Stacking Humulin and Lantus

The following article was written by Dr X

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What are a few of the advantages of stacking Humulin R and N/Lantus? Bodybuilding is simply about first breaking down muscle tissue (weight training) and then attempting to overcompensate stores of amino acids and the required energy reserves in terms of both triglycerides and glucose inside the muscle tissue. There is another mechanism that has never been discussed when it comes to exogenous insulin use that aids in this process. One cannot grow unless one eats. Hunger changes as exogenous insulin is used and I am specifically talking about Humulin R. Both the short R and longer versions N and Lantus have a role in how the body stores these key nutrients for growth and recovery. But R in particular has the biggest role in terms of how much food can be used and utilised within a given time frame. The bodies hunger mechanism changes and gets amplified as R is increased. Note this change in hunger may not occur with Log. Some have noticed just the opposite with this even faster analog, a reduction of appetite. I still to this day feel log is virtually useless as a bodybuilding tool verses R.

This interesting mechanism behind hunger in my opinion occurs at the stomach, a temporary storage bag that mixes food. You can simply think of the stomach as nothing more then a blender. The stomach secretes acid and enzymes that digest and break down food into smaller particles. The stomach muscles also contract periodically, to mechanically churn and mash food to enhance digestion. Once mixed, food entering the small intestine is called Chyme. Chyme is a thick semi-fluid mass of MIXED partially digested food and digestive secretions that are made of the salivary enzyme amylase, the gastric enzyme pepsin, and hydrochloric acid. Secretion of hydrochloric acid by the stomach is what makes the chyme so strongly acidic. On a side note, some AAS, as many of you know, from certain orals to tren create that burning sensations in the throat. AAS tends to relax the lower esophageal sphincter. When this ring of muscles do not close all the way, stomach contents then leak back UP into the esophagus which is also known as acid reflux or heart burn.

So what is the connection? The body goes into a pseudo survival mode when exogenous insulin R is injected. Depending on the dose and frequency of injections will determine how fast the stomach has to empty and get these broken down simple carbs into the small intestine. The pyloric sphincter regulates the rate chyme empties from the stomach and is actually the limiting factor. Because carbohydrates gets absorbed in the small intestine the stomach goes into overdrive mode in an attempt to maintain blood sugars based on the corresponding insulin dose. The higher the dose of R, the faster the gastrointestinal emptying will occur. Depending on the mix of foods, carbohydrates require the least amount of time in the stomach to digest. Protein needs more time and fats take the longest. Remember what you eat becomes a mixed mass once in the stomach. The more fat in the meal the longer it will take. It is one of the reasons to keep certain fats controlled and regulated prior to working out if insulin is used. On a personal note monounsaturated fats and mixed nuts empty quite fast and do not hinder glucose absorption. So I do depending on the times will have both a tablespoon of olive oil and (SALTED) nuts in my pre-workout meal. The other advantage to these key fats is they help slow down and stabilise the amounts of sugars released into the blood providing an even steady stream. With this basic understanding, you can see why the drink used during training has to have the right ratios of specific carbs to protein. It CANNOT be overly loaded with non essentials that slow down the rate in which sugars get into the small intestine. The simpler the better, otherwise your drink becomes the other limiting factor.

Besides hunger getting heightened, what roles do both R and N/Lantus play. And this again is where I like to keep things REAL simple. Think of R as the tool to get newly acquired nutrients into the cells but this only occurs TEMPORARILY, and N/Lantus are the tools to keep them locked in long term. Close to twenty percent of the human body is made up of protein. Muscle tissue in particular as I have said before is constantly being recycled. It is actually called a pool of amino acids. The body pulls from the muscle pool as needed to build other critical structures for survival. These amino acids play a crucial role in almost every biological processes and are the building blocks of it all. In the end what N and Lantus do is first slow the rate in which amino acids are pulled from muscle. As long as muscle tissue is being constantly broken down mechanically with intense exercise these long acting analogs aid in the muscle amino acid pool getting larger and larger over time.

Second because N/Lantus stay in the system longer they have a secondary role in priming nervous tissue. Long story short, they create an environment for dramatic strength increases which then aid exponentially in the breaking down other types of muscle tissue. This equates to even greater growth!

I will end with this observation. In order to take advantage of this last key point, one cannot approach training with a constant fear of going hypo. I see this reservation holding many back causing training to get tempered. If one is NOT part of the genetic elite, and these peptides are used, training CANNOT be held back or your wasting your time.

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