Q&A with Rearden Metal

The following questions were answered by Rearden Metal from Blast and Cruise


How stupid would it be to try bringing weak parts while cutting/recomping? Can it be done successfully?

Absolutely. Structure weaker body parts on their own days occurring on or the day after a higher calorie/surplus day. To get more advanced, structure insulin use and food around training that body part. If you’re not excessively eating during this period, you’re not slowing down fat loss (at least not appreciably) and you’re forcibly pushing nutrients into the muscle when it’s needed most.

It should also be noted that many people experience growth for a period of time in a deficit. Usually for me 6-8 weeks out I start getting harder and bigger while not losing weight. Someone with more scientific knowledge could probably prove this, but I believe it’s a protein synthesis up-regulation. Your body becomes very efficient/good at using protein, and so tissue waste is minimized and protein use is maximized.

Is there something you feel is always good to do when peaking for a show? Aka electrolyte manipulation, water manipulation, macro manipulation, or do you feel it’s completely different each time?

I feel peaking is different a lot of the time, but there are some definite no no’s. Like don’t drop sodium or water when on Aldactone. There’s a bunch of things I wouldn’t do, mostly diuretic related.

What do you think about AIs going into a show dosing wise?

AI’s are dependent on the person, I used to dose them quite high but have backed off. Usually 1.25mg Letrozole EOD is more than enough for most people. Sometimes ED. Off-season I prefer Aromasin and/or Raloxifene but sometimes it’s necessary to use Arimidex or Letrozole for tough cases. I actually try not to use these at all for as long as possible, in most cases. I do like using mast and feel it has a host of benefits from estrogen control to raising free test levels.

Diuretics of choice?

Honestly I think I like Lasix the best. Aldactone is cool if you control it well, but most people don’t and come in flat. I certainly fucked it up on myself a few times.

Is GH worth the money and if on a budget what would you suggest to still be effective?

Yes I think it’s worth the money, but that’s relative to people’s goals and how badly they need the money.

Thoughts on Metformin to help stay leaner during a bulk?

Metformin is a very interesting drug, that seems to have a host of benefits. I’ve used it both off-season and pre-contest with people. I’m not sold that it keeps people noticeably leaner necessarily, but that it does seem to help with glucose disposal. Some people need insulin to drive down BG from high food intake and GH, and I don’t advise combining Metformin and insulin without a very thorough understanding of your body.

Do you deload? How necessary do you think they are and how often should they be done?

Yes, I have my people go through deload phases which are typically every 10-16 weeks depending on their bodies/age/workload. The deload can be as short as 2 weeks or as long as 6. More often I try to switch gears with training to change stimulus but I’m pretty good about seeing when people’s bodies are tiring and pulling them back.

Do you or any of your clients have experience training twice a day and your thoughts on it?

Yes I have a few able to do it. I personally never have time for it and most people’s schedules don’t work for it.

The guy I have doing it in prep right now is eating 600+g carbs a day (balanced pro/fat) and is shedding fat really fast. He’s actually complaining it’s too easy. I’ll post his split.

Day 1 – AM Chest, PM Arms, 12 min HIIT cardio
Day 2 – AM 20 min LISS cardio, Mid day Quads
Day 3 – Abs, calves, whole body stretching, posing, 45 min MISS cardio
Day 4 – AM Back, PM Shoulders/Traps, 12 min HIIT cardio
Day 5 – Mid day Hamstrings/Glutes, 30 min MISS cardio
Day 6 – Abs, calves, whole body stretching, posing 45 min MISS cardio

How lean do you think it’s best to stay during growth periods and is it person (their “comfortable” body fat) dependent or is it just food manipulation?

I want visible abs, and although I don’t think BF estimates are accurate I would say IF one competes at 4-5% that 12% is about the limit.

How do you like to go about keeping leaner (to elaborate on your response saying that people get too fat/insulin resistant and stop growing – it’s happened to me every single time) or maybe even a better question would be; how do you go about having the most successful growth/improvement period?

I watch blood glucose readings and ask for 7 day average glucose on blood tests. That’s the most solid indicator of sensitivity. There are several methods of re-sensitizing: drop carbs/kcals, increase/add cardio, use insulin, Metformin or a GDA. I’ve found that Trestelone has lowered BG in a number of people. I have some protocols for drug use that I think speeds it up.

How do you go about progressing total doses and adding/switching/dropping compounds?

Everyone is individual. I use the min useful dose and add, when encountering a problem I will change gears or back off. Not the best answer but basically if all nutrition and training are on point then the gear doesn’t have to be really high.

