DNP Results – Before and After Pictures (18 Days)

The following log was written by prince_disney from r/steroids, the original post can be found here


18 days – February 18th until March 13th.


375mg per day. Crystal DNP. Split in to 3 daily 125mg doses.


6’0″ – starting weight was around 188lbs.

Additional Drugs

  • 150mg Testosterone Enanthate per week
  • 50mg Anavar daily
  • 4mg Albuterol daily
  • 10mg Yohimbine daily
  • 25mg Ephedrine daily
  • 300mg Caffeine daily
  • 100mcg Mod-GRF & Ipamorelin 3 times daily


  • NAC
  • Vitamin C
  • Fish oil
  • Flax seed oil
  • Vitamin E
  • NOW Super Enzymes
  • Cranberry extract
  • Low-sodium V8 (1 can per day)
  • Taurine
  • Multivitamin


  • Meal 1: 4oz chicken breast, 1.5oz mixed nuts, 1 cup egg whites, veggies (sautéed kale, spinach, peppers, and onions)
  • Meal 2: 5oz tri-tip steak, 2 table spoons peanut butter, 1 cup egg whites, veggies (sautéed mushrooms & spinach for one, green beans for the other)
  • Meal 3: 4oz chicken breast, 1.5oz mixed nuts, 1 cup egg whites, veggies (sautéed kale, spinach, peppers, and onions)
  • Meal 4: 5oz tri-tip steak, 2 table spoons peanut butter, 1 cup egg whites, veggies (sautéed mushrooms & spinach for one, green beans for the other)

Obviously this excludes carb refeeds, but on those days I sometimes eat the same meat/egg white/veggie portions and simply sub the nuts/pb out for a carb source of approximately the same caloric value. Daily calories are 2,100 (236P, 53C, 100F).


Fasted LISS cardio every morning for 40 minutes (incline @ 15, speed set to 3, no holding the rails). Lifting in the afternoon 5 days/week.

Current Split

  • Chest & Rows
  • Legs & Abs
  • Shoulders & Lats & Arms
  • Rest
  • Chest & Rows
  • Legs & Abs
  • Rest

On alternate weeks, I switch the order of the two upper body days, so one week I’ll hit Chest & Rows twice, and one week I’ll hit Shoulders & Lats & Arms twice. I spend about 2 hrs in the gym each day, and time my rests at 1 minute each (2 minutes for squats, dead lifts and hip thrusts).


This is my second DNP cycle. First was 500mg/day of powder for 11 days. I ran this during the summer in an apartment with no AC, so cut me some slack for quitting early (plan was 14 days). During that time I got pretty lean (I was already @ ~11% via cutting for 2 months on Test & Tren @ 500/500). Pics of before and after (respectively) my first DNP run .



As you can see, the progress was not anything I couldn’t have achieved through another month of smarter/more disciplined dieting. At the time my diet was not as dialed in as it is now (though I was still prepping and weighing out my food, just cheating liberally). I binged for the last 4 days of that run – still losing weight, but obviously cutting myself short. Lesson learned. After that cycle, I bulked up to 215 on Test/Deca/Mast (400/600/600) for 20 weeks, added Tren (500) during week 10 to help lean out (ran for 15 weeks, so blast was 25 weeks in total), and began cutting just on a cruise dose of Test.



I have since been cutting for just under 3 months with no other drugs besides Albuterol & Yohimbine in the mornings pre fasted cardio, Ephedrine & Yohimbine pre workout, and the GH peptides listed above. I’ve tapered my calories down slowly, and am currently at 2,100 (lowest I will go). As of this week, and for the duration of the DNP run, I’ll be eating zero carbs (save for fiber in veggies/nuts) for 3 days, followed by a carb refeed day at the same or only slightly higher calories. I am testing the “low-carb = low-heat” theory that I see many people claim.



Please note, for my ego’s sake, that I’m already very depleted from the keto style eating, not to mention just from the hard dieting for the last 3 months.

Day 3

First signs of heat today. On Mondays I work near an oven, so some sweating could be that. Also my first carb refeed day – I ate my usual breakfast (only protein, carbs, and veggies) but added some carbs in place of the fats for meal 2 (just two pieces of whole wheat bread). Binged a tiny bit pre-workout on two pieces of caramel, three girlscout cookies, and 1 serving of yellow raisins (excuse was carb “load” for the workout, but really just a moment of weakness lol). Ended the day with my usual meals minus the fats and replaced by two small bowls of ice cream, two servings of kettle corn, and one pack of Top Ramen noodles lmao – conservative estimate of daily cals is 2,800, with no more than 3,000.

Day 4

Doctors appointment this morning (physical so I can renew Albuterol script & request some bloods), went after cardio & first meal. Weighed 187lbs w/clothes by the nurse. The depletion is real – I’m convinced glycogen stores are as low as they can possibly get. Today I subbed my last cup of egg whites out for a can of tuna with 1tbsp dill relish and 1tbsp low-fat mayo mixed in – we’ll call the cals even lol. Cravings are mostly non-existent during the day thanks to keto, but at night I find myself very hungry for really anything. What’s cool though is by the time I wake up in the morning, I’m actually not hungry anymore, so I can hit the fasted cardio no problem. Heat is noticeable, but nowhere near what it’s like on 500mg/day while eating carbs. It comes and goes in waves, usually timed after each dose of DNP (biggest spikes) and 30min-1hr after a meal (smaller spikes, but enough to sweat a bit).

