was pharmacy gear, looking back now it was a bit of a rip off – I can get 10ml of Sustanon for £25-30 over here and it’s just as strong as the pharmacy stuff.



Primo worked out to be around £7 per amp. I didn’t bother buying any as I know you have to run Primo at upwards of 600mg per week to feel much from it. I can get UGL Primo which has been lab tested and came back as legitimate stuff for £40-50 per 10ml vial over here so again, the value is not any better in Turkey.



Anadrol worked out around £8-10 per box. I would recommend stocking up on Anadrol if you ever find yourself in Turkey as the price works out better on a mg for mg basis than you would pay for Anadrol from a good UGL.



Proviron is really cheap, somewhere in the region of £2-3 per box. I’ll be honest, I don’t feel much from Proviron personally but I’ve heard a lot of people say they love it and it makes them feel much better on cycle, at £2-3 a box it works out miles cheaper than what you would pay in the UK from a UGL so it’s worth stocking up on a load of it while you’re there.



T3 is a great deal too. It works out at £3-4 for a box of 100 25mcg tablets. Compare that to over here and even from the cheaper sources you’re looking at £10-15 for 30 x 25mcg Uni Pharma tablets. Stock up on T3 while you’re there and put them aside for whenever you cut.



Nolvadex was good value. It worked out at around £5 for a box of 30 20mg tablets. This is cheaper than any UGL or pharma Nolvadex you’ll find while you’re in the UK so it’s definitely worth buying a few boxes.



Arimidex worked out at around £30 per box which is actually more than what I usually pay for pharamaceutical grade stuff from my UK source. Steer clear of it, it’s not good value for money.


Other than that I saw Ephedrine, Cialis, Viagra and Tramadol. I didn’t think to enquire about the prices at the time because I was mainly looking for gear, I remember the Cialis did look quite expensive though. Nowhere had any Exemestane in stock but if I recall correctly it worked out to be a similar price to what you’ll pay over here.


Avoid buying injectables. You can get them for cheaper over here and they’ll be in multi-dose vials rather than having to buy dozens and dozens of individually boxed amps which will take up a load of space in your suitcase and potentially smash on the way home. Proviron, Anadrol and T3 are all really good value for money, stock up on them and bring as much as you can home to use yourself and sell to your juice-head mates. You can either travel to a lot of different pharmacies or order a bulk amount of stock in to one pharmacy and come back the next day to pick your items up, stock levels in small pharmacies are normally quite low.

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