Q&A with Anonymous IFBB Pro ‘CagedFreak’

The following Q&A was compiled using CagedFreak’s Q&A thread on Anabolic Board

Q&A with CagedFreak

What made you decide you wanted to do this professionally?

You run some crazy doses, what does your blood work look like? How do you stay healthy? There have been a lot of bodybuilders dropping dead recently, does that make you worry?

It was always a pipe dream to turn pro, I competed with a goal to make money but never thought it would happen to be honest, when I did, it actually took a while to sink in, so I guess the answer is I basically kept training and winning until I was there.

My blood work has never been an issue, my blood pressure and liver enzymes elevated once or twice very close to contest day but I never had any issues besides that.

The bodybuilders you speak of having major health issues and dying all seem to get very fat off season and get ripped very quickly, I think DNP and abusing Lasix is the cause of these issues honestly. I stay pretty lean year round and never have issues – all the guys who stay in shape seem to stay healthy.

Does a typical off season blast look like The typical GH, insulin, Test, Deca and an oral or two, or do you like to keep in low doses of exotics or heavily androgenic/DHT-based compounds (relative to your size of course)?

Do pro’s really run generic GH off season? Is Riptropin the most popular brand? Is there a certain GH:insulin ratio you like to use? Fast acting, R, Lantus, or all 3?

Post-contest I’ll do a 3 to 4 week cruise with just 750mg Test E and maybe 400 Eq, then I’ll begin to up the dose gradually every 2 weeks and add compounds in, the end result comes to being around 7000mg Test E, 2000mg Eq, 1000mg NPP, insulin with every meal – usually Humalog or Novalog and bout 10IU a day Serostim at this point, orals are usually regular doses.

I’ll run generic HGH if I have to, but I’ll get my blood work done often to ensure it’s legit.

I think the only dangers lie when guys eat like shit and get bloated, that seems to be when guys have issues, I think if you do your cardio year round and eat well you will be fine unless you are predisposed to heart and health issues.

I really want to pin at least 2-3 grams of Test/Tren/Mast a week but despite pinning both ventro glutes, both glutes, both delts, both quads, and both pecs I cannot get it done. It seems I am only good for about 1ml to 1.5ml of oil at a time per location.

How do I pin more/increase my ability to hold greater volume and/or concentration? Is it strictly muscle size?

I asked my coach the same thing when I began using high doses, I told him I didn’t think I could do it because that amount of gear would literally cripple the area I would inject. The cure for me was adding 1ml of grape seed oil for every one 1ml I was injecting, so if I do 2ml Test Prop in my delt then there is 2ml of oil in there as well for a total of 4ml liquid, the PIP occurs when the oil separated from the powder inside the muscle and the powder sits in the muscle and not only causes pain but it isn’t absorbed, the oil will help keep the powder suspended and lubricated inside the muscle, you will be amazed when injections are painless.

What is the biggest mistakes people make while running AAS, HGH and insulin?

Are there any peptides out there which you consider useful? If so which ones?

If you could go back all the way to the beginning, what would you do differently knowing all the things you now know?

The biggest mistake is not running enough Test as a base for the cycle for fear of bloating, if you eat clean and do cardio you shouldn’t get too bloated. With HGH I think many guys have families and bills, that results in a limited AAS budget, these guys who can’t really afford a proper dose of HGH are throwing money down the toilet, let’s be honest, very few people can even get their hands on Seros or Humatrope, let alone afford it, so generics are the answer however they are almost never properly dosed. so running 6IU a day will run you around 300 dollars a month, that would be okay but you’re not getting 6IU, in fact you’re probably really getting 2IU, maybe 3IU if you’re lucky which is an ineffective amount. If you spent that 300 dollars on upping your Test it’s a no-brainer, you can usually get a 10 pack for 300 dollars, now you’re going to blow up. As far as insulin goes, guys take insulin when they are too fat, you shouldn’t take insulin unless you’re around 10% – and a real 10% not a bullshit estimate.

