Compounds and Stacking by GHLR3

The following article was written by GHLR3



Testosterone is the BASE of your steroid intake so you should learn to get dialed in with Testosterone first, only then can you start introducing other compounds and get dialed in with them too. Consider Testosterone as your foundation – if we do not build a solid foundation why should we be worried about building a good structure to sit on it?

Compounds which are ‘dry’ and lack aromatisation are generally not very good mass builders unless we introduce E2 – and we do that by setting Testosterone as our base. Not only is this necessary for gaining mass but also keeping primary functions such as libido, mood, and stamina in proper working order. Test is also great base because it is a natural hormone produced by the body, it does not stress the body like other hormones can do and it nourishes muscle cells (cellular hydration), providing an optimal environment for growth.

It is proven that fast esters like Testosterone Propionate stimulate more local androgen receptors and spike higher satellite cell/IGF production – higher than long esters Testosterone Enanthate. Testosterone Suspension spikes those even higher still. Those spikes lead to more muscle growth. It’s all on PubMed and NCBI and bodybuilders have proven this firsthand year after year.

Now as smart athletes, especially when using high doses, we introduce one long ester behind the fast one to get Testosterone sustained serum levels while the fast ester is spiking serums higher on a daily basis, so it’s all covered, having active hormone all day, all week, 24/7. This method can puts athletes on optimal growth and is the reason advanced athletes have multiple esters when rebounding, to break plateaus.

We need Test to enter full force on blood at once, no delays. Increased thickness and a wider look will come. Don’t just consider the AMOUNT of Test per 100mg, but how fast it hits the blood.

  • Testosterone Suspension: 100mg (less than 24 hours half life so less than 12 hours for peak)
  • Testosterone No Ester: 95mg (around the same as Suspension)
  • Testosterone Propionate: 83mg (2 days half life so 1 day for peak)
  • Testosterone Enanthate: 72mg (4-5 days half life so near 2-3 days for peak)

Now exogenous Testosterone will raise on serums. Total Testosterone (bounded) but it’s important we have Free Testosterone Available (unbound). Bound Testosterone, or any androgen/AAS, is inactive and bound by SHBG and has no effect because it cannot merge with receptor sites.

Free Testosterone is the only active form. So reduction of SHBG through other compounds like DHT’s and GH/Insulin is wiser for this effect – Synergy.


I would say most will grow on 250mg-700mg range, but higher doses are used on advanced level. While I tried many doses (up to 3.5 grams) – most advanced athletes will grow well with 1.5 grams – 2 grams max considering synergy of compounds used in stack.

So around 150mg per week will put you in the older man’s maximum reference range. 325mg will put one in maximum reference range of young man in pubertal levels – any higher and we are supra physiological levels. Studies have shown that in 20 weeks 600mg (the highest dose used in a study) was a better dose than lower doses in regard to muscle gain and fat free mass, while health markers were kept in check at acceptable levels.

Relative to changes in body composition, the lowest two doses of Testosterone (25mg and 50mg per week) led to a significant increase in fat mass.

Consider this info when peaking:

  • 125 mg per week lead to no change
  • Fat-free mass  increased by 5.3 KG in the 30 mg group
  • Fat-free mass  increased by 8.5 kg in the 600 mg group
  • SHBG increased only on the 300mg and the 600mg group

None of this parameters were altered:
Creatine, Bilirubin, ALT, AST, etc. with the exception of dose-dependent decreases in
HDL-C that ranged from 10-20% (5-8 mg/dL) and a 9.9% increase in hemoglobin in the 600 mg group (the absolute value of 155.7 g/L was still within normal clinical limits, though).

The data from this study supports: Weekly injections of Testosterone Enanthate result in dose-dependent increases in muscle mass, muscle size, strength, and power but higher doses may impact some health markers. The ratio of total body water to fat-free mass didn’t change in any of the groups, indicating that the increases in fat-free mass were not a result of water retention.

Personally I need 1mg Arimidex for every 200mg of Test.

Nandrolone Decanoate


It was made to be a superior form of Testosterone, just 150mg per week provided more results then 250mg per week of Test Enanthate.

