A Comprehensive Guide to All of the Drugs Commonly Used in Bodybuilding

The following information was taken from the Underground Steroid Handbook Volume II


Isotretinoine. 10, 20, 40 mg capsules. Accutane has become a godsend to the heavy duty steroid user. This Vitamin A derivative is the most powerful acne medicine commercially available. It is related to the topical Retin-A cream and gel. Accutane shrinks the sebaceous glands and channels, severely curtailing oil production. For normal people, a few months of Accutane treatment will clear up severe acne. The acne usually never returns. However, heavy steroid users find that the acne does return whenever using steroids known to cause acne. Standard Accutane treatment is uncomfortable. The skin, lips, eyes and mucus membranes become dry. Flaking and peeling around the lips is extremely common. Night vision is impaired. Since steroid users usually have the acne return whenever the offending drug is used, a different therapy for them has evolved. Instead of using high dosages of Accutane in the 40-80mg per day range as Roche recommends, the steroid user will take only 10 or 20mg a day just while he or she is on the acne-causing steroid. The skin stays normal; usually no acne results. The over drying effect, including flaking and peeling, does not happen. Accutane is expensive and if the acne is not severe, Retin-A cream will clear the problem up. Not only is Retin-A cheaper, but the topical treatment has less side effects. If a steroid user gets acne over most of his/her skin and heavily on the chest and back, Retin-A won’t work.


Spironolactone/Hydrochlorothiazide. 25 mg/25mg and 50 mg/50mg. 25mg: # 1011. 50mg: #1021. This is Aldactone with a diuretic added. See ALDACTONE.


Spironolactone. 25mg: #1001, 50 mg: #1041, 100mg: #1031. Aldactone is an aldosterone antagonist. Aldosterone is a hormone your body makes and it controls water retention in the body. Aldosterone levels should be low to keep water retention down. Elevated estrogen levels in women automatically raise aldosterone levels. Stress (for both men and women) also causes a rise. Both Aldactone and Aldactazide are used by women bodybuilders for contest preparation. Few men need it, unless they have a water retention problem at contest time.


Quinbolone. 10mg/capsule. 20 caps/bottle. This is Italy’s most popular steroid. Chemically it is similar to methandrostenolone, but it is not 17 Alpha Alkylated, nor does it aromatize. Nor does it work very well on athletes. In Italian pharmacological magazines the advertisements for Anabolicum Vister are slanted toward geriatrics. Athletes I’ve interviewed have gotten no effect from this drug. That’s too bad; every steroid using athlete would appreciate a safer Dianabol. However, the very safe steroids don’t usually work as well as the harsher ones. Anavar is an exception, and only women actually put on significant muscle mass from its use.


Oxymetholone. 50mg; #2902. Originally developed by Syntex Mexico, commercially introduced in the US in 1960 as Androyd by Parke-Davis and Anapolon by Syntex UK. It has been marketed in America as Anadrol by Syntex since 1961. Anadrol is the most effective oral steroid commercially available. It gives more size and strength gains than any other oral steroid. Exceptional at building up red blood cell levels, its approved use is for combating anemia. It is a borderline androgen, converts to both DHT and estrogen easily, has low receptor affinity and is the second most liver toxic oral steroid. Average oral dosages for men at 25 to 150mgs(+) per day. It can cause baldness, gynecomastia, high blood pressure and nausea. Men become more sensitive to its side effects as they age. Very few women use Anadrol because of its masculinizing effects. Anadrol users comment that although they are very strong while on the drug, they usually feel sick at the same time. Syntex Anadrol is packaged in glass bottles. Counterfeits are in plastic and glass. The plastic-bottled counterfeits are acceptable. The counterfeit ‘Andriol’ (red box, glass bottle) from Syntex Ireland (sic) is of unknown quality. An injectable version (Crown Labs) has recently hit the black market. Anadrol is also marketed by Syntex, Sao Paulo, Brazil as HEMOGENIN, in boxes of 10 tables. It is now on the American black market. In Europe, oxymesterone is in Switzerland and West Germany as Plenastril.


Oxymetholone. This is the English version of Anadrol. Originally packaged in a small aluminum can about the size of a 35mm film container, it now comes in an updated plastic tub. It was popular here when the dollar was high against European currencies.


Oxandrolone. 2.5mg #1401. First marketed in the US in 1964, this is the steroid most favored by women. It has no discernible side effects for the majority of its users, although some women have reported facial hair growth and deepening of the voice. Anavar increases strength more than size. Its primary effect is to increase creatine phosphate synthesis. Anavar does not aromatize and does not shut down a male’s natural testosterone production. It will not cause premature bone closure in children and is not considered toxic. It sometimes imparts a feeling of fullness in the stomach. Searles’ recommended dosage is .125mg per pound of bodyweight for children and .125mg per kilo of bodyweight for adults, daily. Athletes use the children’s recommendation, but I have seen even that dosage doubled. Oxandrolone is also produced in Italy by SPA Milano. Searle’s Anavar is a white plastic bottle which has increased in size recently so that it can be differentiated from a very well done counterfeit copy. SPA’s product is packaged in foil and plastic strips of 10 tablets, 3 strips to a box. There are counterfeit versions of Searle Anavar, and SPA Oxandrolone (in a plastic bottle). Both are acceptable, though subjectively appear be light in milligram amount per tablet. Searle also manufactures oxandrolone tablets in Brazil under the brand name Lipidex. Lipidex is packaged in boxes of 30, 3 strips of 10 tabs, but on the American black market 100 strips are usually jammed into the box. Lipide is the least expensive version of oxandrolone. Another counterfeit, Nelevar, is not oxandrolone. An injectable version of oxandrolone is available on the black market. Other (real) versions available: ANATROPHILL (Searle, France), VASOROME (Kowa, Japan).


Stenbolone Acetate. 25mg/ml(?). Originally introduced by Schering AG in Germany in 1961, then by Syntex UK in 1963. The last I heard of it, Anatrofin used to be available in Mexico in a 100mg/ml ampule. It was recently available in Spain as STENBOLONE by Farmacologico Latino in the 25mg strength, although even this has disappeared lately. It builds red blood cell counts up almost as well as Anadrol does. It is not toxic nor androgenic and doesn’t aromatize. It is not currently available on the black market. This is an excellent steroid to use while dieting, especially for women. Dosages are 100-200mg per week spread out in 3 injections.


Fluoxymesterone. Brown’s version appeared in 1981. 10mg: #998. See HALOTESTIN.


Androstanolone is one of the synthetic dihydrotestosterones, similar to MASTERON, but faster acting. It is used to cheat at drug tested events because 1) it clears the system fast, 2) it doesn’t upset the testosterone/epiandosterone (6:1 maximum allowed) ratio, and 3) its metabolites are similar to natural testosterone. Available as PESOMAX (Boniscontro) in Spain and GAZZONE in Italy.


Human Growth Hormone. 10iu. This product was taken off the American market as was all naturally derived HGH. There is a risk of death from tainted HGH and death may occur up to 10 years after use of the drug. Note: Growth Hormone is not a steroid.


Unknown mixture. 30 mg/ml 30 ml vial. Bolasterone was the first designer steroid to hit the black market. It was supposed to be an East German modified copy of Upjohn’s original Bolasterone, trade named Myagen, introduced in 1967, which was quickly taken off the market because of liver toxicity. Bolasterone had the reputation of being the most powerful steroid ever available in America. The designer version was a simple mixture of three common steroids: a testosterone, a nandrolone, and possibly oxymethelone. Only a few people actually knew what was in the formula and they have not told me what it really was. Once the DDR operation was closed down by the government, other underground labs started producing 30cc vials labeled Bolasterone, but none are copies of the original Upjohn steroid. In some situations athletes benefited from using the DDR Bolasterone because when used as directed (1cc per day) there were few side effects associated with it. It wholesaled from the lab for $150 a bottle (in quantity). End users paid as much as $300 for it.


