Steroids and Catabolism

The following article was written by Southern Ghost

There are two key genes involved in skeletal muscle atrophy (muscle breakdown) also known as catabolism. These genes are MuRF1 and Atrogin-1, they are directly involved in controlling how much muscle we breakdown when in a catabolic state.

As we can see from the graphs below, in the orchidectomized (ORX) group whereby they had their testicles removed, we see a significant increase in these two regulatory genes of muscle atrophy. With testosterone being an anabolic hormone, this makes sense that loss of your balls would lead to an increase in muscle loss.

The administration of testosterone to the group without any balls, reduced these catabolic genes below baseline (SHAM), indicating that testosterone is a regulator of muscle atrophy, and is capable of reversing muscular breakdown.

The administration of Trenbolone, further significantly reduced these genes greater than testosterone. This evidence suggests that Trenbolone is highly effective for maximum preservation of muscle tissue, especially during states of catabolism.

In theory if we think on a molecular genomic level, catabolism could be seen as being regulated by GENES and not CALORIES. Yes it is true that if you are in an extreme calorie deficit, that muscle loss can and will occur. However, these genes are what essentially initiates the breakdown of muscle.

What if the addition of trenbolone could allow us to stay in an anabolic state on lower calories? Theoretically speaking, this would mean that we would be able to lose fat at a greater rate and still gain accumulative muscle tissue on a calorie deficit.

The majority of my current clients that are on a cut, all have the addition of trenbolone as part of their cycle regime, and guess what? These clients are ALL losing fat at an exceptional rate while preserving muscle, and still making accumulative muscle gains on calorie deficits without any major stagnation in fat loss.

A few months ago during June, I was fasting for an entire month and barely ate 1000 calories per day, with some days as low as 800 calories. To my surprise, while on Trenbolone I was able to maintain all skeletal muscle tissue while losing exceptional amounts of fat and was still able to gain muscle mass.


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