What I would have done differently – never power lifted, trying to show off, I have gotten much bigger with high volume sets and my old heavy lifting injuries still bug me.

What OTC supplements do you use, if any?

Honestly, aside from a pre-workout and the occasional protien shake if I miss a meal, nothing much. I get most my nutrients from food.

What is your diet like? Is it perfectly clean year round? Do you cheat, or have periods where you eat what you want?

How many grams of protein do you recommend? whether based on body weight or your own personal consumption.

I eat pretty clean year round but even during contest prep I’ll have a cheat meal here and there, off season I will have cheat meals more often of course but I never really go on a complete junk food binge unless I’m away on vacation or something, and even then I still have a clean breakfast and try to eat enough protein.

If you’re not doing insulin with each meal 60mg max protein per meal, if you are running meal time insulin you can double it.

I’m interested in your training protocol in your off season. Do you train instinctively or do you have a set routine?

I always have a set routine, now I’m doing:

  • Quads
  • Chest/Tri
  • Back/Bi
  • Hams/Glutes/Calf
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Quads

I typically don’t take days off.

What are your thoughts on Accutane? Is this how most pro’s keep their skin clear?

Very harsh on the body, I wouldn’t do it unless acne is really out of control and painful.

Speaking of pharm grade, what kind of gear do pro’s run? Human grade or UGL?

I’ve heard rumors that the top guys have doctors that prescribe them whatever they need, so it’s all pharm grade. Is there any truth to this that you know of?

You said previously that you know for a fact what Ronnie takes. For shits and giggles can you share it with us?

Lastly, you’re a huge guy, do you deal with body dysmorphia like the rest of us? Like do you ever put on a shirt and think to yourself “this shirt makes me look small”?

It’s a mix for most guys, on the west coast there is a large gay community, a lot of them are IV drug users and are HIV positive so they get prescriptions for HGH and Test, usually 2 kits a month and 2 bottles of Test a week depending on how sick they are – sometimes other AAS are given, a lot of them only use a small amount of what they are given and they sell the rest to support their own drug addiction, this is how many guys get their hands on good shit. However, I don’t know any pro who has their own prescription for anything, most still use UGL or human grade amps or some coaches brew their gear too. Myself, I get my hands on some Watson Test here and there but I rely largely on UGL for my gear to be honest. Yes, I have very bad body dysmorphia, I always think I look small.

He told me at one point he was doing 100IU a day of HGH, and he was dead serious, 30 in the morning, 30 mid day, 40 before bed. Test was a little more than I do but comparable, he actually spent his entire Olympia winnings on Humatrope.

I’m sorry if this was answered and I missed it but how do you fit in 7 grams of Test and 2 grams of Eq? I wouldn’t have there are enough spots to pin all of that.

I use every possible injection site, traps, front, side, rear delt, three spots in each bicep, three in each tricep, pecs, 3 spots in your lats, upper glutes mid glutes, 4 spots down each quad, calves, there is about 45 injection sites to use, if you cut your gear with oil the more painful sites won’t hurt.

How do you deal with your blood getting thicker if you can’t donate blood?

I’m on long term pain management for a serious injury I suffered, Percoset, so I’m guessing the Tylenol in it keeps my blood thin. I’ve just never had an issue with that and I’m assuming that’s why, a lot of guys take Aspirin year round for blood thinning, try a low dose Aspirin for a month.

What would your average cheat meal be, both off season and during prep?

Usually a pizza, chicken wings, cheesecake, root beer and then a nap.

How would you compare pharma and generics from your experiences?

There’s is no comparison, pharm grade even at low doses is always leaps and bounds better, I don’t use generic unless I’m stuck.

Is the supplement industry a complete farce? If not, what areas in your opinion have validity?

Not a complete farce, pre-workouts are good, whey isolates are usually good and creatine can always help post-workout. I just personally think lots of food works better, at least it does for me. Personally, pre-workouts are a must for me.

