Interview With the Owner of a Large UK Underground Lab

The following article is a exclusive

How did you build up your customer base?

Started in local gyms. Then word of mouth. Followed by giving products to popular athletes on forums. Telling them to write honest reviews.

Precautions taken to avoid legal trouble?

Don’t get caught… in reality nothing in your name, keep away from the nastier drugs and don’t tell anyone your business.

Have you ever been to China to personally meet/verify sources? If so, what was your experience like?


What sets apart a top tier lab from a lesser quality lab?

Consistency. Decent labeling. And a producer who cares about the product more than the profit.

What made you decide to get into this game?

It was an accident. Started home brewing. Then helped a friend. Then it got well known. Before long it had become a business.

Do you have an exit strategy?

Yes. A beach in Thailand and a small beach bar.

What is your profit margin after all expenses overall?

A vial of test E costs about £2 to make. If we include lock ups and renting bank accounts that figure would be around £2.50 in total.

What is some of the shadiest stuff you’ve witnessed since being in this game?

One well known lab owner sells stuff which is more hardcore. Think shotguns and planting heroin in cases before calling the police. Not my sort of business.

What sort of cycles (if any) do you personally run?

Smaller than most customers. Low dose Test E. HGH. And sometimes Tren or Deca.

What is the most difficult part of your profession?

Dealing with idiots. All customers think they are experts. Very few are. I sometimes wonder if they can put their clothes on without a support worker. Apart from that it’s living a secret life. It’s lonely and induces dark periods of depression.

Does your family know what you do for a living?


What is your day to day routine?

I work about 18 hours a day. Be that producing, emailing or dealing with suppliers. No two days are the same. But emails take up a lot of my time.

How lavish is your life?

Very. I have three cars and none of them cost less than £70K. I have a watch that costs over £10K and I always fly first class.

Do you press tabs? If so can you do a small write-up on how this is done?

Yes. But there is enough info about this out there. Its not hard.

What equipment are you using?

I have a pretty decent scientific set up in my lab. Primarily you only need a heat source, an autoclave and a sterile space.

How many vials are you doing per week? Are you capping them manually?
Do you label the vials manually by hand? If not, what kind of machine are you using and what’s the approx. cost?

Around 1000/2000 a week. We have a bench capping machine. Vials are labelled by hand. Often by resellers though.

How much profit do you make from one vial?

From 300-1000%. Usually around £20 vial at retail. Half this as trade.

How much do raws cost, and how many batches are you going through (in kg) on a regular basis?

Raws depend on the raw. I never buy in less than 1KG of any compound. I go through 2-5KG of raws a week.

Do you have a formal education?

Yes. Both a degree and a masters, in a science based subject.

How old are you?

Around 30.

Do you see yourself stopping at some point? If so what is that point?

Yes. I’ll stop when I don’t enjoy it anymore. It’s not that far away.

Do you run your business in the UK, like the actual lab and distribution itself?

Yes to both.

How much did you make in your best month? Worst month? What’s your current three-month running average income?

Around £100,000 best.

Average around £60,000 a month now profit.

If you had a son or relative who wants to get into the business, would you let them do it?

I cant control anyone. But I’d advise them not to. It erodes your soul and your mind. You end up paranoid and mentally unwell. Would you want to gain the world and lose your soul?

Is this the best money you’ve made? Has a more lucrative opportunity for cash ever come up?

More lucrative – all the time. Harder drugs. But morally I don’t use them and won’t poison other peoples loved ones.

Have you been tempted to bait and switch or exit scam?

No. I have a lot of integrity for a criminal.

What are the biggest or most common day-to-day issues he has to deal with?

People complaining about none issues via email, and via forums. Usually the drugs aren’t bunk – you just have crap genetics and a poor work ethic.

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