High Testosterone or Low Testosterone?

The following article was written by Southern Ghost

Whether you are cruising, bulking, or cutting, an optimal dosage of Testosterone is crucial for any cycle.

Testosterone, being the natural male sex hormone, has an Anabolic:Androgenic ratio of 100:100. Other AAS that are available to us today are primarily derivatives of Testosterone.

Testosterone should be used as a base of every cycle. It is important to maintain physiological levels of Testosterone due to a wide variety of biological functions being mediated by this very hormone such as haematopoietic signalling, DHT conversion, Estrogen formation, bone biology, and regulating cognition and emotions.

In my opinion, dosages of Testosterone should always be conservative and never excessive. Any in excess will cause more problems than benefit such as raised E2 which will require the need for additional drugs to be used such as AI and SERM. Without the use of these ancillaries there is a high risk of developing gyno and suffering from elevated BP due to E2-mediated water retention. Chronic elevated BP can also damage vessel walls, especially micro-capillary beds and is essentially detrimental for overall arterial and venous vessel health. High dosages of testosterone can also be problematic for DHT-sensitive individuals as a portion of circulating Testosterone will be converted to DHT which can lead to increased sebum secretion and acne development as well as thinning of the hair. This again would therefore require further relevant on cycle drugs such as Finasteride that also comes with off-target side effects. I will not go into much detail, but it is common knowledge that AAS also impairs cholesterol health.

Now, let’s talk about the other less obvious counterproductive issues with running high Testosterone. It is common thought that increasing Testosterone will increase muscle growth and size, yes this is true however this comes with the issues mentioned above. It is much more effective to keep testosterone low and use another AAS which haveĀ a superior Anabolic:Androgenic rating in place of Testosterone. Ask yourself this, do you think you muscle growth will be better by increasing the dosage of the same AAS (Testosterone), or by adding another AAS compound that has a superior anabolic ratio than Testosterone?

By using low Testosterone, this allows you to use more of a particular AAS that will bring about better results while minimising the potential side effects of using high Testosterone. For example, Boldenone (Equipoise) has an Anabolic:Androgenic ratio of 100:50, we should also note that Boldenone does not convert to E2 very well therefore producing very minimal estrogenic side effects. By combing Eq, we have achieved several things:

  1. A better anabolic ratio with lower androgenic properties, this therefore allows us to use higher dosages of EQ to achieve better muscle growth while minimising androgenic effects
  2. We have minimised any potential estrogenic side effects as mentioned above
  3. We will look much better through minimising water retention, our gains will be harder, denser, leaner, and finally we will feel healthier.

People often debate whether they should use low Testosterone and high Trenbolone or the other way around. My thoughts on this is that Testosterone should be kept low and Trenbolone can be run at a higher dosage in comparison. Trenbolone has an Anabolic:Androgenic rating of 500:500 meaning it is 5x more anabolic and androgenic than Testosterone except that it does not aromatise. Therefore, theoretically we could speculate that 150mg of Trenbolone is equivalent to 750mg of testosterone in terms of anabolic and androgenic properties. By using low Testosterone and adding Trenbolone we will achieve similar to what we would by adding EQ however the anabolic effect is much greater and we also benefit from a very strong androgenic effect for those that want it (hardening, vascularity, dryness), making Trenbolone with low testosterone an all-round amazing muscle builder but also cutting agent.

I hope that these examples I have spoken about will provide you all with further insight into your future cycles. Thank you for reading.

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