Pyramiding Cycles

The following article was written by ‘heavyiron’


The human body is always fighting for homeostasis so the concept is to increase dose before gains plateau. Based on the 2009 myostatin study we can design a cycle that is effective for 10 weeks using this strategy. The following first cycle is for men that want a little more performance with added risk while only using Testosterone. The first 5 weeks a standard dose is administered to evaluate how your body responds and to determine if sides are manageable. If sides are manageable then increase the dose.

Example Cycle #1

  • Week 1-5 600mg Testosterone weekly
  • Week 6-8 800mg Testosterone weekly
  • Week 9-10 1,000mg Testosterone weekly

10 mg Aromasin daily with the goal of keeping Estradiol between 10pg/ml-25pg/ml. Only blood work can confirm if you are in this range.

500iu HCG twice weekly.

Example Cycle #2

I have done over 20 higher dosed pyramiding cycles over the decades and thought I would share one I just designed for a member. This member is an experienced user who wanted a 20+ week cycle. I prefer shorter runs when using higher doses but he wants to grow into a comp so he determined the cycle length. I personally would have liked to see this compressed into 12 weeks but he is set on 20+ weeks. This member wanted to use primarily Testosterone and low dose Deca.

*This cycle is for experienced users*

Myostatin limits growth around day 56 of a cycle. You can “push” gains by adding strong anabolics or upping the dose or my favorite, both.

Since you have little to no limiting growth factors the first 7-8 weeks there is no need to increase the dose however we must account for ester length when timing the increased dose. Timing your steroids is a commonly overlooked feature of cycle design.

Your choice of Testosterone is excellent for pyramiding as I believe it must be the base of nearly every cycle design. Most experienced men can tolerate high doses with low incidence of side effects as long as E2 is controlled. It has been argued that most men reach a point of diminishing returns around 1.5 grams Testosterone weekly. I believe this to be a reasonable high-end dose. I begin to experience more sides than is comfortable around 1.8 grams weekly. Around 2.5 grams I am quite uncomfortable so it is ideal to limit exposure to high doses. In other words, short durations at high doses are ideal.

Nandrolone is also an excellent bulker that has many positive therapeutic effects. I prefer low doses early in a course to prepare my joints for heavy lifting. 200-300mg weekly is plenty for therapeutic effects. For bulking, 2mg per lb of bodyweight is a good rule of thumb. Since Nandrolone can cause unwanted sides I tend to dose on the low end. I would run the deca as long as possible since it is such a low dose. Please consider 10 weeks minimum. Obviously you will need to drop the Deca 5 weeks before a show.

Your choice of Letrozole is fine however it is a myth that it is much stronger than other AI’s. AI’s work about the same in men administering testosterone. One can usually see about a 50% reduction in E2 no matter the AI. 1mg Arimidex = 2.5mg Letrozole = 25mg Aromasin in males. Letrozole does possess a slightly longer half life so dosing less frequently is fine but keep in mind the more Testosterone you administer the shorter the half-life. One trial in particular proved saturation of E2 at 600mg weekly of Testosterone. In other words if your AI is dialed in at 600mg weekly it is likely you will not need to increase the AI dose even if you increase the test dose but the data is preliminary.

  • Week 1-6 500mg Testosterone weekly
  • Week 7-8 750mg Testosterone and 200mg Deca
  • Week 9-10 1,000mg Testosterone and 200mg Deca
  • Week 11-12 1,250mg Testosterone and 200mg Deca
  • Week 13-14 1,500mg Testosterone and 200mg Deca
  • Week 15-16 1,750mg Testosterone and 200mg Deca
  • Week 17-18 2,250mg Testosterone ***
  • Week 19-20 2,500mg Testosterone **
  • Week 21-22 2,750mg Testosterone

*** When dropping a steroid you must account for this in your increase therefore I bumped the Testosterone 500mg these weeks.

** Carefully evaluate sides at this level. You may have to drop dose or stop increasing dose at this point. Monitor blood pressure and proceed with caution. Do not be afraid to stop at this level. Keep records of all effects like a steroid diary so you know what to expect next time.

Depending on your goals you may immediately begin a cruise of 300mg weekly after the course. If you have a show you will likely need to drop the testosterone but you may run anabolics like Tren, Winstrol or Anavar during this time. After the show I would run a cruise dose of T so you don’t crash right away.

Example Cycle #3

Another course I designed for a member who wanted to use specific compounds at a 12 week duration.

I really like the Test, Deca, Dianabol combo you were thinking of doing. It is an effective old school bulking stack that just plain works. You are a good candidate for this type of cycle. You have plenty of experience and seem to tolerate various aas pretty well.

*This cycle is for experienced users*

  • Week 1-6 500mg Testosterone / 200mg Deca
  • Week 7 750mg Testosterone / 400mg Deca
  • Week 8 1,000mg Testosterone / 400mg Deca
  • Week 9 1,250mg Testosterone / 600mg Deca / 40mg Dianabol daily
  • Week 10 1,500mg Testosterone / 600mg Deca / 40mg Dianabol daily
  • Week 11 1,750mg Testosterone / 600mg Deca / 40mg Dianabol daily
  • Week 12 2,250mg Testosterone / 50mg Dianabol daily ***
  • Week 13 50mg Dianabol daily
  • Week 14 50mg Dianabol daily

*** When dropping a steroid you must account for this in your increase therefore I bumped the Testosterone 500mg this week and the Dianabol 10mg daily.

Since Nandrolone has a long ester I like to drop it before dropping the Testosterone. Nandrolone tends to make recovery more difficult so running it up to the end is not advised.

The Dianabol is added at week 9 just about the time gains begin to diminish in a standard cycle. This timing is critical to “push” gains so do not alter the timing. Notice the Dianabol extends 2 weeks past the high dose of Testosterone. This is purposeful to keep gains rolling while the high dose Testosterone is clearing. Basically gains should continue through week 14 with this setup.

You may immediately enter a cruise of 250mg weekly of Testosterone after this course or go into PCT. If you choose to cruise begin the 250mg of Testosterone at week 13.

Nutrition is critical at these higher doses so make sure you are getting plenty of clean food. With nutrition, training and recovery dialed in you will do very well on this course.

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