IFBB Pro Discusses Steroid Cycles and Dosages

Where do IFBB pros get the majority of their gear from? Is it underground labs US/Europe, US pharmacy grade, European/Asian pharmacy grade, Mexican pharmacy, or hell are there even guys buying bulk powders from china and making their own stuff?

It depends on how much money you have. I’ll go with the three main types of pros:

  1. Poor Pro: The pro depends off of handouts and UGL gear. Juice handouts. I bet that sounds weird to you guys, huh? Not to pro. Wherever I go in the world, someone wants to give me juice. Seriously. This isn’t that strange, and it reminds me of something Brad Pitt or some other movie star said, “When I was poor no one wanted to give me anything, and now that I can afford anything I want, people line up to give me free shit.” How that applies to bbing is that when I was small, I got ripped off. $125 for 10ml of tren. Now that I’m the biggest guy in practically any gym in the world, people line up to give me gear. I got an interesting story about David Jacobs. Look him up if the name isn’t familiar. This guys ended up killing himself and his IFBB ex gf, but before all that he was a huge juice dealer, and would literally GIVE AWAY $$$$$$ of juice to any pro. He gave Quincy Taylor like 20 kits and 100 bottles one time. Ask QT. I mean, why do you think Branch and all the other guys loved to hang around him. His personality sucked. and he was a weirdo.
  2. The Pro with contracts: Pharma gear from other countries & AID patients. When you have a little more money you opt for pharma grade. The UGL is so misdosed and suspicious that who wants it unless they have no other option? Bodybuilding is more popular OUTSIDE of America. Fans from other countries will send you shit, and other competitive bbers from other countries will send you shit. I have been at expos in other countries (FIBO especially) where steroid salesman hand out cards and walk around the expo with briefcases full of their wares to show off. AIDS patients get more HGH and gear than they need. Serostim is given to these guys like it’s nothing and there is NO WAY that anyone that’s not a bodybuilder wants to take 18ius of real HGH. It’s crazy uncomfortable. The numbness alone would deter almost any sane person.
  3. The Rich Bodybuilder (aka Phil/Jay/etc): This is the rarest of rare type of bber. Most of these I meet AREN’T pros! Lol. Seriously. The guys who can afford anything have rich parents or a real job type job. These guys see doctors here in the states. If you go to the right doctor, and have serious funds, you can get anything you want.

I’d be interested in your typical cycles/dosages?

I am on 10 months a year. I take 2 off every year, and I hate those 2 months, but I feel like I have to.

In the offseason, for around 5 months a year, I take just test, HGH, and Insulin. I generally take around 2g a week of test, but when I get lazy it’ll go down to 1200mg. 6ml or 2 shots. I take 6ius per day of PHARMA hgh, and I vary from 10ius of insulin up to 30ius. Oh yeah, and .5mg of arimidex EOD.

In prep mode I go heavier. I would say I am a mid-dose pro, but some might say I am high. I dunno, and I don’t care. I switch compounds every four weeks, but 4 weeks might look like this:

  • Test Cyp 1400mg
  • Eq 1000mg
  • Tren Ace 75mg ED
  • Winstrol 50mg ED
  • Anavar 50mg ED
  • Proviron 100mg ED
  • 10ius of HGH
  • Clen
  • T3 50-75mcg (as high as I go)
  • IGF1LR3 100mcg PWO
  • 1.5mg Arimidex ED

There you go. That’ll mostly change every four weeks.

Is G4P a common consideration for people supporting their habit in the NPC/IFBB or is that common rumor that just got out of hand?

G4P to me means sucking dick or some other gay act. If that’s what you meant, I’d say it’s very very rare in the pro ranks. There are a few guys out there that may do some dancing or posing, but is dancing or posing for a dude G4P? It’s disgusting, but I don’t think it’s gay. Now if we are talking in really broad term, like taking pictures that are aimed to the gay community, I would say many many pros have taken such pictures.

So gay-ish for pay = many (50%+)

Actual gay act = rare (>5%)

Keep in mind I am talking about IFBB pros, and this is only my opinion. I don’t go around asking the guys I compete with if they do G4P.

For those 2 months are you completely off? Also, how long have you been cycling this way?

Completely off. I do a 2 week PCT, but that’s it.

For a long time. Since a former Mr Olympia told me that’s what he did, and he always grew.

Which of the following is the most important for a bodybuilder to build a pro level physique in your opinion.

  • Drugs
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Genetics
  • Training

Obviously being consistent with all 4 will yield the most optimal results and is the goal. But which would you consider to be the most vital to in gaining pro status? Can overdoing one overcompensate or make up for the relative lack of another?

I won’t give you the BS answer that it’s a combination of the four, don’t worry.

To be a pro the most important of those is DRUGS. Sucks. Shitty reality, but it’s the truth. You can have great genetics, eat perfect, and train like a ****ing machine, but without the drugs you will never reach the top of pro bodybuilding. Sorry.

I can’t tell you how many pros I have witnessed cheat on their diet. I have trained with some of the best pros of all time, and many train like pussies. Look at Dexter Jackson. I have never seen the man go to failure on one set, EVER. He’s got superb genetics, and that along with drugs got him to the top. It wasn’t his training and definitely wasn’t his diet. Dude eats KFC a week out of the Olympia.

  1. Drugs
  2. Genetics
  3. Food
  4. Training

People won’t like that training is #4 but if you have the top 3 training is less important. Food is the building block for muscle. No food = no muscle. Kai Greene trains like an idiot 75% of the year, but the guy can eat like it’s no ones business. Don’t mean Greene doesn’t train hard, cause he does, but he does stupid shit till he’s preparing for a show.

No bashing needed but, who are some of the more disliked competitors in the IFBB today?

Kai Greene is a nice gentle guy, but the boys at the top shun him. When I have been around Kai with the other guys, he is never part of the group. Branch, Phil, and Dex seem to have particular disdain for him. I often feel bad for the guy, because what I am writing is no secret. They let him know he’s an outsider.

No one likes Shawn Ray, but he isn’t competing anymore. A lot of guys seem to dislike Ben Pakulski. They think Ben is cocky and arrogant, plus it’s pretty well known that he’s ripped quite a few people off for juice.

It really depends who you ask. Personally, I don’t actually dislike any of the guys that I compete with. I just like some better than others.

Who are the best and worst (well known) prep coaches any why?

Aceto is on fire lately. Hany is in the dumpster. Farah is good at his job but is a compulsive liar and braggart.

Two things you might not know about these three guys:

ACETO is a practicing Muslim and so his African American wife.

HANY is the most sensitive man in bodybuilding. Say something bad about him, and he’ll do his best to get you.

FARAH can get exotic drugs for guys.


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