Testosterone Nicotinate. 50mg/ml, 1ml/ampule. An odd ester of testosterone developed in the US in 1962, this water based testosterone rapidly gets into circulation but lasts longer than simple Testosterone Aqueous Suspension. The crystals are large and a 20 gauge needles is needed to inject the suspension. It had the nutball, false reputation of making the arm and leg muscles grow. It is not on the black market now, nor is it anything special.


Clonidine Hydrochloride .1mg: #6, .2mg: #7, .3mg: #11. Catapres is a high blood pressure medicine. A few athletes use it because the .3mg amount taken before bedtime elevates natural growth hormone output, documented by medical research. It makes you feel groggy and subdues libido.


Mibolerone. 100mcg/ml, 55ml bottle. Upjohn developed this for commercial introduction in 1962, and to this day all Mibolerone sold is from this original lot! Checque drops is a veterinary steroid used to prevent female dogs from going into heat. It is the most powerful androgen sold in America. Powerlifters substitute it for methyltestosterone. Some inject it. Mibolerone is insoluble in both oil and water and is dissolved in propylene glycol, which makes it a very painful shot.


Introduced commercially in 1977. Clenbuterol is a European asthma medication (technically a beta andrenergic agonist) that also acts as an anabolic. Studies have shown an increase in Type II muscle fiber cross sections of 40% over a twelve week period. The drug does this by increasing the number of T4 receptors in the muscle cell. Unconverted T4 thyroid acts as an anabolic agent. The drug also reduces fat stores by up to 20% by increasing brown fat thermogenesis. Human dosage for anabolic effect is estimated at 1mg per day. It is available in Germany as SPIROPENT (Thomae), MONORES (Valeas) and CLENASMA (Biomedica) in Italy. Clenbuterol is not (yet) banned in drug tested competitions.


Clomiphene Citrate. 50mg: #226 or #50 (revised). Clomid was originally developed as an anti-estrogen (see NOLVADEX). It was found to stimulate ovulation in women, and is occasionally used to stimulate testosterone production in men. HCG does this better and cheaper.


Human Growth Hormone. 4iu/vial. This product was one of the two original naturally derived GHs. Kabivitrum now markets Somatonorm and Genatrophin, their genetic GHs. See the chapter on GROWTH HORMONE.


Liothyronine Sodium. 5mcg: #D14, 25mcg: #D16, 50mcg: D#17. Cytomel is synthetic T3 the form of thyroid that the body actually uses. Absorption from the intestine of synthetic T3 varies from person to person. Tablet formulation also is a factor in absorption. Brand name Cytomel appears more potent than the generics. This drug is used to adjust an athlete’s serum free T3 level to the high normal range. Some bodybuilders use it for precontest preparation to lose weight faster. Stopping Cytomel usage must be done gradually because sudden termination of its use can result in hair loss.


Danazol. 50mg: #D03, 100mg: #D04, 200mg: #D05. Danocrine is a synthetic androgen used to suppress ovarian function in women. It has no anabolic activity, though at one time it was thought to be a new ‘find’ in the steroid subculture. It is both expensive and worthless for athletic performance.


Nandrolone Decanoate, 50mg/ml-1ml ampules/2ml vials/1ml preload, 100mg/ml-2ml vials/1ml preload, 200mg/ml-1ml vials/1ml reload. Organon, Holland developed this steroid in 1962. It is technically a 19- nortestosterone although it is derived from alkyl esters of Estradiol an estrogen. Pregnant women actually make their own nandrolone during pregnancy! Most athletes call all nandrolone decanoates ‘Deca’. Deca is the most popular injectable anabolic steroid in America, with Testoterone Cypionate right behind it. Although the scientific research doesn’t show Deca to be special, all athletes do well on it. It is not toxic, and if taken in reasonable dosages, does not raise blood pressure significantly. Because the brand name Organon product is so expensive, the majority of Decas used are the generics. No one has ever complained about pharmaceutical generics, although in the last year a few counterfeits appeared either weak or totally inactive. Deca gives a nice combination of strength, size and recuperation without the androgenic aspects of the testosterones. It also loads more fluids in the connective tissues and eliminates a lot of joint aches which would otherwise have to be either endured or treated with cortisone. Men take Deca at least once a week, although it is supposed to be effective in the body for at least two weeks. Average low dosage for men is 200m/week when it is being used with another injectable steroid. Most bodybuilders I know use 400mg/week. I have also encountered a few men using 200mg/day. Past 400mg/week you may encounter elevated blood pressure along with some side effects associate with androgens, mostly oily skin and acne. Deca does aromatize to estrogen, but not significantly.

Although women use Deca, most have trouble with it. Its major side effect for them is water retention, quite noticeable in the face. It also acts as an androgen on many women, with facial hair, deepening of the voice, and clitoral enlargement fairly common on dosages over 100m/week. Although Deca is an outstanding anabolic, its use slowed because of drug testing. Deca’s metabolites, though inactive can stay in the body for many months, showing up on the urine analysis used in drug tested athletic events. Most athletes getting a positive on the test got caught by the presence of Deca metabolites. The most popular brand of generic Deca sold on the steroid black market was the Lypho-Med brand. This was not because it was exceptionally potent, but because the product was packaged in cellophane wrapped boxes of 25 vials, making it a compact and easy to handle package for steroid dealers to ship. Other generic Decas are packaged one 2ml vial to a box, taking up more space and rattling about more than the Lypho-Med. Of the Lypho-Meds, the favorite was the orange topped vial, which coded it as 200mg in 1ml of oil; the green top had 100mg/ml with 2ml per vial. Lypho-Med is now scarce on the black market because the steroid dealers who had enough savvy to somehow buy direct from the factory have been arrested and are out of business. Now we settle for any Deca though Lypho-Med, Rugby and Schein are most trusted. Steris Laboratories in Phoenix, Arizona is the actual producer of many individually boxed Decas. Both Rugby and Schein’s Decas are made by Steris. Steris also markets Deca under its own name. Counterfeits to watch out for are the IPE brand and weird Canadian generics in strange looking bottles. Other counterfeits started off being light in dosage, even in oil content. There was a Lemmon (Lemmon hasn’t produced nandrolone decanoate for 3 years) brand counterfeit which got better as time passed, but since it is so easy to change labels and most 2ml Deca bottles look alike, I cannot tell you which is a fake. Try rotating the crimped rubber plug; it shouldn’t move. Most of the ‘Organon’ Deca on the black market is relabeled Lypho-Med.


Testosterone Cypionate. I won’t go in to how this particular steroid is packaged, as the majority of Cypionate used is generic and have no quality complaints raised against them. The brand name can cost $40+ per 10ml vial (200mg/ml) while the generics are priced at $20 or less at the retail level, even on the black market. See Testosterone Cypionate.


Methandrostenolone. 5mg oral 25mg/ml injectable. Introduced by Ciba, America in 1960, Dianabol is the most used oral steroid, and probably the best known to the general public. It was developed by Dr. John Ziegler in the late 1950’s expressly to increase athletic performance. It is a simple derivative of methyltestosterone. Its generic name in America is methandrostenolone, but in England and Europe is usually called methandienone. For many years Ciba held the patent to it and accordingly only the brand name was available in America. When the patent rights ran out the generic companies Parr, Barr, Bolar, and Rugby sold a lot of D-bol (I’ll call it that, its most popular monicker).

Ciba had been accused of marketing Dianabol as an appetite stimulant, as well as supposedly selling the drug to famine ridden third world countries to make available protein use more efficient. Ciba never considered Dianabol a major moneymaker, and because of the negative publicity, withdrew it from the world market, with the exception of the veterinary injectable version available in Mexico. Even that went eventually. The FDA then announced that generic Dianabol had no approved medical use anymore and ordered all generic labs to cease production toward the end of 1985. Now that there were no real American pharmaceutical labs making D-bol, the black marketers took over.. The top steroid dealer in the world, now retired, who had been importing the small white PRONABOL tablets along with TRINERGIC capsules and injection from India, steroid to ship massive amounts of PRONABOL rebottled to look like a German generic. All D-bol in America, even the Trinergic was a gorgeous product, bright red capsules containing methandrostenolone and B vitamins; the 25mg ampules were excellent quality also.