Nandrolone (200mg per week) resulted in body weight increase of 4.9 +/- 1.2 kg in 12 weeks of Nandrolone administration. Test Cypionate (200 mg per week) resulted in body weight increase of 2.3 kg over a period of 12 weeks.

On waisting victims 2mg/lbs of Nandrolone shows to be best dosage, but just like Testosterone, it was trialled up to 600mg per week but I believe athletes can sit at around 250-500mg per week, probably 600mg highest dose of legit pharma grade Nandrolone. I have seen athletes going higher (1 – 1.2 grams) but it doesn’t seem necessary for me and I’m heavy weight athlete. The max I would vouch for would be 800mg and this not for everyone.

I grown a lot on 250mg per week – I was being conservative but I sucessfully built my foundation base on this dose for years.
Strength, body weight and appetite increased weekly and recovery was noticeably faster.

Personally I would need 0.25mg Arimidex for 200mg of Nandrolone. I would look close for Prolactin related issues and Progestional activity as well.

A controlled blood test should be done prior to starting AAS to check your complete hormonal profile and be sure that any changes on profile is from AAS intake and not an underlying issue.

If changes happen with Prolactin, I would recommend:

  • Caber 1mg per week
  • Bromo 2.5mg – 5mg daily

If Estradiol and Prolactin is properly checked, if any progestational activity happens, the use of low dose Winstrol (like 20mg daily) can be a helpful tool. If Nandrolone is not well tolerated by you, it must be dropped and replaced for other anabolic options.

As a standalone compound it would be perfect as a mass builder with less negative changes on health markers if it did not suppress Testosterone that is needed to keep primary functions. So for this reason I would still pick Testosterone if I had to pick just one compound. TESTOSTERONE and NANDROLONE is the best stack to build a foundation with the addition of DHT and HGH for leverage.



This compound was made to be an anabolic mass builder and may be the top oral although the weight and body-composition changes may demonstrate an anabolic action of Methandienone in men, they may alternatively have been caused by an increase in intracellular fluid, and the question of anabolic action therefore remains open.

On study – The dose of Methandienone was 100mg per day for 6 weeks. Body weight and composition, muscular strength and performance, and indices of endocrine function were studied.

While it decreased plasma Testosterone to about 40% of its normal value, plasma GH went up about a third.

The subjects gained weight – almost fat free mass (mean 3·3 kg ± 0·6 kg) and accumulated a disproportionately large amount of potassium (420±68 mmol). Gains on nitrogen retention (255 +/- 69 g) were too large in proportion to the weight gain
for this to be attributed to gain of normal muscle or other lean tissue, and imply gain of nitrogen-rich, phosphate-poor substance.

Although this action of Methandienone might be described as anabolic, the weight gain produced is not normal muscle.
The muscles increased in size. Strength and performance improved over each training period, but not significantly differently on drug and placebo.

Dianabol gains does not seems to be dose related because on another study, with just 20mg daily for 4 weeks, gains were 2.26 KG. On another Study – Dianabol at a dose of 5mg/25lbs, demonstrated distinct cortisol suppression qualities. 50-70% was the amount supressed during study at the given dosage.

Another great feature of this compound is the ability not only to increase protein synthesis but also the glycogenolysis. Dianabol seems to be easier on the liver than Oxymetholone. The deactivation of Dianabol on liver, spikes IGF1 production just like other orals.

Personally I would stick with 5mg/lbs dose to have maximum benefits with the least sides.



On a 12 week Study, 2 groups were made with different dosages; 50mg daily – that had gained 2.9 KG, similar gains to 200mg per week for 12 weeks Test Cyp study. 100mg daily, with gains as high as 5.4 KG, similar gains to the 300mg per week for 20 weeks of Test Enanthate study – this weight seemed to be associated more with water retention.

But consider that this compound was created mainly for Anemia purposes and to promote weight gain. Therapeutical doses vary from 1 to 5mg per KG of body weight so supra physiological doses would be higher than that.

I have tried doses as high as 300mg daily and this made me literally blow up with size. I was on carb Cycling (200-400 grams) – caloric defic diet and with 235lbs under 150mg Of Oxymetholone, I decided to make a trial and double the dose to 300mg and, weight got up from 235 to 240 in less than 5 days!