Can you indicate your off season and competition body fat percentage? Also, how do you typically train abs/core?

Off season if I’m at 12% that’s a lot, on stage last show I was less than 3% – I forget the exact number but it was below three. I don’t train abs any more as my ab muscles themselves have become very large and training them just seems to bulk them up more, so I don’t train abs, they are just always there.

What does your typical grocery list consist of?

Typically family packs chicken breats, a few filet mignon, white rice, red potatoes, egg white cartons ( I drink them), Greek yogurt, Ezekial cereal, Ezekial bread, Ezekial pasta, some veggies but not many, lots of condiments and sauces, iced tea and orange juice (gallons), fat free cheese, that’s the usual.

Do you see a uniform benefit in increasing Test dosages? Same question with GH too.

The more muscle you pack on, the more Test is needed to grow beyond that point, for example, 2 grams of Test a week may get you to 230lbs on stage, but you’ll need 3 grams to hit 240lbs. That 3 grams may keep you at 240lbs but you’re going to need 4 grams to be 250lbs on stage. I’m just throwing numbers out there as examples but you see what I mean. HGH is effective even at low doses but you’re only going to achieve that freaky over development when you create a shit load of new muscle cells through hyperplasia and they get dense and packed.

Why so much Test? Why not even out the ratio more with the anabolics you use (Eq and NPP). Do you believe that Test is just more effective for gaining muscle? Also, I notice you don’t seem like a big Tren guy. Why not?

In short the best way to raise your body’s Testosterone level is with Test, the more Test you take, the higher your levels are, the higher your body’s Test level is, the more effective things like Winstrol, Anavar, Eq and NPP work, that’s why I do it that way. As far as Tren goes, I love Tren, however for me the results seem to taper off after a while even with high doses so I usually save it for contest prep when I need it most.

Is there a limit to how much Test one can take if they are NOT taking GH, or does it depend on the individual?

I think as long as you start off at a normal dose and work your way up there’s really no limit, with or without HGH.

You say you’re lifting 7 days a week but keeping up on your cardio. How? What’s your cardio look like normally? How much does it change as a show approaches?

I do cardio every morning on an empty stomach, 20 minutes high intensity on the stepper year round. It wakes me up and helps me eat, during contest time I might add 30 minutes before bed if I need it, nothing more.

Do you need HGH when using insulin? Or is that just a myth?

No, you definitely don’t NEED HGH while taking insulin, obviously if you are producing more muscle cells with HGH your results are always going to be better, but you can run insulin with whatever you want and it will be extremely anabolic.

Now I am very intrigued with running insulin. Is there a good time frame for it?

Short bursts, long term overuse is not beneficial and will just make you diabetic. Start off post-workout for 5 days to gauge your tolerance, then meal time after that, never do more than 4 or 5 weeks without a break.

Would you suggest really high dosages of a couple compounds or good dosages of a few more compounds?

Doing small amounts of numerous compounds will always be more beneficial then an abundance of one for sure, moderate doses of let’s say Tren, Mast, Var, Winny and Eq together will work better than a higher dose of just Eq, Mast and Var for example.

What do you think of Bostin Loyd?

He gets a lot of shit because the supplement companies that sponsor you want you to lie to the general public and tell everyone you won the Olympia taking pro hormones and whey protein, the majority of people I talk to actually think we get drug tested, if the average Joe knew the truth they wouldn’t waste billions on junk.

Can you share some funny/juicy insider stories?

