Priming and Blowing Up Log

The information in this piece was provided by Genetikk


We have already looked at ‘priming’ and the benefits of getting lean before jumping in to a mass-gaining phase here. Genetikk has gave me permission to use his pictures and sent over some information regarding his drug and diet protocol to demonstrate what a successful priming and blowing up protocol looks like.

His goal was to get in to a lean state, getting rid of any unwanted body fat and water retention. Once he was happy with how lean he was, he would switch up his stack and run high doses of anabolics and a large calorie surplus with the intention of ‘rebounding’ and gaining quality muscle tissue.

Any text in this article that is inside a quotation box is directly from Genetikk’s mouth, the body text is me and my observations.

Drug Protocol

My cycle for cutting:


Testosterone doses ranged from 400mg-1,000mg per week, it was tapered up towards the end of the cut. I imagine this was to boost strength and fullness which would have inevitably dropped as the diet progressed, especially while using high doses of T3 and a large deficit.

Trenbolone looks to have been the spearhead of the cycle, starting with Enanthate and switching to Acetate for the final 3 weeks with a brief cross over period during weeks 5 and 6. I imagine the Tren would have contributed largely to the look he achieved towards the end of the diet – the hardness, the ‘pop’ in the muscles, vascularity etc.

Winstrol was added for the final 2 weeks at a fairly modest dose of 50mg/day for additional strength and hardness.

T3 was used throughout and was tapered up to a rather hefty 100mcg/day, this will have accelerated fat-loss massively but significantly reduced strength and endurance during training sessions. But I suppose when you’re in a large deficit strength loss is inevitable and you are training solely to preserve muscle.

Clen was used in an old school on/off fashion.


Meal 1

  • 10 oz 97% lean beef
  • 8 oz kidney beans

Meal 2

  • 12 oz chicken breast
  • Cup of jasmine rice

Meal 3 (Post-workout)

  • 10 oz pasta
  • Can of Tuna
  • 4 oz tomato paste
  • 10 oz tilapia

I have known this guy for a while and he keeps his nutrition for both cutting and bulking very simple. He doesn’t mess around with protein shakes, artificial sweeteners or fancy zero calorie condiments, all of his food choices are very basic and old school. Most people would get bored of his diet within a matter of weeks but he is very strict and regimented and adheres to it perfectly. He went a solid month without any kind of refeed or cheat meal during the cutting phase, anybody who has used T3 at a high dose while being in a deficit knows that is not an easy task. When he did incorporate high calorie days later down the line his muscles soaked the carbs up like a sponge and the extra fullness and vascularity was very apparent.

Training Split

  • Monday: Chest & Calves
  • Tuesday: Back & Rears
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Quads & Hamstrings
  • Friday: Delts
  • Saturday: Arms
  • Sunday: Off

This guy trains with very high volume, I will include an example of a training session taken from his log later on as an example.

1st May

This was the starting point on the 1st of May. Stats were 5’9″ and around 234lbs. The original goal weight for the cut was to reach 210-215lbs but this changed as the cut progressed.

2nd May

  • Wide grip lat pulldowns 4 x 10
  • Straight arm dumbell pullover 4 x 6-10
  • V-bar lat pulldowns 7 x 8-12
  • Dumbell reverse flyes 6 x 12-15
  • Straight arm dumbell pullovers 4 x 6-10
  • Chest supported barbell rows 4 x 10-15
  • Chest supported T-bar rows 4 x 8-12

6th May

8th May

Okay, I’m down a good 10 lbs. My midsection has gotten tighter but I look very blocky. Strength is down so I just did more volume but still kept it pretty intense by keeping my rest periods as short as possible. Pump isn’t as great, energy is okay, hunger is under control and I’m sweating like a mother fucker.

11th May

Yesterday was day off. I woke up with a crazy hunger pain and went to bed hungry but didn’t cheat. Today I substituted the turkey with 97% lean beef (same portion size) hoping it’d keep me fuller and it kind of did. Training continues as usual. My energy is good but my strength is low. Got stuck at the bottom on hack squats, got stuck on the leg press doing my usual weights but it is what it is I guess.