I looked leaner, dry and more vascular with 150mg but when I got up to 300mg I was still leaner, more thicker and tight, tiny veins were lost but the main veins became bigger like garden hoses. A few more days and body composition changed and I started getting a very wet look even with diet manipulation and body weight getting back to 235lbs, condition was lost at this dose.

On another trial of mine, on a bulk phase I had progressively increased Oxymetholone from 150mg to 300mg too. Even on a bulk I noticed the 1st impact of Oxymetholone to be a drying yet thickning effect but with time it become a wet look that I mainly atribute to Progestational activity/aromatisation and personal response.

Look wise I would vouch for short intake of 100-150mg max, need to be under 6% – better to be around 4%. Competition wise I think is a compound that may need Dyazide and proper management of AI alongside hardners like Tren Ace or for those who drop injections, Winstrol tabs and Halotestin without a doubt.

Performance wise I would not use it often if at all but if I do, I see not additional benefits past 200mg daily.



The British Medical Journal reported a surprising and provocative finding that strongly hints for the first time that an anabolic steroid can increase the size of one type of muscle fiber (Type I), even without training!

Miligram for miligram, I would say that Winstrol is superior lean mass builder than Dianabol or Oxymetholone even solo but enhanced when stacked with Testosterone! Also, it was much milder on the liver than Dianabol or Anadrol.

On animals, stanozolol increased nitrogen retention from 29.2 +/- 8.2% to 50.3 +/- 9.2%.

O’Shea has proven in ’74 the gain of lean body weight on humans (experienced weight lifters with 1 yearof lifting experience) of
+-2.8 KG in 5weeks of use with daily dosage of 8mg/day. And this gain was fat free mass without any signficant changes in water retention.

This is a very good finding, because only 2 years later Hervey had shown a gain +-3.3 KG with a daily dosage of 100mg of Dianabol for 6 weeks.

Although other studies had proven that this high dose was not needed for a dose/result benefits because Stanford had studies with Dianabol with a lower dose (20mg daily for 4 weeks) with experienced weighlifters (+ 2 years of lifting) showed gains of 2.26 KG.

Winstrol increased protein synthesis on two levels. First as an anabolic steroid and second as potent oral IGF-1 stimulator.

Another plus is it’s structural similarity to progesterone. This means it was noted to bind with progesterone receptors and yet inhibit progesterone’s effects wich is great specially if stacking with Nandro/Tren and even Oxy.

Winstrol strongly suppresses levels of SHBG with studies that would confirm it (48% reduction on shbg after 3 days of use at a dosage of 0.2mg/kg of Bodyweight – KG not LBS).

This allow one to use more of other hormones since it’s now on unbounded state.



Like I mentioned, Nandrolone was made to be superior form of Testosterone in regard to muscle building properties but Trenbolone was made to be superior form of Nandrolone!

It was made for cachexia – reverse muscle waisting and increasing lean muscle mass on healthy individuals through IGF/satellite cell and inhibiting glucorticoid – cortisol like no other. Not to mention it’s binding afinity with androgen receptors that enable the hormone to send this message perfectly to the body – again just lack in E2 for the magic happen.

Now while all compounds lack in some aspect, a wise stack will cover the lagging aspects of each compound!

In old studies are references that 228mg of Trenbolone had provided more lean bodyweight than 600mg of Testosterone – 8.5 kg (water retention was not considered on body weight gains and most retention of gains post discontinuance).

At least before Estrogen levels start to drop (when used solo), because once Trenbolone starts effecting HPTA and reducing Testosterone levels, the Estrogen levels also Drop (Trenbolone and high Estrogen readings is false, I had lab tested it), and at this point Trenbolone starts loosing it’s muscle building properties.

(So here, at this point of hormonal response as counter measure, if I had to pick one compound, Testosterone would become the better choice as a mass builder).

Which lead to a second study years later, but since human use was discontinuated, (most studies are 1960-1999) the study was continued on animals and it shows that in presence of Estradiol the Trenbolone muscle building properties start to shine again so they start making preparations of 200mg Trenbolone + 20mg Estradiol.