Most “juicy” stories are sex based as everyone is in hormone overdrive. I mean a lot of guys for one reason or another like to tag team their girl with another dude or even watch their girl or wife get fucked, yes I am serious. I, personally, am not in to it, I’ll have a 3 way with a chick MAYBE but that’s it, I’ve definitely been approached by SEVERAL big name guys and their wives asking me to join in but I’m not 100% comfortable with it, I’m known to be somewhat “well endowed” and a lot of guys apparently are not so I don’t know if that’s why I’m approached with it or not. I guess the funniest thing had to be when I was at the USA’s, the men’s room smelled unbearable it was going to make me vomit so I was like fuck it I’ll shit in the girls room, so I walked in and was like “hello”, no one answered so I walked towards the stalls and began to hear moaning, I again said “hello” – no response, just louder moans. So I honestly thought somebody was sick, maybe dehydrated and passing out, so out of honest concern I opened the stall door, there sat this smoking hot competitor jamming a dildo in herself, needless to say I was speechless and I stood there for a second and stared in disbelief, she looked at me and said “Well are you going to just stand there or you want to get down?” I was single at the time so of course I tore that shit up, oh and I won that show so that was a good day.

When suggesting what is generally considered “high doses” do you mean for people to start blasting at a high dose or is this something that is worked up to?

Every time someone is ready to use high doses I always suggest a gradual increase over time. I still do this gradual progression myself, I usually tell guys to start at 750mg Test per week and increase by 25% every 2 weeks, so first increase would bump to around 950mg, 2 weeks later 1200mg, 2 weeks later 1500mg and so on. I usually don’t suggest mega dosing orals or Deca but you can never have too much Test.

How prevalent is recreational drug/alcohol use among your peers?

How prevalent is true “gay for pay”? Not just taking some nude photos which could be sold to whomever, but truly gay shit.

A lot of guys pop pills and smoke week but very few drink, there is a few hard drug users of coke also, they claim Clen isn’t strong enough.

A lot of gay for pay with┬ánon sponsored bodybuilders, the amount of gayness varies from pictures, to wrestling to full on fucking for money, this is very common. I’ll b honest, I was down and out before, never did any super gay shit, but I’d be lying if I say I’m proud of how I got by. I’ve danced for fags, sent dick pics and did the whole wrestling in my posing trunks thing, like I said, not my proudest moments but when you’re flat broke and offered 1,000 dollars just to body slam some fag for an hour you can’t say no.

As you get closer to contest day do you still keep your Test doses pretty high? For example, let’s say 4-6 weeks out, are you using just Prop and/or Test Suspension or are you still using Enanthate? And how high do you go on your mg of Test per week as you get closer and closer to the show? I try to slowly add in certain compounds and pull others out as I get closer but sometimes I will get confused as to when to add in lets say Winny, Var, Mast, etc.

I begin to introduce cutters like Var, Winny, Turinabol, Tren and Mast at low doses 20 weeks out and increase them weekly, from 12 weeks out I use strictly Prop and Suspension, no Enanthate or Cyp, for the last 4 weeks I run Suspension only, 1000mg per day split in to 3 daily injections, I may increase that to 1500mg this year. I run that until 2 days before the show but I lose mass quickly.

Do you use Synthol in every single body part? Is Synthol a year round thing and how much do you usually put in a certain muscle?

Delts and traps were always my weak point so I’ll build my way up to using 3ml in my rear and front delts, 4ml in my side delt and up to 5ml in my traps every day. I’ll start at about 4 months out at 1ml and work up from there, for arms I’ll use 2ml, maybe 3ml per bicep every day and 2ml in each tricep head for a total of 6ml in the triceps every day. For calves I’m still tweaking, I don’t use in large muscle groups, I don’t use it year round, spot injecting gear keeps the pumped look pretty good.

In regards to T3 and AI’s, what’s your protocol like off season and pre-contest?

No one should use T3 unless they are truly needing it for a show, if taken improperly it can fuck you up, but that is just my opinion. AI needs to be adjusted according to the person, I never need much even on very high doses, only you will know how much you need.

Any tips on keeping cholesterol within range while on blasts?

90% of the time your LDL goes up due to diet, the only time mine ever went up was during an old school ground beef and green veggie low carb diet. Pounds of beef and whole eggs brought it up, as soon as I changed my diet to high carbs and low fats it dropped like a stone.