For a while, the white PRONABOL was the only D-bol available in quantity. It was rebottled and shipped in from England, and athletes just couldn’t get enough of the product. D-bol was then tableted in an underground lab based in Georgia; the raw powder was smuggled into the country as plant fertilizer. This also was an acceptable product. The best of the new Dianabols generally available in America comes out of Tijuana. It is packaged in a tiny light blue bottle with a white cap. A foam plug rather than cotton keeps the tablets from rattling. From the beginning this D-bol was designed for the black marketer who had to ship thousands of bottles at a time so the packaging took up the least amount of space possible. The quality of the product is acceptable. Because most athletes hold Mexican made steroids in low regard, the bottle may be labeled as a German product (Ludwig Heun GmbHKG). All the other counterfeit D-bols readily available on the American black market are deficient in various areas. Some tablets are too soft and break easily (IPE brand). Some have incorrect blue coloring, and most have a lower than 5mg/tab dosage. Some have no methandrostenolone at all. The hottest fake out now is what appears to be the last lots of Rugby Methandrostenolone. The bottle is shrink wrapped and each tablet has an imprinted ‘R’. Besides knowing that Rugby never shrink wrapped their product, and never imprinted their tablets, the color is the wrong shade of blue. Users of this version report it being weak. The only oral D-bols to trust is the one in the small blue bottle, whatever the label happens to be, the Indian Trinergic capsules, Pronabol, and the white Nerbol from Hungary, which comes in strips of 10. Trinergic, Pronabol, and Nerobol are the only three D-bols coming from real pharmaceutical labs.

There is a counterfeit Nerabol now made in Germany. Injectable D, as it was called, came originally in 10, 25, 50 and 100 ml vials from Ciba-Geigy in Mexico. When that disappeared an American black marketeer had a generic injectable made in Germany. It was a well done product and is still in production. The current 10ml injectable D labeled Ciba-Geigy is a counterfeit. Although a clean product and effective, I do not know if it is truly methndrostenolone. No more than 25mg of methandrostenolone can be dissolved into 1ml of oil. With injectable Dianabol the same effects of increased size and strength can be duplicated by blending Deca with testosterone and most people would not know the difference. As the oral version works so well, I see no practical reason to use the injectable form. Ciba’s research indicated that a minimum of 10mg per day of Dianabol is needed for nitrogen retention. 10mg per day is also as androgenic as a day’s supply of a  male’s natural testosterone. Most male athletes do not see benefit on less than 20mg per day, so 4 tabs a day is an average dosage. A high dose is considered 10 tab a day (which is still not uncommon) and beyond. D-bol is an excellent size and strength builder and works for everyone who tries it. Although it has a reputation of being liver toxic, very few side effects are encountered on 20mg per day. At 50mg+ per day high blood pressure and acne can result, along with increased aggressiveness. D-bol also causes mental euphoria. Women are afraid of Dianabol because of its masculinizing effects although women powerlifters use it frequently. Women will use 10mg per day and get astounding gains in muscle mass. Some encounter too much water retention. If used for more than a few weeks at a time, the masculinizing side effects do occur.

Dianabol aromatizes to estrogen, more than deca does, less than Anadrol. It has a higher receptor affinity than Anadrol, so less milligram amounts per day are needed. Although the scientific research indicates that Dianabol should not be an exceptional steroid, real world evidence has proven the contrary. An old time bodybuilder once said” “If you can’t grow on Deca and D-bol, you’re not gonna grow on anything, no matter how fancy it is.” He was right. For men, the safest steroid combination that gives maximum results is 20mg of D-bol a day with 200mg of Deca a week. Athletes could take more and get better results, but may be compromising their health.

WARNING: The Mexican product has such a good reputation that there are now (October, 1988) two counterfeits of it. One is in the small blue bottle, white plastic cap, with largish, soft tablets having a slight lip around the tablet edge. The other is in the identical bottle, white metal cap, but the label is extremely dark blue compared to the Mexican. The tablets are well made except the color is not uniform, a mottled blue and white.

NOTE: RESTAUVIT by Industrial Farmaceutica Remir (Mexico) has 2.5mg of methandrostenolone fortified with vitamins. Also METBOLINE by Desbergers (Canada) has 2mg of methandrostenolone fortified with vitamins and aminos. As a tantalizing end to this entry, the best version of methandrostenolone available period is the ‘fake’ generic methandrostenolone packaged in strips of 10 tablets by International Pharmaceuticals in Germany. The tablets are consistently 2 to 3 mg over the specified 5mg dosage per tablet. This very capable underground lab also makes a nice injectable, for what its worth.


Mibolerone. 30m/vial. The same designers of modified Bolasterone repackaged Checque drops as an imported East German injection. It may have had some Anadrol in it also. It was a clean product, as propylene glycol kills bacteria. As with all the DDR steroids, it is not available now. It caused male gynecomastia quite easily.


Varies. 15mg(?)/ml, 50ml. Dihydromesterone was originally made by a Baltimore steroid dealer by mixing Deca with Anadrol. I believe he ground up Anadrol tablets, put the powder in Deca and probably added some propylene glycol to make the binders (talc, etc.) dissolve. It was a painful shot. The Propylene glycol gives a burning sensation immediately upon injection and the Anadrol is irritating at the injection site for a few days. Some athletes really liked this drug. It was effective, but its cleanliness was always questionable. You could hold the bottle up to the light, shake it, and see lint and dust floating around. We all hoped it was clean lint and dust.

Another Dihydromesterone surfaced when the Baltimore dealer was arrested, but it turned out to be (we think) Equipoise. The Dihydromesterone available now appears to be a clean, well made, effective drug. I have no idea what is in it, though it doesn’t have propylene glycol. It works extraordinarily well on women. I have never seen women transform themselves on steroids as fast as on Dihydromesterone. The dosage for women has been 1ml every other day, and no more than 4ml per week. Above this dosage, hair loss becomes rapid and noticeable. Because the current Dihydromesterone irritates and swells up the injection site, the injections are given with an insulin needle just before a workout in the muscle group that is going to be trained. Key injection areas are biceps, triceps, front and rear delts, and calves. The injection site is sore for a day. Dihydromesterone is not suitable for all women because we just don’t know enough about it. If there’s Deca in the compound, the metabolites will show up on a drug test. I will just say that Dihydromesterone shows the most dramatic gains in women while being at the threshold of serious masculinizing side effects.


Dromostanolone Propionate. 50mg/ml, 10 ml. Drolban was originally developed jointly by Lilly and Syntex Mexico and commercially introduced in 1961. This synthetic dihydrotestosterone was recently dropped from the Lilly line. It is available in Europe as Masteron and Permastril. For discussion see MASTERON.


Nandrolone Phenpropionate. 25mg/ml-5ml vials, 50mg/ml- 2ml vials. Older than Deca-Durabolin and introduced in 1959, Durabolin is a shorter acting Deca, requiring smaller dosages injected 2 to 3 times a week. I don’t know why, but it does not have as many side effects as Deca, especially for women. Water retention is reduced significantly. Women who don’t tolerate Deca well, do better on Durabolin. It is not used much because athletes are used to shooting Deca more than once a week anyway. It is also not considered a good value because a 50mg/ml 2ml vial of Durabolin costs about the same as 100mg/ml 2ml vial of Deca. For women it is a very worthwhile injectable to take; also for men who tend towards high blood pressure. Most male athletes like the water retention that Deca brings on compared to Durabolin because increased fluid levels in the body can cause strength increases. Durabolin probably has the same metabolites as Deca. I’ve not heard of anyone tested positive for Durabolin, but we should assume until proven otherwise that it has the same metabolites as Deca. Durabolin is a good substitute for Deca in the older athlete, as from middle age onward steroid side effects appear faster and are magnified. Durabolin is one of my personal favorites. It is extremely hard to get on the black market because only one generic lab makes it, though it is sold by a variety of generic companies, such as Rugby in New York.