Hands on, bodybuilders stacked Trenbolone with Testosterone to have enough Estrogen floating around and the magic happened.

150-200mg of Testosterone + 228mg of Trenbolone was enough for desired result.

So on 1776 Animals they had made a Trial during 105-133days
(Texas/ Idaho/ Colorado/ Nebrasca)
to check about Trenbolone + Estradiol and daily gain on lbs and the result was:

  • Control – 3.35lbs
  • 30mg E2 – 371lbs
  • 300mg Tren Ace – 3.53lbs
  • 100mg Tren Ace + 10mg E2 – 3.93lbs
  • 200mg Tren Ace + 20mg E2 – 4.14lbs
  • 300mg Tren Ace + 30mg E2 – 4.19lbs

So they choose 200mg Trenbolone Acetate + 20mg E2 as “best combo” to increase lean muscle/weight gain. Notice that the presence of E2 brings more results than when Tren Ace was used solo at higher dose of 300mg!

In a study using 2mg/KG/day of Trenbolone Acetate during 6 weeks (on animals):

  • Fat mass decreased by 37±6%
  • Lean mass increased by 11±4%

but I found this % not applicable on humans Without the presence of others compounds like high dose of GH, insulin and Testosterone. HDL and LDL were reduced, 57% and 78% respectively. There was no evidence on Liver being effected during this trial.

Tren is proven to produces anabolic responses and its related to the direct activation of tissue-specific AR mediated signaling pathways, alterations in endogenous growth factors, and reductions in glucocorticoid activity; although, future research is warranted in order to fully elucidate these and other mechanisms. The potent lipolytic effects of Trenbolone are intriguing (probably related for high affinity with AR) as it may have clinical potential as a pharmacological agent to reduce central adiposity and its associated health decrements (Steroids 75 – 2010).

Julio A Vida and Los Angeles UCLAF have great studies with humans as well. Negma France had some research showing that
after 10 days of front load of 228mg of Parabolan, followed for 76mg every 10th day was more effective for wasting syndrome then 150-200mg of Nandrolone for the same effect. Unfortunally because high related association for Trenbolone with off label use (sports) the company chose to discontinuated this item.

If it was an athlete weighing 100kg (220lbs) – dose would be 200mg/ed (1400mg/wk) for 6weeks. Personally I can see most growing on 200mg-400mg per week. Some advanced, heavy athletes with good response can use it at a higher dose like 400-800mg per week max and this is top competitors in IFBB.

Higher doses than this are just for very specific type of stacks (High HGH/Slin and Test) and with very specific needs from athletes.



There are few studies with animals showing 2 months protocols with dosing around 4.4 – 8.8mg/KG. In one more detailed specific study in Egypt (regular use of Eq around there) with bull calves, during 8 weeks they measured 200mg per week and 400mg per week + control group.

Inital weight being +- 171 kg.

Final body weight:

  • +-406kg Ctrl
  • +-440kg 200mg/wk
  • +-497kg 400mg/wk

Now while on Central America they claims Boldenone to not have hepa-toxic levels, on this Egyptian Study Liver enzymes had increased to:


  • – 22(u/l) 45(u/l) Ctrl
  • – 36 66 200mg
  • – 46 76 400mg

(* It was intriguing to see that I got 43/69. After a while without touching orals and being just under 750mg Test/1000mg Eq but it was not conclusive enough for me because it can be from orals I had run without cleansing my liver a couple of months earlier so I would need to reset variables and measure again).

Creatine from:

  • 0.5(mg/dl) to
  • 1.30 and
  • 1.38 respectively

Not to mention the strange hyperproteinuria as result of intake, but this toxicological effects seems to differ if the compound is administered on birds (lower) or on mammals (higher) but no studies on humans were found in regard this subject but from here one is able to concluded that effects are specie related due unknown pathways.

Funny fact of Boldenone and liver alterations it’s even not being a methylated / 17AA, it was created in attempt to recreate a less harmful and injectable version of Dianabol (that is liver toxic).

On horses there is interesting studies on growing animals were they had the concern to follow protein intake recomendations from National Concil – 3.8gr/kg – 1.73/lbs. Funny fact its that this intake is near the Human Ptor of 1.81gr protein/lbs).

