Q&A with Ghost Recon

The following questions were answered by Ghost Recon from UK-Muscle


Ghost Recon has been on and off AAS since 17, he started to research AAS at around 13 and has been training on and off since then. He has a degree in Biological Science, a Masters in Clinical Medicine and a PhD in Cell Biology. He has a wealth of experience in AAS, training and nutrition and recently posted up an AMA to tackle questions asked by members of the forum.


How important do you think HCG during a cycle is for a faster recovery afterwards and what kind of doses do you recommend?

HCG is important, it has its place on and off cycle. When running androgens at suppressive dosages, HCG would allow maintenance of testicular volume and be atrophy-protective.

On cycle HCG depending on weight FFM etc. I would suggest 250-500 IU twice a week.

If running HCG on cycle would you have to up your AI dosage?

It depends how sensitive you are to aromatisation. Someone with lower levels of aromatase enzyme DNA transcription or high expression of estrogen metabolism signalling would probably not need an AI when running on-cycle HCG dosages mentioned above.

Then again it is also highly dosage dependent (testosterone) and perhaps other things that may alter your need for controlling estrogen levels.

How about hair loss and Tren? Some say it’s responsible for hair loss, some say its not, I really don’t know what to think about it.

Research has shown that Trenbolone has SARM-like effects on the prostate and other target tissues in the body. At the end of the day we must consider that Trenbolone is extremely androgenic and thinning of the hair is not unheard of. I also believe it is highly genome dependent, if your scalp happens to be highly sensitive to androgens or in your family, there is a likely chance it will affect you worse than others.

I personally have experienced mild thinning on Trenbolone combined with Masteron, both androgenic yes however I did notice improvements in hair thickness after coming off these anabolics and now it is thick as ever.

What is Progesterone gyno? Is there such a thing and if so what is it? How does it effect men?

Progesterone mediated gyno I guess what what it is? Of course there is such a thing, in individuals expressing high levels of PR receptor transcription in the presence of circulating levels of progesterone would mediate gyno development, of course often in the presence of other pathological levels of associated co-factors required for PR binding at the DNA level.

In your opinion what’s the best bulking cycle, doses and compounds?

Peptides – what’s the best kind to use in your opinion to get the closest results to GH and what dosage would you recommend per day?

IMO, in order for anabolics to work most effectively, diet is a huge mediator along with training. But lets say those two variables are perfected and optimised with ongoing adjustments as you progress on cycle then I would look at considering the following androgens:

  • Trenbolone Ace 150-450mg/week
  • Trenbolone E 200-400mg/week
  • EQ 750mg+/week
  • Dihydroboldenone Cyp 300-600mg/week
  • Dianabol
  • Superdrol

Dosages are interchangeable based on combination of androgens and individual BW and cycle experience.

Closest results to GH for what effect? The answer is GH. I am not a personal fan of GH releasing peptides.

I am personally am a huge fan of quality, dry, dense, lean muscle that holds. That is what most of those compounds provide, of course the dianabol is a different story which I will touch upon later.

You want something with exceptional nutrient partitioning abilities if you want to grow. You need to make sure that the food you eat is as efficiently utilised in your body once absorbed with nothing to waste. This is where trenbolone comes into play, cattle often go for hours long periods during transit to slaughter and trenbolone preserves their lean tissue and uses fat as a major fuel source, hence why they are so lean. Trenbolone is also great at activating/mediating IGF1-dependent anabolism. Androgen receptor-mediated hypertrophy is a key mechanism of how AAS work but it is NOT the only mechanism. Studies have shown that trenbolone was capable of activating anabolism in the absence of the AR through inhibition. Of course this is all cell biology but we must consider what happens on a global scale in an organism, but at least we can appreciate the complexity of these androgens we so love.

Some peptides are good. I might be wrong but I personally would not want my pituitary gland to be ‘bleeding’ GH. Look at what happens to the pancreas when you stress it with straining insulin secretion?

Depends on your HGH. 1-4 ius for fat loss, with hyperplasia towards the higher end. GH is very time dependent so this must also be considered. 4-8 ius for further muscle proliferation.

Blasting and cruising versus cycling? How safe is Tren really? Are orals as bad as we think for liver damage?