Do you think it is fine to use the same pin to perform multiple injections at the same time?

A lot of guys may disagree with me on this but I do use the same pin for multiple injections as you described. Ideally it’s best to never re-use once you stab yourself with it, even if it’s right away but I think the odds of bacteria forming are slim, even doctors do this for example my girl gets Botox in her face, the doctor fills the syringe and pokes all over her face, if he used a new needle for each poke he’d use like 40 needles, I have the same issue, if I use a new needle for every poke I’d use a box in like a week.

What would be a good starting dose of Tren? Also with the dosages(of Tren) you run, do you run Caber or Prami with it?

Start at 50mg Ace every day, then every 2 weeks up it until you’re at a dose you can tolerate and cruise there, I wouldn’t exceed 150mg every day for a beginner, use Caber if you need it but I never needed it personally.

Would you saying running pharma HGH is pointless unless you got enough cash to run 6IU per day?

I think pharma HGH is effective even at 3IU per day, very effective. However, I do personally think that if you have 800 dollars a month in disposable income for gear you would get much bigger, much faster if you did a shit load of Test, Eq, NPP etc. HGH will definitely enhance your shape but as far as gaining freaky mass you could run a ton of gear for the monthly cost of pharma HGH.

If you had to change bodybuilding, what would you change?

I would change the political headaches and bull shit associated with it, especially at NPC USA and Nationals. The biggest, most shredded guys should go pro, not the guys who know the most people. 8 out of 10 times at Nationals the best guys on stage end up going home empty handed and a dude wins who looks like hes still 4 weeks out because he knew he was going to win and he was actually preparing for his pro debut, it’s disgraceful. It happens in the pro ranks too but the stakes aren’t as high, for example, if Kai Greene should win Olympia but Phil does out of popularity (or whatever), Kai may be discouraged but he’s still getting paid and he’s still going to compete again. Guys at Nationals have real jobs, a lot of the time they use all their vacation time just to be able to show up, and they exhaust their finances and sacrifice time with family in order to train for 3 hours AFTER an 8 hour work day for months – and after all that they get beat by some dude who isn’t even tanned and isn’t even posing hard because he’s already sponsored and he’s already connected. Like I said, disgraceful.

Can you tell us what your protein intake is daily?

If I’m running meal time insulin I do 100g protein per meal, so 700 a day. If I’m not using insulin I keep it at 50g per, meal 350g a day.

What do you think of PCT?

I think PCT is only necessary if you are going to come off for extended periods of time. I think doing blast and cruise cycles is much more effective and safer then coming off completely.

What does an average contract with a supplement company look like?

It really does vary tremendously. A lot of top 5 national guys are getting sponsored before they go pro because the companies want that guy in their pocket for when they do go pro. The theory is if you take a top national guy who works a day job and competes and who may be struggling a bit, companies will typically pay all of that guy’s living expenses and throw an additional few grand a month cash his way and say “Okay bro, train full time for a year without work time or financial stress and we will re-evaluate your contract based off your progress” So those type of contracts are usually under $100,000 per year but close to it. Once you go pro it depends how popular you are when you get your card, if you are a complete beast and companies know that you are marketable you may be lucky enough to have several companies “fighting” over you a bidding war then the numbers can climb quick. In short, it really ranges, if you are an Olympia athlete then you’re talking huge bucks, Kai, Jay, Phil, Wolf are all in the high 6 figures class, closer to 7 figures. Lower level guys usually I’d say $200k to $300k is average after all endorsements.

What was the first cycle you ever ran? Do you recall the compounds, doses, length of time and results?

