What Does a Professional Bodybuilder’s Insulin Protocol Look Like?

The following article was taken with permission from GH15 and created by “Ergo”


This protocol was developed through countless hours of research and months of self- experimentation. It allowed me to greatly surpass all previous attempts in acquiring new lean muscle with gear alone. Without the addition of HGH and Insulin I was unable to achieve a sculpted lean physique above 210lbs at 6-8% body fat. What your going to read is 99% accurate as to what I do to allow me in keeping my current level of conditioning of 247lbs 6-8% body fat. Keep in mind that I have not peaked on the amount of lean mass thus accumulated. This is still a very well tailored individually suited plan that I fully continue to manipulate to my advantage. I’m by no means tapped out. Every time I have increased my HGH, insulin and carbohydrate amounts I have managed to develop more size or mass. The difficulty now is not increasing the HGH or insulin, but increasing the consumption of complex VS simple carbohydrates to compensate for the increase in HGH and insulin. This is a lean bulk with minimal fat intake. Keep this in mind when you read the nutritional aspects of this protocol.

Prior to HGH and Insulin use

September 2011

  • Age: 50
  • Height: 6′ 0″
  • Morning weight: 206 LBS
  • Body fat: 6%
  • Years lifting: 32
  • Highest body weight achieved maintaining 6% body fat: 209 LB
  • Heaviest body weight achieved prior to HGH and Insulin: 230 LBS at 12%+ body fat

After HGH and Insulin Use

May 2012

  • Highest morning weight: 247 LBS
  • Body fat: 6-8%
  • Net gain in lean body weight: 41 LBS


  • HGH – 12-18 units per day
  • Insulin – 60-100 units per day
  • Cytomel – 12.5-25mcg per day
  • Ephedrine – 25-50mg twice per day
  • Caffeine – 200-400mg twice per day
  • Aspirin – 375mg per day
  • Hydrochlorothiazide HTCZ – (if holding water from excess sodium) 25-50mg
  • Testosterone Enanthate – 500-1000mg per week
  • Trenbolone Acetate – 175-250mg per day
  • Primobolan Enanthate – 125mg per day
  • Equipoise – 1000mg per week
  • Masteron – 250mg-750mg per week

Before you read on you must understand that I’m continuously hungry. No matter the dose of insulin, I never have time to go hypo. I’m always eating. I can’t get enough. Some days I can’t remember when I had a glass of water. I consume so much liquid with the pineapple and egg whites I’m never thirsty. I have been eating this way for months and months low fat, high carbs, medium protein.

I imagine that I can actually feel the calories burning off of my body at an accelerated rate, even at rest. That’s the power of 15 units of HGH and 100 units of insulin. Plus the relationship these drugs have with my combined AAS use. Some days I push into the 6,000 calorie zone. I do not try to precision time my HGH use. Insulin, yes of course. When it’s time for more HGH I just do it. Insulin timing is very important. HGH, I just try to keep it circulating.

Keeping my physique at this level or going beyond is not easy. I must have a constant structure of pinning, eating and training. Any major deviation in the chain, especially with HGH and insulin, and 3-10 pounds can be lost in a matter of days.


Lean protein and carbohydrates came from white fish, tuna, white rice, chicken breast, turkey breast, pineapple, liquid egg whites, pineapple juice and Greek yogurt.

Meal 1:
3 units of HGH, 15 units of Insulin, 12 ounces of cooked white rice placed in a large bowl, one 20 ounce can of Del Monte pineapple chunks drained (16 ounces of pineapple) placed
in bowl on top of rice. After eating rice and pineapple I drink one 16 ounce carton of liquid egg whites. All this takes 20 minutes. Back to bed.

Meal 2:
3 units of HGH, 15 units of Insulin, 25mcg T3, 25mg Ephedrine, 200mg Caffeine, 375mg Aspirin, same as Meal 1.

Meal 3:
Workout – 10 units of Insulin, 50mg Ephedrine, 400mg Caffeine, 375mg Aspirin. Intra-workout drink. 32 ounces of pineapple juice and 16 ounces of liquid egg whites blended
lightly and poured over ice. I slowly sip this over a period of 1-1.5 hrs. If I’m drinking it too fast I add fountain water to extend time.

Meal 4:
3 units of HGH, 15 units of Insulin, 12 ounces of cooked white rice, one 20 ounce can of Del Monte Pineapple chunks. 6 ounces of seared tuna in skillet with 1 table spoon of Macadamia nut oil or coconut oil.

Meal 5:
3 units of HGH, 20 units of Insulin, 14 ounces of white rice, one 20 ounce can of Del Monte Pineapple chunks. 1 Greek yogurt serving.

Meal 6:
3 units of HGH, 15 units of Insulin, 12 ounces of white rice, one 20 ounce can of Del Monte Pineapple chunks.

Meal 7:
10 units of Insulin, 8 ounces of white rice, one can of Del Monte pineapple chunks, 16 ounces of egg whites.

Daily totals:
Calories: 5,400
HGH: 15 units
Insulin: 100 units
Protein: 340 grams
Carbs: 1,000 grams


If you follow the above ratios adjust your insulin accordingly. I followed the 10 grams per iu rule. I have tried adding fat to my lean bulk as a way to increase calories. Coconut oil, Macadamia nut oil, Almond butter, Lean steak. I found this would curb my appetite. Not so with carbohydrates. In my current state of drug usage, my body is a carbohydrate burning machine. I honestly cannot see any carbohydrates being stored as fat.

I have approached this with the right mindset, focus and dedication that others outside my circle could never understand. Eating and drugging like this is second nature to me at this point. Very soon I’m going to up the HGH to 18-21 units ED and Insulin 120 units ED. I fully intend to break the 250 LB barrier while maintaining superb conditioning. I’m half a century old and I could have come on here and said I was 28-30 and you would not of even thought to question it. My BP is fine.

4 Responses

  1. Tharayman

    That was a pretty insane read… How long you reckon you can keep going like that? 🙂
    Hope you have a good(cheap) source for all that gear 🙂


  2. pandy

    Just to note to any noobie reading this do not try banging 120 units of insulin in you as you will more than likely die or develop early diabetes …it took me months of research before i even ventured in to insulin and i gained 27 pound in 3 months running back to back with tren test npp at half his dosages and less than a 10th of his insulin dose so unless your planning on turning pro just use this as research to see what it takes to get to top level


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