Blast and cruise if you have no intention of coming off. Cycle on and off of course would lose most gains but both can be done just as safely with careful observation.

Tren can be used safely no problem considering you take the right interventions as and when needed. I have run it successfully for 12 weeks straight with very stable health markers. Of course dosage dependent.

Dosage dependent again, anything methylated or hepatoxic will straight the liver some what and raise some enzymes, but nothing drinking alcohol or taking Accutane wouldn’t do. Actually that is a lie Accutane is worse. The true hepatic marker for toxicity would be GGT.

When blasting and cruising what’s the maximum and minimum time each phase should be run?

What is the best pre-contest stack and how they should be run (time frames/doses etc)?

All user dependent based on blood markers. The only way for me to tell and determine time between blasting and cruising. If for example my markers are stable after say 10 weeks on Tren and other androgens then I may extend it further and do bloods. One I find that my markers are getting out of control I will begin coming off and cruising with repeated bloods a months time to make sure it has at least improved.

If I had all the drugs available in the world? this is something dependent on the user, what condition they are in before they decide to diet. Also how well have they treated their body in off season and stable your bloods on before cutting.

What’s your thoughts on running 2 19 NOR compounds at same time ? Tren E and Deca or Ace and NPP? Would it be any worse for gyno than running higher doses of a single type? Is there any point ? Also, what dosages would be required compared to single compounds?

I would rather not run both together personally. Some have and liked it but it’s for me I’m good with just Tren. Yeah it would be worse for gyno if you are already in the female hormone rich environment to trigger it. Like my Tren Ace at 50-100mg EOD.

What is the out come of progesterone gyno on the breast receptor and is it The same as estrogen related gyno as in a gland swelling?

What can cause progesterone to rise when it comes to AAS?

What is a breast receptor?

You have ER, PR, AR and several other mediated receptors for gyno development. There is no same outcome for all people.

Gland swelling or any other symptomatic descriptions of gyno again is user dependent. If you really wanted to find out what tissues are being targeted then you do what you do with breast biopsies and do histological analysis and staining of relevant gene expression of growth mediators. Epithelial, glandular, mesenchymal, stem cell, fibroblastic, ductal, so many difference tissue subtypes each with completely different gene expression activity despite being next to each other.

You can have AR driven gyno if you have the genetic switch to turn on those genes. So overall it is a much broader topic than what we imagined.

What blood markers should you look for when assessing if everything is back to normal and stable?

  • HCT
  • MCV
  • RBC
  • EGFR
  • PRG PRL E2
  • CRP

There are other markers but can be non specific.

So if Tren causes hair loss, when should it stop after last injection? For Tren A for example? After 4 days the system should be mostly clear of Tren, but when do the androgens lower in the body? does this take more time?

I believe one of the mechanisms of androgen-mediated hair loss/thinning is due to binding of androgens to receptors at the follicle level triggering some form of cell death (apoptosis, autophagy etc) perhaps through enhancing pro-apoptotic signals and supressing pro-surival signals. thus leading to loss of hair follicles. Allow circulating androgens to decrease and I would expect improvements within a month of stopping after the half lives of all your esters are over of course.

Gyno from Tren/Deca (not aromatisation) is it possible when Estrogen is in check? Some (including me) say they still get gyno when using an AI and 19 NORso use caber. Others say it’s not possible.


Yes it is still possible we must note that there are TWO key components involved.

SUBSTRATE (Gyno inducing hormone)

RECEPTOR (Bind this and you get gyno development)

Yes one might think prevention can be done via substrate intervention ie modulating estrogen prolactin etc via AI.

However despite having normal circulating levels of these hormones we can still experience gyno why?

If you have high receptor expression then it doesn’t matter if your levels are within range, you can still get binding and subsequent growth.

Don’t forget there are so many growth factors that can initiate proliferation a few off the top of my head:

FIBROBLAST GROWTH FACTOR 1-4 BINDING TO FIBROBLAST GROWTH FACTOR RECEPTOR (FGF & FGFR) – this is currently a hot topic in breast cancer and may service some purpose for our understanding.


Few other more obvious ones such as IGF1 yep we all know that one.

