Mr Olympia Protocol 1990’s

The following post was made by DrX

1990’s Olympia Final 5 Weeks Prep

As I have promised here is a breakdown of a Mr Olympia competitor’s last five weeks of prep back in the 90’s. All I can say about him was he placed in the top 10, and was graced with many magazine covers and articles back in the day. This is a no holds barred, the good, the bad, and the ugly account of his final 5 weeks leading up to the Olympia stage.

Unfortunately, as GH15 has said the 90’s were not a pretty picture of health and lifestyles like you would imagine. We will call the bodybuilder X for the sake of anonymity and we will not disclose where he came from.

This account has been written by my very close friend would host X at their home and provide all the needed amenities required to get ready for the big show, from grocery shopping to travelling to and from the gym every day. X was described to me as an extreme narcissist who was not very pleasant to be around. He never cleaned up after himself and was not grateful for the assistance he was given. I won’t even go into detail about his bathroom etiquette.

The story began with my friend picking X up from the airport. At that time, before the tragic September the 11th incident, it was very easy to carry your gear through the airport. And he did this very well. He brought everything he needed for the last five weeks of prep. He had a carry-on bag full of goodies and strapped a load of amps and vials of gear around his thighs and ankles. He arrived wearing those baggy clown pants that were  popular in the 90’s, they gave him enough breathing room for all of the ampules. He only taped the gear to the front and outsides of his legs, so he could sit on the plane comfortably without breaking them. As soon as they got out of the airport they had to find an empty parking lot so X could unload all of the amps and vials that were taped to his body.

He was usually very hungry by the time he arrived so he requested one of his favorite spots to eat, IHOP. Even though he was prepping for the Olympia, he got pancakes, 6 whole eggs, pork rolls, milk and wasn’t at all shy about using the syrup and butter. But he drank water. No coffee, no tea, just whole milk and water.

After the meal it was time for X to take over to the house, he unpacked and displayed all the necessary gear and drugs he had brought for prep. He had Clenbuterol, some Gerolvital (which to my understanding works as an anesthetic when injected), an oral B-Complex, Anavar, Dianabol, Deca, Test Prop, Winstrol Suspension, Primo Acetate, Proviron, T3, and finally Lasix (oral version) which he used for his diuretic.

X also had some DMSO and injectable Dexamethlasone which he would mix together to be rubbed on his joints. He was taking Test Prop, Dianabol and Deca when he arrived and continued to take the Dianabol for two more weeks until he substituted in his Anavar. He did not bring any Insulin or HGH with him, he opted to go without it for the last few weeks as it prevented him from complete dryness. So the amount he used during his off-season is unknown.

The following week he injected his final Deca shot which kept him full, round and hard going intro the contest and allowed him to continue training intensely. Then he introduced his hardening compounds which  included 200 mg of Test Prop, 100 mg of Primo Ace and 100 mg of Winstrol daily. He increased his Winstrol and Primo Ace as the show came closer. He then dropped the Primo and Anavar about a week out and took the injectable Winstrol up until two days before the show. He stayed on the Test Prop at 200 mg per day until about 2 weeks out then cut it out entirely. He took the remainder of the 30 ml Winstrol bottle orally at 300mg – 400 mg per day for the last couple of days leading up to the show.

Now for the ugly. Every morning he would begin with harsh additive drugs that I will not mention, then he went off to the gym where he would just train one large body part. He would take GHB after the morning workout and then he would play the vomit game. So basically, he’d take GHB, wait about half an hour, and when he was about to pass out, he’d stuff himself with a full breakfast, hopefully not puke, and pass out. He’d go back to the gym at about 2PM to do his small body part, abs and about an hour on the bike. He trained six days a wee and had Sunday off. He practiced posing for about 30-45 minutes every other day. About two weeks out, he almost just quit lifting and did a ton of aerobics, three sessions of an hour a day, with abs thrown in.

What is GHB?

Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (also known as “liquid ecstasy” or “GHB”) is most commonly known for being a vile date-rape drug. But for years, bodybuilders have taken GHB for its purported ability to increase GH (growth hormone) and allow them to train harder.

He was upfront and open about his binge eating and purging issues, usually eating good stuff, just sometimes way too much, then he’d go puke it up in front of everybody. His diet was not structured and tight as you would assume. As one of the genetic elites, he just cleaned it up 4 to 5 weeks out and let cardio do the work.

On an important side note X always knew how everyone was going to place long before the shows. That is how rigged the game became.

So what are the important notes here. First, this is one of the reasons GH15 is so anti-drug. It was extremely prevalent during those times. Some were an absolute mess. The assumption back then was certain recreational drugs would help aid in body fat loss. But this false practice just turned into an unending spiral addiction for many. That includes many of the clean top earning names you know. Bodybuilding, recreational drugs and pain killers do not mix! It is a deadly combination!

Second, notice AGAIN there was no Tren involved during his prep. His conditioning was stellar and equivalent to the best of the best from that generation. Which is still far superior to the conditioning we are seeing today.

He knew how to keep the fullness while getting harder and dryer without Tren. The guy looked like he had no skin! The older generations used calories and cardio to determine fat loss rates rather than the AAS blends as it is used today. He was not alone on how prep was done then. It was not TREN, TREN, TREN, BLASTING and INCREASING DOSE all prep. Because if it is used for too long and too hard (dose) it will backfire. I have said it before and I will say it again, listen to modern coaches and get the modern look. I call it the CLASSIC MODERN Tren look. Stringy flat arms, deflated chest and low traps with no volume turned to the side. How many users say they blew up on and or dieted down successfully with Tren only to show pictures of a physique no better then most naturals. Sad but true. It becomes really evident in the arms as they either look soft, round, and balloon like due to the fillers  or there is just no striated mass or thickness from any side pose. I just want to make a hard reality point that X stepped on stage for the greatest contest in bodybuilding coming dialed in WITHOUT TREN.

90’s Conditioning



This should help bring some of you peace and comfort knowing objectively you can build and compete at a high level without Tren. Especially those of you who are struggling with mental/relationship, health (blood values) issues and or just have a poor response to Tren. For those of you who gain substantial lean muscle tissue in the off-season but then only to lose size and volume which then results in poor placings in competition to others fuller and harder then you, then take a hard look at the protocol. Reanalyze when Tren should be added and how much Tren would you really need IF AT ALL.

Many back then prepped the same way, but some used Test Suspension instead of Prop, and Halo instead of or with Primo Ace/E. But the rest was the same including keeping Deca/Dianabol/Anadrol/Test as close as they could to showtime. Also notice HGH and Insulin were not used during those last critical weeks. Tren at todays level of use HAS to be used along with Insulin and HGH. They go hand in hand. But that in turns produces a softer “rounder” plastic look that cannot compete with the density and fullness seen during those times.

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