How to Use Insulin Safely as a Bodybuilder

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First off, it should be mentioned that insulin administered right has little to no negative health consequences, unlike most anabolic steroids. No heart hypertrophy, no bad blood markers, sometimes even improved – unless abused – insulin sensitivity. BUT, used wrong a single dose can kill you.

So you got your hands on insulin and you’re atleast on anabolics. The best way to utilize Insulin is to gain mass when one is already lean (about 10-12% Bodyfat maximum). Higher bodyfats tend to ruin insulin usage and will just fill your fat deposits with even more fat.

It’s a cheap drug, so make sure you got the right version, which is rapid or fast acting insulin. Lantus is reserved for bodybuilders on enormous amounts of human growth hormone and people trying to get as obese as possible as fast as possible. Novorapid and Humalog are your insulin of choice.

The protocols on the internet vary alot, and the one i used with best sucess is a post workout administration of 6-10 iu, depending if you training a small bodypart (chest = 6-8iu) or a bigger muscle group (back/legs = 10-12iu). Again, you can up the dose later or increase to preworkout shots or even insulin used for breakfast or every meal of the day, but this is only recommended for extreme ectomorphs or people trying to go above +270lbs. Fort he average bodybuilder gym rat this doesnt accomplish much.


Right after the workout, you inject your insulin dosage into the subcutanous fat on your belly. Pinch it, rub the fat bubbles away and inject your desired amount. For a first timer, you can try out 4iu and see how your body reacts, later the mentioned 6-10iu are sufficient. Immediately after injecting, you ingest a protein shake with 60grams of protein and 20g of creatine. The creatine is an essential part of this postworkout protocol, as insulin allows supraphysiological doses of creatine to be stored in your muscles, increasing gains over time. High doses of creatine are furthermore proven to be effective at decreasing Myostatin, the Peptide blocking muscle growth and mass. Win-Win! Then, you start taking 10g of fast carbs/ iu injected(maltrodextrin, gummy bears are a perfect choice here). After a while, you will be able to go down to 5-6g of carbs per iu, depending on how you feel using insulin. After 1 ½ hours eat a balanced meal of 100g of protein and 150g of complex carbs (like chicken with rice and broccoli). This is the plan i used, which worked and didnt kill me. Too many carbs and you get fat, too little carbs and you die. Try avoiding all fat during the active time of the fast insulin which is 3-5 hours, unless you love fat under your abdominals giving you a permanent gut.

It is smart to always have dextroxe tablets or gummybears around you after the injection in case you notice symptoms of hypoglycemia. Extensive sweating, shaky hands and a dizzy feeling all indicate very low blood sugar, and you should consume small amounts of carbs to relieve the symptoms.

That’s the most basic guide on insulin tried and proven to give you enhanced gains for the duration of use. Expect 10-20lbs of Mass, both water and muscles, and tremendous increases in strength and recovery.

It’s best to cycle insulin 4 weeks on/ 4 weeks off to avoid insulin resistance, and metformin is recommended in the off weeks to further improve insulin sensitivity. Read the article about metformin to know more about this life extending drug!

Buying Insulin

I use – they stock insulin. Shipping to the UK usually takes 1-2 days and they do ship internationally too. Just send them an email explaining that you got their email address from this website and ask for a price list and they will send over a full list of products and prices.

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  1. […] Used by advanced lifters, regular people don’t tend to dabble with insulin, it helps to shuttle nutrients in to the muscle resulting in extra mass gains, a good addition to a bulking cycle for advanced users, can be bought over the counter in America, can be dangerous for an inexperienced used as it can cause a hypo which can result in death, usually used to 10-15 units pre or post workout – more about insulin here […]


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