Day 6

Carb refeed day. This morning was glorious – instead of fasted cardio I woke up, took my drugs (except the var & DNP) and headed down the street to get blood drawn for a liver & lipid panel (didn’t add the lipids to my last round of cruising bloods since it’s free through my GP). Went home, popped the var & DNP, and made breakfast with the gf. We did waffles using 2 parts Quest baking protein powder & one part Bob’s Red Mill pancake & waffle mix. T’was fucking rad. Macros came out to ~40g protein, ~12g carbs, and ~8g fat per waffle (I had 2.5, gf had one lol). Didn’t keep super careful track of cals/macros today, hit a max of 3,200. I was hoping for less cals today, so I’m thinking it might be wise to drop number of cheat/carb days to 1 per week, as I clearly am bad at tempering myself once the cheating begins (ate two pints of Halo Top icecream, two animal style double-doubles from In-N-Out, and a few bites of my gf’s bundt cake at night, along with some chicken, egg whites, & steak spaced out). The physique changes are noticeable on a daily basis. Veins in my lats are starting to connect with veins in my lower obliques, and I’m seeing outlines of veins in my quads for the first time!



Day 7

Back to normal diet, no hunger issues. Woke up feeling a bit bloated with water from yesterday, but still looking/feeling lean. Going to keep the updates less frequent unless anything of importance happens.

Day 10

Had a test today, and my brain power has been shit lately. I attribute it to the lack of carbs (though general negative energy balance probably plays a role), so I switched my fats with carbs of relatively equivalent caloric value for my two middle meals, as well as skipped the gym (I usually hit legs right before class and am exhausted). Still within 100 cals of my daily goal, so we’ll call it a win.

Day 11

Hadn’t thought to mention this yet, but sex drive has been pretty low lately. I can get it up just fine (especially w/ the Cialis), but the desire just isn’t really there. If the gf gets things going for me I get into it eventually, but it’s definitely a switch from the higher drive that I’m used to. Feels similar to crashed e2. Physique-wise, ab veins are coming out to play.



Day 12

Felt like ass today in the gym, running on fumes. Next carb day is tomorrow; besides the change on Tuesday (day 10), I haven’t had a refeed since last Friday (day 6). Stoked for tomorrow.



Day 13

Refeeeed! Morning was basically same as last week; protein waffles (this time added chocolate chips, whoops). Two pints of Halo Top ice cream pre/post gym (slightly lower cal ones than last week), two slices of pizza, and more In-N-Out.


Day 14

There is a fucking rhubarb pie staring at me in the kitchen, and I am not happy about it.

Day 15

It’s getting hotter here in northern California, which is not great timing. I love this weather but man is it killing me. Sweaty all day unless there’s air conditioning.


Day 18

I’ve been feeling a little sick all day, if it’s worse tomorrow I’ll probably drop. The last thing I’d want to be while sick is in a huge deficit to where my body doesn’t have the energy to fight the virus, especially with DNP stacked on top of that.

Day 19

(First day off). Woke up feeling way more sick. Still being stubborn and saying it might be allergies, but I skipped cardio & the gym (my throat was so sore & swollen this morning I had to spend my first 15 minutes awake gargling hot salt water). Dropping the DNP today (3 days ahead of schedule), but will continue with the var until I’m filled back up & ready to transition back to a blast because why not?

Day 21

So it turns out it was just allergies.. I wake up with a deathly sore throat every morning, but after an hour or so it’s gone and I can go about my day. Oh well, better safe than sorry. I’m dropping what little subcutaneous water I still had. I haven’t seriously carbed up yet though, so still feeling small as fuck. Got my food plan dialed in for the reverse diet (by way of coach); subbed out the fats in my post workout meal for an approximate equivalent in carbs (10oz white rice/sweet potato), plus an additional ~30 grams of carbs drank intra workout (daily cals are about the same as before still). I’ve dropped morning cardio sessions to 20 min every morning (will stick with this for duration of the next bulk), and am going to increase cals by 5% each week by adding carbs (this is as dictated by coach – obviously I want to increase faster, but I also wanna stay lean so I’ll probably have to just suck it up and wait it out).

Final Notes

All in all, I’m beyond satisfied with the results here. People at the gym tell me they don’t even recognize me any more (my face leaned out a ton – my gf and mom have even commented that I look almost like a different person), I’ve had several asking me when I’m competing (HAH maybe when I’m 10lbs heavier), and I just feel overall good about myself. I’m happy with how I utilized DNP this time, and will never again even think about using it unless I’m already on the edge of single digit bodyfat – it was just too easy to drop from a bloofy mess to ~10% through only diet, training, and cardio to merit the addition of a potentially dangerous drug. For this purpose though, it was invaluable – there was no level of stubbornness that could protect the bodyfat. I hope this log has been informative and of general entertainment to you guys.

Buying DNP

I use – they stock DNP. Shipping to the UK usually takes 1-2 days and they do ship internationally too. Just send them an email explaining that you got their email address from this website and ask for a price list and they will send over a full list of products and prices.

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