Boldenon Undecyclenate. 25mg/ml, 5omg/ml (c-cg), 10 & 50ml vials. Ciba patented Boldenon as Parenabol in 1949, so it predates the nandrolones. Deca-Durabolin is not an approved steroid for horses in America, although Deca is used on animals for other ailments (feline leukemia). So Equipoise is used in horses legally in place of Deca Durabolin, although in most instances, Deca would be a better choice drug. In humans Equipoise acts somewhat like Deca, but we do not know how long the metabolites stay around. It feels, at the same milligram dosage, weaker than Deca. Many male athletes routinely use over 10cc’s a week. Some athletes, both men and women, have gotten ‘steroid fever’ a pyrogenic reaction, when first using Equipoise. This phenomenon mimics flu-like symptoms. The sickness goes away in a week, sooner if the dosage is reduced at the first sign of this strange effect. Equipoise does not show as much water retention, especially in women. Women do well on Equipoise, not needing nearly the large amounts as men. I’ve seen women grow and recuperate very well on between 50 to 100 milligrams of Equipoise per week and not showing as much water retention as with equal amounts of Deca. It may not aromatize as much as Deca but that is just taken for granted because women don’t get as puffy on it. It is more androgenic than Deca, though only women notice it. Women on higher than 10mg/week of Equipoise exhibit increased irritability, oily skin, and acne, but not excessive hair growth. Boldenon Undecyclenate used to be available in Europe for human use, but now is not. Squibb used to market Equipoise in Canada and it is common to see counterfeit Canadian Equipoise on the American black market. All Squibb-labeled Equipoise is now made in Mexico, whether it is sold in America or Canada, and is labeled as Mexican made in both America and Canada. The new Mexican Squibb Equipoise only comes in the 25mg/ml strength, although the earlier American and Canadian products were 50mgml. Squibb also makes Equipoise for Solvay Veterinary, using their labeling, but with the Equipose name. It is available in a clear 50cc vial in the 50mg/ml strength. There are both good and bad fakes of Equipoise being made. The acceptable one is labeled as a Canadian Squibb product. The bad fake is dirty (lint and dust in the oil) and usually specs out to be some type of testosterone. Both the Squibb and the Solvay product have been copied. The bad fakes have an end cap that can be twisted by hand, usually an indication of a hand crimping process.


Formebolone, aka Fromyldienolone, 2mg/ml, 2ml/ampule – 6 ampules/box. First introduced in 1969. Although Esiclene is the American bodybuilder’s favorite Italian steroid. As an anabolic it is virtually worthless. It has an interesting side effect of swelling up the muscle, but not the skin, at the injection site. It is a painful injection, and contains 20mgs of Lidocaine per ampule to compensate for the pain but the area still aches for a few days. Bodybuilders use Esiclene during the last 7 to 10 days before a competition to sculpt and bring up lagging muscle groups. Esiclene is injected with insulin needles. Key areas are biceps, triceps, rear delts, and calves. It is purely a cosmetic drug, and the effect is temporary. Within a week the area will go back to normal size. Some bodybuilders will use two ampules in each individual body part and do two or three separate body parts for the contest. Esiclene is the professional male bodybuilder’s best kept secret. I know of one pro who will use two ampules in each bicep, tricep and calf every day for two weeks before the contest. Esiclene can add over an inch to the arms and calves, all temporary as explained. As an anabolic steroid it is useless. As a contest preparation drug it can mean the difference between winning and losing. Incidentally, the new black market versions of injectable Anadrol and injectable Anavar have the same swelling effect. Esiclene is not readily available in America now because of a weak dollar and strong Customs.


100mg/ml, 10ml/vial. This is a new designer steroid for women’s use only. I have absolutely no idea what is in it. None of the lab rats has used it yet.


Trenbolone Acetate. 30mg/ml, 50ml bottle. Although not marketed until the early 1980’s, trenbolones have had patents since 1963. This veterinary steroid was also marketed in France as Finaject by Roussell. Roussell AG (Germany) is the parent company to both Hoechst (England) and Roussell (France). Both companies had taken it off the market up until October 1988 although old, soon to expire lots of Finajet were still available on the black market in England. The unsubstantiated story is that a French politician was selling Finaject on the black market to finance his re-election campaign and was caught at it, politically necessitating the stopping or production. However, in talking with major European steroid dealers, much of the Finajet was sold directly to them from the ‘back door’ of both Roussell and Hoechst. Trenbolone is the generic name for Parabolan, which is marketed for human use in single ampules containing one and a half ml of product. Finajet has been the only new steroid that all American strength athletes agree to be highly effective. Finajet is technically an androgen and its use will cause oily skin, acne, aggressiveness, etc. It’s uniqueness as a steroid is based on its ability to give very noticeable strength gains with very little muscle mass growth. Powerlifters having to stay in a weight class will use Finajet. It is also popular with bodybuilders because its cosmetic effect on a lean physique is to impart a dramatic visual harness and density to the muscles. It will generate more strength gains than Anavar. It is as effective for strength as Anadrol but does not appear to cause water retention. Finajet does not make you look puffy, as Anadrol and the Testosterones can. However, this is not an ideal steroid. It is harsh on the kidneys, and though body fluid levels aren’t elevated by Finajet, people do get an increase in blood pressure. As with many powerful androgens, reports of headaches have been common. Some people are allergic to acetates and consequently get a swelling and a rash at the injection site. This is an infrequent occurrence which never happens with Parabolan, which is trenbolone without the acetate added. The cautious dosage of Finajet has been 1ml injected two or three times a week. Men using 1ml injected every day have reported tremendous strength and size gains. Finajet is one of those steroids which justifibly alarm the general public. It is a European veterinary injection, very toxic, and very mood altering. Although Finajet is an outstanding performer, both its physical and psychological side effects require more than a casual decision to use it. It is not a recreational steroid. Men become irritable and short tempered while on it. Someone on Finajet is no fun to be around. Finajet causes male gynecomastia easily. Although Finajet is not supposed to aromatize and do this, some of the lower priced American counterfeits are rebottled with small dosages they have encountered nausea and fever. I consider it definite ‘Do not touch’ drug for women. This is a competition only oriented drug. There are at least two counterfeit finajets on the black market. It is very hard to tell which is a fake because the counterfeits are done extremely well; even the label, box, and insert are excellent copies. Very few have complained about the quality and effectiveness of the product. Also, the English version is almost non-existent on the American black market because of its high price and the new aggressive Customs confiscations of steroids from Europe. I would guess that 98% of all Finajet sold in America is counterfeit. Actually, some of the Finajet sold in Holland is counterfeit also, just being rebottled 50mg/ml Laurabolin.


Generic name for Halotestin. See HALOTESTIN.


This is an extremely short acting synthetic dihydrotestosterone. It was a significant steroid used to cheat the drug test as the 1988 Olympics, especially in the track events. This steroid has all the attributes of Androstanolone. Most used band is MIOTOLON by Daiichi Labs, Tokyo, Japan.


Genetic HGH. 4iu/2ml. This is the original 192 sequence genetic HGH, recently replaced by the superior SOMATONORM.


Synthetic Growth Hormone. I cannot believe this to be real. See PROTROPIN.


Fluoxymesterone. 2mg: #14, 5mg: #19, 10mg: #36. Upjohn introduced Halotestin to the US in 1957. Halotestin is a powerful and toxic androgen. It does not show any anabolic activity, to the contrary of scientific research done on rats, but does impart some strength gains without bodyweight gains. It has been used primarily by powerlifters who have to stay within a weight class. It is very liver toxic, more so than any other steroid in America. It can cause oily skin, acne, headaches, aggressiveness, and extreme irritability. It is not recommended for women athletes because of its androgenicity. Many generic brands are available. Halotestin does not aromatize and when used as a pre-contest bodybuilding drug imparts a cosmetic density to the physique. It has fallen out of use because the European trenbolones (Parabolan and Finajet) do the same things as Halotestin and are in fashion. The Trenbolones are almost as toxic as Halotestin, but to the kidneys, not the liver.