Shit that brings me back, well the first thing I ever used was Winstrol tabs, I got them off my coach in high school, 5mg tabs at 5 a day, I was 15 and I remember all of a sudden I had abs and my face matured significantly. Next I used a Winstrol and Anavar combo, Var were old school 2mg pills, 10 a day with 5 5mg Winstrol tabs a day, I got extremely ripped and certainly didn’t look like a 16 year old. I was actually fucking girls in their 20’s at this point and going to bars. When I was 17 I did Test Cyp 300mg one shot a week, Dianabol pink pentagons 10mg daily and Deca 300mg one shot a week, my strength and size exploded, I was already strong for my age but I went from benching 250lbs max bench to 315lbs for reps, then I was at 405lbs in no time. I don’t recall my exact weight or body fat as I was more into strength at that point.

How important do you think genetics are in the world of bodybuilding?

Genetics obviously make things easier but there are very, very, very few genetic freaks, actually since Ronnie Coleman retired there are no pro’s on the circuit today who I’d say are genetically blessed. Everyone was extremely average before they began bodybuilding, Phil Heath was a skinny basketball player, Kai Greene was a stripper with no legs, Roelly had no muscle what so ever, Jay Cutler was blessed with a lot of natural size which is great but it’s very difficult for him to get lean (hence the hours of cardio he needs). I have no problem getting ripped, I don’t even need much cardio at all and my abs are ripped year round but the downside is it’s a bitch for be to hold mass, I need to literally eat until I gag. Genetics are great but they are not a substitute for hard work, dedication, and of course a lot of gear. Almost anyone could be a pro if they had the time and drive to constantly eat and train and had the money for proper gear.

Do you personally believe in splitting your GH dose or having most of it in one go?

I began using it twice a day, sometimes 3 and that always seems to work best for me. A lot of guys do a big night time dose during bulking and split it up while cutting, I tried this but wasn’t a fan, I like the split method better.

Out of all of the cycles and blasts you’ve run, what has been your absolute favorite in terms of results and how it made you feel. If you had to run one last cycle basically what would it be and why?

Also, what has been the worst experience so far in your career?

Honestly I feel the best during contest prep while running tons of Prop, Tren, Mast, Var, Halo and Winstrol, I just feel healthier when I’m super lean. If I had to run one last cycle? Damn, honestly I’m so super obsessed with bodybuilding and have been since kindergarten if I had to stop I would truley have no reason to get out of bed. Worst experience was listening to a fucking moron who told me I could mix Winstrol and Test in the same syringe, I still have a scar to this day.

What’s the best way to add size to the arms in my your opinion besides Synthol?

FST-7 and Crazy 8’s.

How important do you think daily water intake is? Also how much do you consume?

Very important, I won’t even train until I have consumed at least 2L, I drink at least 2 gallons a day, I shoot for 3.

What is your opinion of IGF-1 and related peptides?

IGF is awesome if it’s legit, however the production costs for making IGF are usually higher than what it’s currently being sold for, and since no one is in the business of losing money, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

What’s the minimal amount of insulin one could take and benefit from?

Get Humalog or Novalog, it’s instantly released in to the blood stream with no time release as with Humalin R so it’s easier for beginners. Start with just 2 units post workout for 3 days to gauge your tolerance, then increase to 5 units for 5 days, then increase to 5 units pre workout and 5 units post workout for 5 days. Then run insulin with every meal at 2 units per meal and continue with the 5 units pre and post workout for 5 days, lastly meal time insulin 5 units per meal and 7 units pre and post workout for 7 days. After this take 6 weeks of insulin before going again.

What dose of Test Suspension do you recommend and how long does the “rush” last for you?

100mg should be plenty, the rush typically lasts 2 hours for me personally.

Besides blood work what do you do to make sure your health is on point?

Truthfully my blood work always comes up in the normal range with everything, cholesterol, kidney, liver etc. I’ve never had any concerning numbers even when I’ve been on mega doses. I truthfully feel as though I have good genetics that play a huge role in keeping negative health side effects at bay and I do cardio and eat fairly clean year round which I also believe is key for staying healthy.


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