Don’t forget PDGF binding to PDFGR.

Basically anything can trigger growth if you have the right genetic make up.

Whats your take on the Test-Tren-Mast ratios for a cutting cycle? Does Masteron alleviate Tren sides (psychological)?

Amazing androgen combination. I prefer 1:2:2 Ratio of Test Tren Mast. Higher mast is nice also. It improves psychological side effects yes. I can explain a little bit further as to why to give you some insight if you wish.

What do you think it is about certain esters being more preferred by some when release times are very similar, e.g some rate Tren Hex, over Tren E. Same for Test C over E.

Do you think a diet 100% whey, is sufficient to build muscle?

If a meal is equal in macros, but different ends of the spectrum, like chicken, rice and olive oil vs a burger, does the body deal with them differently? If so, how?

I guess it is down to preference and word of mouth over the years. If it was Tren E that was being produced by Negma instead of Hex I’m sure today everyone would be raving about E and not Hex. Everyone always relates back to the old days and what was available back then as the period where anabolics were awesome.

sufficient yeah, good for you? absolutely not.

Yes the body deals with it 100% I preach good digestive health and good sourcing (no pun intended) of food. The further away a food item is from its original source, the worse it is for your gut health. Remember it is our gut lining that allows us to absorb out much needed nutrients. These micro villi cells are very sensitive and often do not survive very long and have a very replication turn over rate at the basement membrane of the intestinal tract. Take an extreme example of eating absolute junk full of preservatives lack of micro nutrients and minerals, the gut lining is going to pretty bad and may even contain inflammatory lesions that can lead to irritable bowl/gut distress/digestive issues – all confirmed with microscopy. This person would have a much lower efficiency at nutrient absorption. Say if he ate 100g protein from chicken, he is not going to get 100g protein absorbed due to his gut health.

Someone with excellent gut health that eats appropriate portions and allows the digestive tract to rest and regenerate will have a much higher absorption rate for all nutrients. Absorption is NOT just down to food but the supplements you take, the oral AAS you take. Having a gut-protective diet not only will make your anabolics more effective, but because your nutrient absorption is also upregulated, its going to work synergistically with your anabolism. Could also speculate lower dosages are required and therefore less stress on the liver.

Who is the smarter bodybuilder? Someone who can eat 250g protein/day to add 1kg of lean muscle or someone who needs 500g protein/day to add 1kg of lean muscle within the same time frame?

Ghost, could you share your thoughts on the famous Deca/Tren dick phenomenon? And why, even when Prolactin and estrogen is under control, do some still have difficulty to keep up the wood?

Yes the explanation is very logical. During fetal development we are all initially female as develop in the womb but pre-natal androgens is what switches on genes that change our gender into male. The key androgen is DHT. DHT also regulates penis size and development during puberty. If you look closely at the architecture and physiology of penile tissue you will see high affinity for DHT. Right so we established the penis needs DHT for some reason.

Now lets see what happens when we deprive the penis of DHT. Hmm now where we could find legit studies about that? How about a5reductase inhibitors! Lets see what is a common side effect of DHT modulators? You got it erectile dysfunction, poor libido etc sounds just like deca dick? Damn straight it does.

Nandrolone converts to a metabolite dihydronandrolone which seems to have a very high affinity to displace DHT from the penile tissue however it does not seem to have the same physiological effects and I speculate that this is one of the key mechanisms that contribute to the infamous Deca dick.

What causes PIP?

PIP can be caused by many things. So many variables. High mg/ml, solvents, incorrect filtering, incorrect formulation, temperature, choice of carrier oil. Then onto the other side we have injection technique, wrong sized needle, going through scar tissue, injecting too fast (think jet pressure washer inside your leg ouch). You could just have not swabbed properly or washed your hands.

What are the best compounds/stack purely for cosmetic purposes?

  • Trenbolone
  • Masteron
  • Primo
  • HGH
  • IGF

Is it true that Masteron is pointless unless body fat is low?

Not true as androgens facilitate fat loss. You just need to use more of it at a higher body fat. At lower ranges of body fat you can see Mast P’s effects on the body at a minimum of 50mg daily.


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