Unspecified metabolic elevator. 30ml/vial. This was not generally distributed to dealers on the black market because it was so dangerous to use. It was bright translucent orange in color and used propylene glycol to dissolve whatever the solid was. It raised your body temperature, allowing you to burn more fat. Very select bodybuilders used it for final contest preparation. All I know about Hexalon is that its main ingredient was a type of poison which destroyed white blood cells and had the curious side effect of raising your body temperature. The use of certain poisons to enhance athletic performance is not a new idea; powerlifters have in the past used strychnine in small doses for more explosive lifts. No athletes should use poisons for performance enhancement. The main side effect is death (but, yes, I have used both Hexalon and strychnine).


Human Chorionic Gonadrotrophin. 1000iu/ml, 10ml/vial. HCG is marketed as a fertility drug for women and does an excellent job of inducing ovulation. Whenever you encounter media coverage of multiple births, the mother usually had been on HCG. HCG has also been administered to women as a dieting aid. It has no effect on weight loss. It also causes elevated testosterone production in men, but causes no performance benefits in women. HCG is used by male athletes to keep their own production of testosterone going while on steroids, or to start it up again when coming off the drugs. Most steroids interrupt testosterone production in the testicles, and consequently they shrink in size because of disuse. This troubles men to no end. Most athletes, knowing that the atrophy is temporary and reversible, just accept this side effect as something they have to live with while taking steroids. It seems that the media holds a man’s testicles as something almost sacred because they routinely latch on to this side effect and hype it to castration equating qualities. This much is true: when a man’s natural production of testosterone shuts down and his testicles atrophy, his sexual interest usually goes away almost to the point of impotency. In some case of extremely high dosages used, the man is temporary impotent. Seasoned steroid users don’t seem to be bothered by this, but the problem is serious. Yes, gonadal function and libido can be rectified but the damage to the personal relationship between the athlete and his sexual partner sometimes cannot. HCG therapy during steroid use is important because sexual apathy is a very bad habit to get into. Eventually the athlete will psychologically suffer for his (in)actions. HCG is not a steroid. It is a hormone derived from the urine of pregnant women. It is packaged in two parts, unreconstituted freeze dried HCG and 10ml of water. It can either be packaged in two separate bottles, or in one hourglass shaped bottle with a stopper in the middle keeping the two components apart. After reconstitution, HCG should always be refrigerated. HCGs in Mexican pharmacies usually have added B vitamins. The fake Organon HCG from the San Jose area was totally bogus and dirty. HCG has been known to cause acne. It also elevates a male’s natural production of estrogen as well as testosterone, and gynecomastia has been associated with its use. Smart athletes will use Nolvadex in conjunction with it. Usual practice has been to use 500 to 1000iu’s once or twice a week, either while using steroids, after using them, or both. This is not the ideal way to use HCG. I will discuss HCG use more in the chapter ‘Getting Off Steroids’. Briefly though, it entails small amounts injected subcutaneously every two hours, twelve times a day. The impotency problem is essential to correct because on the personal and social level it gives legitimate ammunition to the anti-steroid media. The problem can be corrected and should be dealt with. Not to do so is an ethnical irresponsibility.


See Growth Hormone chapter.


See Growth Hormone chapter.


Levodopa. L-Dopa is a prescription amino acid which is available in tablets and capsules. Its approved use is to combat Parkinson’s disease. Athletes use it to raise natural growth hormone output. Usual dosage is 1gm before bedtime. It may have scientific research showing the GH elevating effects, but most athletes found no benefit in its use. Some people get extremely nauseous while using L-Dopa. EINMET by Merch, Sharp, & Dohme, a combination of Carbidopa and L-Dopa is supposed to not cause the nausea, although I have known athletes to get sick on that one, too. L-Dopa does not have any anabolic effect in real world situations. Because of stricter drug testing, its popularity is growing out of simple desperation.


Nadrolone Laurate. Laurabolin is a European veterinary steroid available in large multi-use vials, usually in a 50mg/ml strength. Most Nandrolones are only available in the 50mg/ml strength, consequently the American Decas in the 200mg/ml strength are highly sought in Europe. Laurabolin is a longer acting Deca, and is comparatively cheap in Europe. It shows more water retention than regular Deca and I assume would show the same metabolites in a urine test. Most European athletes don’t knowingly use Laurabolin, but there is a small counterfeit lab in Holland making fakes such as injectable Dianabol, and usually the steroid turns out to be a combination of Laurabolin and Finajet or testosterone. Laurabolin is also a veterinary steroid produced in Montreal Canada. Deca is not in short supply in America, so I would not consider Laurabolin anything special to use.


Oxandrolone. 2.5mg, 30/box. This is a genuine Searle oxandrolone, but made in Brazil. See ANAVAR.


Dromostranolone Propionate. 50 mg/ml-2ml/amp, 2amp/box. Masteron is synthetic dihydrotestosterone. It does not aromatize and does not appear to cause water retention. Although some researchers think dihydrotesterone to be more anabolic than regular testosterone, Masteron does not show these properties. Masteron shows more androgenic properties than anabolic. Relative to the trenbolones and fluoxymesterone, its toxicity is low. This steroid is popular with male bodybuilders who want to harden their physiques for a contest by increasing their androgens. The trenbolones have become the choice steroids to use for this effect, however, Masteron is preferred by bodybuilders with gynecomastia, or who fear the toxicity of the trenbolones. Dihydrotestosterone is thought to accelerate male pattern baldness, and I have witnessed this happening in athletes using large amounts of steroids which readily convert to DHT, notably Testosterone Cypionate and Anadrol. I have not seen this effect with Masteron, but then Masteron is usually used for shorter durations and in lesser amounts. NOTE: It also is marketed in Germany as MASTERID by Gruenthal.


Co-enzyme B-12. 1000mcg/capsule, 16 caps per box. Co-enzyme B12 is also generically known as dibencozide and is considered a nonsteroidal anabolic. It is not on the IOC banned list. If Co-enzyme B12 really does work as an anabolic, the oral route is effective only in dosages of 10mg per day in two divided 5mg dosages. Popular in America now as non-prescription DICOBALENE-V (Jenapharm USA). See NEUROFOR.


Ethylestrenol. 2mg: #685. Introduced in 1964 as DurabolinO(ral), by the time you read this Maxibolin will be off the general American market and will only be readily available in Europe as Orabolin in 25 tablet bottles. It is a very interesting steroid. A yellow triangular tablet, Maxibolin is an anabolic steroid derived from Progesterone, a female hormone. It is not 17 Alpha Alkylated (technically a 19- nortestosterone), not very androgenic, and does not aromatize significantly below 10mg/day dosages. It is an ideal steroid for women, both physically and, if you take that stance, ethically. Usual dosage has been 5 to 10 tablets a day. No one I know has ever seen the elixir, which supposedly came in 120ml bottles, 2mg/5ml. Do not confuse Maxibolin with Maxibol from Mexico. Maxibol is not a steroid.


Clostebol Acetate (fortified). Oral/15mg, inj/10mg. Clostebol is a popular anabolic in Germany, and recently MEGAGRISEVIT has become popular with powerlifters in the US. This steroid is fortified with B12, Niacin, and other various B vitamin derivatives. The injection is packaged in two ampules; one contains the B6 and B12.


Methandrostenolone (10mg) with Furosemide (10mg) and Silymun Marianum (40mg). 60mg (combined)/tab, 200 tabs/bottle. This is a very worthwhile new designer steroid, the first oral one in America. Each tablet contains the equivalent of 2 Dianabol tablets, along with a small amount of diuretic, and a large amount of liver anti-toxin. The drug has been designed with a diuretic for athletes who tend to get water retention and/or high blood pressure from Dianabol, along with Silymun Marianum which has an international reputation as an effective liver anti-toxin. This drug is ideal for sensitive men, some women, and all older male athletes.


A water based, shorter acting Methandriol Dipropionate. See next entry.