If someone is growing and over a couple of weeks they gain more fat than desired and start looking softer, do you just simply pull back on the calories until they are tighter and then resume?

Yeah I basically push until I’m seeing that the added weight isn’t translating both visually and with training output. Often reducing food and changing things up results in added energy (not sluggish from food). So I’m just attempting to keep things rolling and productive.

What do you look for as a good hint whether protein should go up or down?

Protein requirements are a tough one. If someone is dry looking but stagnant I’ll increase. If they’re fluffy I’ll back off of all macros somewhat usually.

Thoughts on DoggCrapp training style?

Never saw anyone who wasn’t physically elite grow much of a physique on it really. David Henry was always a freak. That JP guy is a total freak and trains like Dorian if Dorian put another 10% on the bar and couldn’t control it. I’m just waiting for something to blast off his body and hit the wall.

I agree with some of the stuff Dante does but overall find him to be just a dude marketing himself like a lot of others. Also he’s fat, not really big. If he dieted he wouldn’t be able to compete well regionally even IMO. The whole let’s make a powder with elderberry, oats and aloe, rinse our beef out and take 75mg test per week while pushing the log book at rack pulls and adductor movements is just all a little bit LOL to me.

Do you utilize mini diets during a bulk? If so, what signs do you look for to signal it is time to start a mini diet? What are your goals for this protocol? How would you end the mini diet (i.e. just drop cardio and/or increase calories to pre-mini diet amount, etc.)?

I never really think about it as a diet, but yeah. I think that if they’re occurring too often, it’s likely that the subject is eating too much during grow phases. But yes, I’ll adjust down and my goal is to get to a lean state where a surplus has the correct effect on the body.

I just as likely would do drug changes with some small macro manipulation + added cardio before really dropping kcals.

If I am doing a long Primo run around 350mg/week with Test and GH how long should I run Var? Beginning, middle, end or duration? And can I switch to Winny? Or add it in? Don’t want the liver to get out of whack. I have always had high bilirubin levels and never touched the gear before.

Typically don’t worry about the liver with Anavar. I would run it in the middle and winny at the end of the cycle. But that’s with healthy liver function. If you have a fatty liver, liver disease or other condition I’d skip the orals (maybe Anavar still okay).

What do you think of people who advocate changing Test esters to avoid adaptation? especially while blasting, for example If I recall right Palumbo in his bulking blast said he would do 6 weeks Sustanon, 6 weeks test Enanthate and switch to Test Cypionate the last 6 weeks. I know lots of people doing that, switching test esters every 6 to 10 weeks, do you think it’s beneficial? or broscience at it’s best?

I’m not even sure what I think, except that if you’re using Sustanon that’s 4 esters, why would you need to change to 1 ester then another 1 ester etc. I haven’t seen any evidence that it matters. I run people on Sustanon right in to shows.

What’s your favorite hormone overall and why? If you’ve had a few because of changes in how your body reacts then I’d like to know both.

1. Testosterone – People want to talk about the exotics but testosterone alone provides a host of benefits. Growth, general mood increase (with healthy/high levels), libido.
2. Masteron – I respond really well to dht drugs and adding mast to test raises my free test, keeps me dry without need for AI. Bloods come out fine. Cosmetically I see the difference easily.
3. Winstrol – I get a sinewy, dry and popping muscle look from Winny that I love.
4. Halo – Grainy hardness and fucking awesome strength that I love to incorporate both offseason or precontest.
5. GH – Fat burn, volume to muscle, more healthy overall appearance and recovery speeds up.

What are your thoughts of timing carb intake around pre, intra and post workout periods during the off season?

Firstly, the proper amount of calories is important. We don’t need to be maintaining weight but we also don’t want to be gaining fat at a faster rate than desirable.

Next, I do believe that you want to eat for the work you’re ABOUT to do. It’s important to be fueled for grueling, and I do mean grueling training. This is where peri workout works very well, being that you CAN be in a deficit but place your food in a way that you’ll be fueled to train very hard.

So I think it’s MORE useful in a deficit to do this than in a surplus, but that to a degree it’s useful at all times. Not to get super deep into the science of it but our bodies circulate 80% of our blood in our muscles during training so it makes sense to have your nutrients available at that time. We make much more efficient use of food/carbs during and after training than any other time.

That said, there are several factors that one would also need to consider. 1. Metabolism. 2. Goals. 3. Blood Glucose levels which can be tied to 4. Hydration 5. Body type 6. Work/life schedule.

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