  • Control – – 4.22kg
  • 0.275mg/e2wk of Boldenone – + 0.73kg
  • 1.10mg/e2wk of Boldenone – + 6.50kg

Nitrogen retention increased on 1st injection but stalled after that. It is most likely that under these circumstances had been established a new and higher baseline of nitrogen equilibrium after the first treatment and the amount of dietary protein was not adequate to cause further increase in nitrogen retention after the second injection.

Boldenone Anxiety and Libido: Most have anxiety and libido affected cause do not have estrogen at optimal levels not because of Bold per se. Estrogen is the most mood/behavior changer, if high androgenic but with estrogen under control, sides as anxiety, libido and others are out. Usually Eq raises E2 more then most thought. It is not much but is enough to raise E2 a step higher than optimal levels and Athlete will start feeling low libido and anxious too. If E2 gets too high, libido will drop out completely and it will be difficult to get an erection.

I would need 0.5mg Arimidex for each 200mg of Eq.

Personally I feel Eq is a polishing compound with doses being around 800-1000mg per week and even here it shows poor muscle building properties but aesthetics on skin texture/thinner effect/increased vascular look.

Skin gets more radiant and glows with a rubbery elastic effect, kind of like velvet shining and skin looks shrink wrapped around the muscle surface that I believe that came from slight changes on body composition that Eq provides.

It can be a filler too, it can provide a little layer of water in the right places. This provides a very round look in a lean physique.


buy steroids

M-Tren binds so strongly to the AR (androgen receptor) that it is often used in studies on other androgens to measure how strongly they bind. In other words, this stuff binds on to the AR receptor so strongly that it is pretty much the bench mark for quality.

M-Tren is a progestin, and binds shockingly well to the progesterone receptor, it’s highly resistant to SHBG wich makes it totally available and highly active on the blood, in fact its the most resistant hormone to SHBG there is.

500-750mcg dose was found to be relatively safe and roughly as effective as 150-225mg of Trenbolone Acetate. Methyl Tren, even with the strong binding to progestin seems to be a drier version of Tren. More veins and hardness and full/ but not quite as full as Tren.

Unlike Tren Ace that gives a very thin layer of water that is attributed to progestins and effects on minerals and that effects stage ready individuals, M-Tren provides a different fullness that I attribute to how it literally sucks every drop of water and carbs in to the muscle. Methyl Tren’s look is dramatically seen in your face, Halo does it too, only when you are totally peeled and low body fat.

I attribute this feature on M-Tren due to it’s strong androgen affinity – it is the strongest compound in regard this effect. Strangely, even though Halotestin scores high androgenic factor on paper, in reality it has poor androgen afinity, so the diference on effect may reside here.

When compared to Halo, I notice Methyl Tren being slightly better on focus, strength and aggression. I should say that M-Tren make my focus VERY intense, kind of like Ephedrine’s focus/intensity. Also a lot of extra hardness in just 2-3 days – dramatic changes.

I have personally used (abused) up to 2mg daily of M-Tren and I was amazed! This would be icing on the cake for last couple of weeks of prep and I would not use it for other bodybuilding purposes.



Halotestin is the greatest cortisol blocker and this is very welcome feature in the last weeks of prep when adrenals are screaming badly and we are stressed with higher cortisol levels that lead us to enter a catabolic state and even negatively effects body composition.

From here, the more you want to shred fat, seems one just get lighter on scale but free fat mass and fat mass ratio remains the same. Halotestin fits well here, the last 4 weeks of prep when several factors are adjusted for us to be at our best but the body seems to not really like to be under 6% so it fights badly against us.

The result shows in a lean phsyique only, and I mean really lean, a totally striated body with a grainy, thiner skin. We get very dense, but not less 3-dimensional look.

In therapeutical recomendations, men go from 5-20mg daily and womens go up up to 40mg daily. While many see this compound shining at lower doses like 25-35mg daily, and it fits for most – I only see it beyond 40mg daily. I may start at 50mg daily gor the last 4 weeks blast 80mg daily for the last few days.

A plus would be a positive effect on libido, especially if used in combination with Proviron.


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