50 or 100mg/ml 10ml, 30ml vilas. Organon introduced the Methandriols commercially in 1951 as STENEDIOL.Methandriol Dipropionate was taken off the American market around 1982. Generic labs produced it, though it was once marketed toward its end as the brand name ANABOLIN. It stayed on the American veterinary market for a year or so after 1982, but is gone now. I am discussing it for two reasons. First, it seems that whatever is gone from the steroid market develops a cult following. Second, some steroid blends from Australia (Drive, Geldabol, Filibol Forte) contain this steroid so you should know why it is considered special. Methandriol was never thought to be an effective steroid by itself, but had to be used with other steroids for benefit. The popular theory proposed by Jeff Feliciano (considered in the past as the ‘other’ steroid guru), is that Methandriol acts as a potentiator of other steroids. It does this by binding so tightly to the androgen binding globules that it displaces whatever steroids which are on the globules into the free and active state. This would make more steroid active available than without Methandriol. Is he right? Haven’t the foggiest. The care ‘lab rats’ determined that Methandriol Dipropionate did not work well alone, but seemed to add anabolic effect when used with other steroids. Australian steroids are oddities on the black market.


Methyltestosterone is the crudest, oldest oral form of testosterone known. It is mostly destroyed in its initial pass through the liver and has an extremely short effective life, less than an hour, in the body. Upjohn does produce a more refined micronized testosterone in bulk for European markets. Powerlifters use ‘methyl-tes’ just before a workout or competition for a boost, most likely a psychologically aggressive one, it has no practical anabolic value. The buccal versions are most effective. It is very cheap to make; I used to pay $1 a bottle for it when I was a steroid dealer. Brand name methyltestosterone is ANDROID-5, ANDROID-10, and ANDROID-25 by Brown labs. Don’t confuse it with ANDROID-F (fluoxymesterone).


Methandrostenolone. See Dianabol.


Co-enzyme B12. Unreconstituted 5000mcg/ml-5ml vial, 5000mcg/ml-10ml vial. This non-steroidal anabolic is routinely used by most athletes who are to be drug tested for a competition. It is reconstituted like HCG, and should be refrigerated thereafter. 1ml (5000mcg) is usually injected daily with a 28 gauge insulin needle, and sometimes is administered with 500mcg of B12 along with the additional B vitamins. In the past bodybuilders and powerlifters never considered using Neurofor, but that was before drug testing. Now they’ll use anything for an ‘edge’. The legality of buying Neurofor in Mexico and bringing it to America is in limbo. Although marketed as a drug and packaged as such, Co-enzyme B12 is a vitamin derivative. A smuggler probably will get the product confiscated if caught with it at the border. You will see increasing use of this product in the years ahead.


Norethandrolone. Nilevar, introduced by Searle in 1956 was the forerunner to Anavar. Nilevar was taken off the market in America voluntarily by Searle once Anavar was developed, although it became available in Switzerland in 1985. Nilevar has the same effects as Navar, but is more androgenic and will aromatize. The counterfeit Anavar labeled Nelevar from the Colorado lab is not Oxandrolone; it is Norethandrolone. Mot men using this fake never notice the difference because they use it in conjunction with other steroids whose side effects overlap and mask Nilevar’s. Women, however, would notice the difference because of Nilevar’s masculinizing effects.


Tamoxifen Citrate. 10mg 38 600. This pretty tablet with a female head profile imprinted on the American version is an estrogenic steroid that works as an anti-estrogen. Its primary use is to bind at estrogen receptor sites without instilling estrogenic effects to the cells. This makes Nolvadex useful for controlling tumor growth in the breast and its approved use is as a therapeutic for female breast cancer. I proposed in 1981 that Nolvadex should be used along with steroid that aromatize to minimize the side effects that excess estrogen imparts to the metabolism. Nolvadex is effective for male steroid users to prevent or control gynecomastia. It is effective in both men and women as a dieting aid. Fat loss is faster when using 20mg of Nolvadex a day. Nolvadex also gives the lean physique a denser look for both sexes. Although women can experience menopausal type symptoms when using Nolvadex, I rarely find female athletes complaining of this effect. Nolvadex comes in bottles of 60 in America and retails for over $1 per tablet. Recommended dosage is 10-20mg per day for men and 20mg per day for women. Nolvadex is also manufactured in Mexico by ICI and is considerably less expensive. It comes in a box of 30, 3 strips of 10 tablets, no lady on them. In Europe it is available as a 20mg and occasionally a 40mg tab. The counterfeit Nolvadex is of fair quality, has the ICI markings on the packaging and comes in a white plastic bottle of 60 tabs. The counterfeit is the Nolvadex most used by American athletes and has had no quality complaints, until the summer of 1988, when the dosage appeared significantly light. It also has the best price. Steroid dealers don’t make much profit on Nolvadex, considering it a benign charity drug, one that should be used to ensure good health, but would not be used if the price was too high. I am delighted that my recommendation of Novladex use by steroid taking athletes has been accepted by many sports medicine doctors. I am more pleased, though, that it has improved the athlete’s health while on steroids.


12.5mg/ml, 2ml/vial, 10 vials/box. I have no information on this new designer steroid. It appears to contain 10mg of Testosterone Proprionate and 2.5mg of Oxandrolone per 2ml. I believe it is a copy of Dr. John Perzick’s Dihormonal injection, available only to his patients. It seems to work well on women when used once (all 2ccs) every two or three days. NOTE: There is no Crown Laboratories anywhere in the United Kingdom.


Commercial introduction. 1979. See ANAVAR.


Trenbolone. 76mg/ampule. Parabolan went on sale in France in 1980, so it is a new steroid, although it’s been around experimentally since 1963. Whatever was said about Finajet mostly holds true for Finajet’s effects but do not like frequent injections. Parabolan, however, is actually a shorter acting Finajet, as the acetate added to the trenbolone extends its half life in the body. Parabolan could be injected daily. Dosages has averaged 1 or 2 ampules per week. This is an effective and toxic steroid. Counterfeits contain 2ml rather than one and a half. There is also a 4cc multi-use vial counterfeit. Also, the early fakes could be identified by being able to scrape off the ampule’s silkscreened printing with a fingernail. The new counterfeits are now harder to identify simply because they have been around so long that not many people are familiar with the original. No athlete has complained about the new counterfeits’ effectiveness, but most may never have used real Parabolan. Because American counterfeiters don’t have the ability to package steroids in ampules, counterfeit Parabolan in ampules are manufactured out of the country. Some athletes are switching their use of Finajet to Parabolan in hopes of lesser incidences of ‘bad fakes’ among the Parabolans.


Cyproheptadine Hydrochloride. 4mg: #62. Periactin is an antihistamine which has a side effect of increasing one’s appetite. Some strength athletes find it difficult to eat enough food to make the size and strength gains they expect. A few steroids affect appetite. Dianabol has been known to increase it. Anavar, both oral and injection, can give the sensation of fullness in the stomach. Anadrol has made people slightly nauseous. As an appetite stimulant, for which Periactin has not been FDA approved, no one has determined an effective dose. For antihistamine purposes the dosage averages between 4 to 16mg per day. Periactin also makes some people drowsy and irritable (traits that steroid taking athletes don’t need with the ‘steroid psychosis’ theory floating around). I don’t see its use as much as I did six years ago. It also is available as a syrup, and as with Maxibolan, I’ve never seen that version.


Dromostanolon Propionate. 50mg/ml-2ml/amp, 3 amp/box. Cassene has been selling Permastril since 1969. This is another European version of the elusive Drolban. It offers an extra ampule per box over MASTERON at the same price. See MASTERON.


Methenolone. 5mg-10/strip (Mexico), 25mg-50/bottle (Europe), 50mg-30/bottle or box (Europe and counterfeit). Patented in 1959, Schering Germany marketed it originally in 1961. Primobolan is the most popular steroid in Europe. Primbolan in tablet form certainly is the #1 steroid for European women bodybuilders, possibly because it is available in more countries than the more effective Oxandrolone. The oral versions of Primobolan is actually Primobolan Acetate. Some tablet literature has the word ‘buccal’, misleading as they are not sublingual tablets. ‘Buccal’ simply means ‘oral’ in French. Europeans don’t use small dosages of Primobolan, and 4 5mg tabs a day is a common dosage for a female bodybuilder. In America women seem more cautious with the drug, as 25-50mg per day is the common dosage here. Primobolan has never been known for having bad side effects. It is 17- Beta-Alkylated, not as harsh as the 17-Alpha-Alkylateds. In Europe it is prescribed to women and children. The Primobolans do have FDA approval, although Schering has never marketed the drug in America. An MD may legally import Primobolan, and prescribe it, although I know of no MD doing this anymore. Americans never considered the Primobolans as size building steroids and usually use them while dieting. There is no water retention or aromatization evident with the drug’s use. Primobolan’s reputation as a steroid varies from country to country. The tablets generally are considered to be used while dieting. The 5mg Primobolan tabs from Schering Mexico are inexpensive, but not in demand in America. The 50mg counterfeit is now seen on the black market more than the actual European product.


Methenolone Acetate. 20mg/ml-3 ampules/box. This short acting injectable form of Primobolan has a cult following of competitive bodybuilders in America. It is now only manufactured in Germany. European athletes used to regard Primo Acetate injection to be for children because the dosage is so small. Now that it is so hard to obtain even in Europe, it is once again gaining in cult status. Although an American bodybuilder (male or female) will inject a 20mg ampule every other day for contest preparation, I have always questioned Primo Acetate’s effectiveness as an anabolic, especially while dieting and in such a small dosage. American women prefer the tablets. I don’t consider Primo Acetate injection effective for anyone unless used in large dosages. There are other steroids just as safe to use and more effective, especially considering that Primo Acetate injection goes for $12-$15 per ampule on the American black market. As with Trenbolone Acetate, some people are allergic to acetate compounds, especially when injected.


Methenolone Enanthate. 50mg/ml (Mexico), 100mg/ml (Europe). This is a longer acting Primobolan than the Acetate and is usually taken weekly. It is thought to increase muscle size by decreasing muscle density, although this view is held by athletes, not scientists. European male athletes are not used to frequent injections and it is common to see them break open ampules of various steroids and pour them into 10cc syringes, taking one BIG injection weekly. For weight gain Germans use a lot of testosterone and it can be seen in the amount of acne and bloatedness associated with German strength athletes. The Dutch and the French men prefer Primobolan Depot to gain weight on, along with some Deca. In America Primobolan Depot, while attractively priced from Schering Mexico, has no big following. Its side effect are less than Deca’s; it may not raise blood pressure as much as other injectables. Primobolan Depot in America is an ‘I’ll try it for a while’ kind of drug. It also is used by older athletes both in Europe and America who become concerned with their health, but still want to use steroids. As side effects heighten with the aging of the athlete, the safer steroids become more popular.


25mg Testosterone Propionate with 110mg Testosterone Enanthate/ml, 1ml/amp. Neither of the Primotestons are special, however, you wouldn’t believe the number of bodybuilders I’ve encountered who thought that Primoteston is needed to ‘balance out’ Sustanon 250. I traced this theory back to a steroid dealer who had a phony doctor’s degree and yes, was sitting on a few thousand ampules of Primoteston and didn’t know how to move them.


Testosterone Enanthate. 250mg/ml, 1ml/amp. A year ago I would have said that Primoteston Deport was not worth considering, as we have perfectly good Enanthates in this country. Well, there are so many fakes around that are either not really Enanthate, or are dirty, and/or under strengthened, that the idea of a sealed ampule of guaranteed pharmaceutical quality Testosterone Enanthate makes sense. In theory, both these products should have FDA approval, but without a prescription, transporting this product over the border is illegal. Note: There are no known counterfeits of this product, making it a safe buy.


Thiomesterone. This is the elusive oral thiomesterone, always written up in research as the most promising, most potent anabolic with no androgenic side effects. Let me know if you ever find any. Also marketed as EMDABOLIN by Chugai Labs, Tokyo, Japan.


Synthetic Growth Hormone. 1iu/ml, 10ml/vial. This and Lilly’s Humatrope are the only GHs legal for sale in the US. Lilly’s is the better product. See chapter on Growth Hormone.


Mesterolone. 25mg, 50 tab/bottle (Europe), 16 tab/box (Mexico). Proviron is a non-toxic, non-aromatizing androgen. It has no anabolic properties, but does have higher receptor affinities than almost any other steroid. Although Proviron has been used to combat the aromatization of high mg amount steroids such as Anadrol and the testosterones. I believe that its blocking action at the steroid receptor sites outweigh its usefulness, if it indeed has any. It has been proposed by Jeff Feliciano that Proviron blocks the aromatization process at the Cytochrome P- 450 ring. I can think of no legitimate use for Proviron in enhancing athletic performance. Whether you want it to do for you, another steroid or anti-estrogen will do it better.


Quinolone was marketed as a steroid for women. I believe it contained no anabolic steroid in it. No one thought it to be effective.


Ralabol and Ralgro are both veterinary pellet implants for use in cattle in America. Zeranol is also available in tablet form as RALONE in Italy and Spain. See Zeranol.


Tretinoin.0255 gel-15gm/tube & 45gm/tube, .01% gel- 15gm/tube & 45gm/tube, .1% cream-20gm/tube, .05% cream-20gm/tube & 45 gm/tube, .05% liquid-28ml/bottle. This is a powerful topical prescription acne medicine, the next best thing to Accutane. Used regularly while on moderate dosages of steroids, oily skin and acne is controlled. It also is reported to repair sun damaged skin. The liquid is now being used in conjunction with Minoxidil for male pattern baldness therapy. Most athletes use either the .1% cream, or the 05% cream. Many find the .1% (red and white tube) to cause too much dryness and flaking. It is not advisable to use Retin-A if you plan to do tanning, as you can burn easier. This product is also available in Mexico, though its quality has been questioned.


Genetic HGH. 4iu/2ml. This is the correct 191 amino sequence sold in Spain and Sweden by Kabivitrum. See chapter on Growth Hormone.


Testosterone blend. 20mg DHT, 25mg Testosterone Propionate, 75mg Testosteorne Cypionate/2ml. 2ml/amp. This is a low dosage testosterone blend from Mexico. It is not popular with American athletes, although it is just as good a product as Sustanon 250. As no counterfeits of this one exist, it is a safe buy.


Stanozolol. 5mg/tab. Introduced as an injection in Germany (Strombaject) in 1961 and in tablet form in America in the same year. Sterling Drug in America actually developed the steroid. This is the European or counterfeit version of Winstrol tabs. Winthrop has trademarks on both names. See WINSTROL.


Stanozolol. 50mg/mg, 1ml/amp. The European version of Winstrol V injection, although the crystal sizes are a bit smaller. See WINSTROL V.


Testosterone blend. 30mg Testosterone Propionate, 60mg Testosterone Phenlypropionate, 60mg Testosterone Isocaproate, 100mg Testosterone Decanoate/ml, 1ml/amp or 1m/preload. This timed-release testosterone injection was designed by Organon to give an even release of testosterone over a month’s time. Athletes inject Sustanon 250 at least once a week. This is a very popular testosterone, and is preferred by bodybuilders over Testosterone Cypionate and Enanthate. It works extremely well as an anabolic. Although it is androgenic as all the other testosterones, it doesn’t seem to show as much water retention or aromatization as Cypionate. Granted, this testosterone works well. If you are concerned with water retention and estrogen, regular Testosterone Propionate has even less of these side effects than Sustanon 250 does, but has to be injected more often. I consider this a good testosterone to use only when taking price into consideration. At its introduction into the steroid black market a few years ago, it would retail for $20 per ampule, and at this price it is not worth considering. In 1986, Sostanon 250 preloads were being smuggled in from South America and could retail for between $2-$5 per preload. At this price it is definitely worth considering. The way the steroid black market is, Sostanon (South American spelling) 250 could be more available than Testosterone Propionate. Just remember that Propionate is FDA approved. Sustanon 250 is not. There is no guarantee that the counterfeit Sustanon 250 exactly matches the brand name one. The counterfeit one comes in an ampule and is indistinguishable from the original. I would trust the preloads only.


Testolactone. 50mg: #690. Teslac is an estrogen antagonist no athlete seems to use. It is expensive and the effective dosage is between 250mg to 1gm daily in order to get the same benefits as Nolvadex.


Straight testosterone with no esters added to extend is activity is not used much by athletes. It is available as an oil based injection, or a water based one, neither have activity of more than a few hours. Some powerlifters will inject straight testosterone in small amounts to try to sneak by the urine test. Since testing on men involves the testosterone/epiandosterone in correct ratios to get a negative, but this goes beyond the skill of most American athletes.


200mg/ml, 10ml/vial. ‘Cyp’ is the most popular testosterone in America, and is even valued in Europe. Its popularity comes from its instant gratification status as an anabolic. It gives discernible size and strength gains to all athletes and gives both relatively fast. Although many athletes do well on just 200mg per week, it is not uncommon to see very high doses in the 2000mg-4000mg per week used (conveniently, 1 or 2 10cc bottles per week). Mostly powerlifters and football players are using these mega doses. We have been reading about ‘steroid psychosis’ in the general media lately, but might do better to rename it ‘mega dose androgen psychosis’. Most athletes using this much Testosterone Cypionate are actually ashamed to be known to use so much, and consequently lie, alleging a much lower dosage. I’ve never seen harmfully aberrant behavior by men on 400mg of Cypionate a week. I have seen aggressive behavior on more than this amount. I don’t do well in lecturing the offending athletes about mega dose dangers because 1) I can’t recommend other things less harmful that make them as strong. 2) They mostly don’t care about their health only their strength, and 3) They like being aggressive assholes. This combination of three factors makes the mega dose Cypionate man (and he’s probably taking lots of Anadrol also) a very dangerous steroid user, not only to himself, but to all of us. I used to think that Cypionate was a good buy as a steroid. I now think that it is too cheap. It’s very tempting to take 1 or 2 bottles of Cypionate a week when it retails for between $15-$20 per bottle. Cypionate is an effective drug even when used conservatively. Its effectiveness and its bargin price give it a high abuse potential. High dosages of Cypionate can lead to hypertension, baldness, acne and all the bad side effects. Even the stupidest of athletes at least knows this much. He just doesn’t care.


200mg/ml, 10ml/vial. Testosterone Enanthate is favored by athletes wanting a Testosterone Cypionate without as much water retention. Most men cannot differentiate between the two testosterones. They are both usually injected on a weekly basis, a duration shorter than either drug’s length of activity. Unless the athlete has a known sensitivity to the water retaining drugs, Enanthate and Cypionate are indistinguishable. So indistinguishable, that some counterfeit Enanthates are simply relabeled Cypionates.


Testosterone Propionate users tend to be more analytical and cautious with their steroid use. This is a short acting testosterone, requiring an injection at least every third day. It also is a painful shot, the pain coming on a few hours after the injection. Dosage seems to be in a conservative 25mg to 50mg per injection range. Propionate is the preferred testosterone for people concerned about all the bad side effects associated with the testosterones. They are all at a lesser degree with Propionate because of a combination of the more benign nature of the drug along with the conservative nature of its users. Propionate has even been used with little side effects by women. To minimize its side effects in women it is used over a longer duration than the drug’s activity to avoid a buildup of androgen in the metabolism. Women seem to be able to tolerate small amounts of fast acting androgens if they are taken every 7 or 10 days. I’ve known women to use 25mg to 50mg of Propionate once a week with a balance of increased recuperative ability which nonandrogens don’t support as well and no masculinizing side effects.


RESTANDOL (England), UNDESTOR (Scandinavia), ANDRIOL or ANDROXON (Europe). 40mg capsules: #DV3. One of the truly new steroids, marketed in Germany in 1978. TU is the most sophisticated oral testosterone available. It is not 17 Alpha Alkylated and is not destroyed by the liver because TU is absorbed from the small intestine into the lymphatic system, bypassing the liver. Once in the lymphatic system, 60% of the TU converts to DHT. Only 1%-2% aromatizes to estrogen. Up to 240mg/day in divided dosages can be used without interrupting a male’s natural testosterone production. TU does not affect liver and kidney functions and is not known to cause gynecomastia. The capsules are extremely heat sensitive, leaving a bottle of them in direct sunlight or a hot car will melt them into a large unusable brown glob. Other than TU’s rather high price, it appears to be a very safe and effective androgen to use, especially as it does not usually shut down testicular function.


Lyothyronine Acetate (TA3). Triacana is the European version of Cytomel, though TA3 is no longer acting than T3. It perhaps is better absorbed than our T3s. Each Triacana tablet equals about 5mcg of Cytomel so it would not be unusual to see an athlete use 20+ tablets per day.


80mg Nandrolone Undecanoate with 80mg Hydroxyprogesterone/ml, 1ml/amp. Only French bodybuilders still use this odd anabolic, although it had a cult following in the US about 5 years ago. Trophobolene is simply a small amount of Deca with added progesterone to combat its masculinizing side effects. I do not believe that progesterone is a hormone that will benefit athletes, as water and fat retention are associated with it. This steroid will probably cause more problems than benefits.


Stanozolol. 2mg #W53. Winstrol is the steroid that many non-steroid strength athletes use (yes, especially track athletes), as well as any athlete too afraid to take other steroids because of side effects. Not many people do well on Winstrol tabs. Some women have grown on them. It seems that it takes a special athlete to benefit from Winstol; perhaps he/she has a unique steroid receptor sensitive to this kind of steroid, because those who respond, do so phenomenally well. Most athletes report no benefit whatsoever from this steroid. Winstrol is also available as Winstrol V tablets, in bottles of 50. These are the same quality as human Winstrol tablets, but tend to be cheaper. Stanozolol in Europe usually comes as a 5mg white tablet. Winstrol is popular with textbook experts, those coaches or doctors who look to medical research alone for a clue as to what is ‘best’. Most of the very favorable studies with Winstrol were with injected stanozolol on rats. Monkeys did not respond well at all to this anabolic. The majority of humans don’t either.


Stanozolol. 50mg/ml, 50ml/vial. Contest bodybuilders, both men and women have an unnatural attraction to Winny-V. It doesn’t aromatize or cause water retention, and is a water-based injectable. Bodybuilders love anything water-based because it is supposed to be ‘fast’. Although it is water based, being a veterinary drug in America, the particle size is not ground particularly small. Insulin will pass through a 28 gauge needle, but Winny V needs a 22 gauge otherwise it will jam in the smaller gauge needles. Winny V is fat acting and as fast ‘unacting’ as oral Winstrol and should be injected on a daily basis. I have seen women have trouble with Winny V because they would take 1ml, 50mg every third day. Although Winstrol is not an androgenic drug, putting 50mg of it all at once into a woman’s body can result in an androgenic metabolism, with masculinizing side effects appearing. I do not find Winstrol V injection to be an effective steroid no matter how it is used. Besides the problems of daily injections with too large a needle and the high cost of the steroid, it has the reputation of being a dirty steroid, one that causes infections. This is not entirely true, although water based injections tend to be more pyrogenic than oil based ones. Water based steroids will breed bacteria easier than oil based ones, but unless the bottle is cracked, the problem is at the outside top of the rubber plug. Athletes rarely clean the white residue off the stopper with alcohol, and it is this residue exposed to the air that has the bacteria problem. A needle passing through the residue can pick bacteria up and deposit it in the user, the bottle, or both. Extra cleanliness is needed with water based steroids.


Zeranol is a refinement from resorcinol lactone, a highly estrogenic fungus that grows on corn. The refined Zeranol is an estrogenic anabolic, used in feed animals. See chapter on ‘Drug Testing’.

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