12th May


Okay guys I’m starting to worry I’m being too aggressive with this cut. My strength has been shit and my weight keeps on dropping pretty fast. I hit a new low of 224 lbs today.

13th May


14th May


My weight is still dropping fast (219lbs today) Next week I’m off the Clen so I might do low dose EC just to keep the hunger at bay. I feel very flat but look better than before so it’s no big deal.

15th May


T3 is no joke. I’m sweating like never before. Weight s now 217lbs which means I’ve lost 17lbs in 2 weeks. Pretty sure I’d gain half of that back if I did a refeed though.

18th May


Pretty much running on anger and sheer willpower at this point. The 2.5-3k calories I eat in a day ain’t even doing anything. Weight is 217lbs as of today and I’m literally counting the hours till Monday when I get to do my first refeed.

19th May


I’ve kind of gotten over the “I can’t push as much weight as usual phase”. Doesn’t matter, as long as I push as hard as I can. My rest periods in between sets are very short and I take most of my sets to failure plus some partials at the end. Needless to say, I’m always sore the day after, even body parts that never usually get sore like shoulders. Weight hit a new low of 215 lbs and I feel (extremely) flat but I don’t give a shit since I m dropping fat very fast and look better overall.

20th May


22nd May


23rd May


28th May


And that concludes 4 successful weeks of dieting. 0 cheat meals, 0 training sessions missed. Looking forward to next week as I’ll be changing the drugs a little bit. Let’s see how freaky we can get.

30th May


My weight is now 206! Tempted to do a cheat meal just to see if I fill out and explode in veins. I don’t think it will set me back or anything. I’ve gone 30 days with no refeeds and cheat meals so far. Should help me if anything.

2nd June


My sleep has gotten better meaning I now can take short naps during the day but I very irritable/cold towards people right now. My gym performance isn’t great either. I felt so drained after my session today I had to lie down for a good 10-15 minutes before I went on my way home. I m holding on though, progress is great I can’t complain.

3rd June


My weight is now 201lbs. Guess we’re going sub 200lbs next week.

6th June


Running on pretty low calories today and did a shit load of volume but it was okay, with a bit of ephedrine and two cups of black coffee I got through it just fine. Tomorrow’s my day off and I’m kind of looking forward to it.

8th June

9th June

Back on track and IMO looking even better. Weight is 197lbs which makes me wonder what I d be if I didn’t eat those carbs yesterday.

10th June

11th June

13th June

Another successful session in the books. Training was decent and I managed to stay under 2,000 calories. I don’t feel sick anymore but luckily my appetite is still shut down. Taking tomorrow off.

15th June

16th June

17th June


Once the body fat goal was reached calories were raised quickly from sub 2,000 to over 5,000 per day. No reverse dieting or tapering calories at all, just a straight switch.

Drug Protocol

My cycle for bulking:


He kept a low dose of T3 in the stack with the intention of minimising fat gain. He veered away from DHT compounds and orals in favour of a more anabolic stack, upping the Test to 2,000mg per week and upping his AI dose to match. DHB Cypionate was also added at 700mg per week.


Meal 1

  • 14 oz baked fries
  • 10 oz 97% lean beef
  • BBQ sauce
  • 1x 60g Protein bar

Meal 2

  • 10 oz skinless boneless chicken thighs
  • 2 cups jasemine rice
  • 2 tbsp Terryaki sauce
  • 2 bread rolls w peanut butter and jelly

Meal 3

  • 10 oz skinless boneless chicken thighs
  • 2 cups jasemine rice
  • 2 tbsp terryaki sauce
  • 2 bread rolls w peanut butter and jelly

Meal 4

  • 12 oz pasta
  • 10 oz 93% ground beef
  • 6 oz tomato paste
  • 1x 60g protein bar

Meal 5

  • Ice Cream (Ben & Jerrys) 1 large pint

19th June

20th June

Was supposed to train legs but didn’t since I had bad PIP in both of my glutes. Hope it goes away so I can hit them tomorrow. As far as food I don’t even know how much I had but it was a lot. Around the 6,500 mark is what I estimate clean except for a donut and a pint of ice cream.

22nd June

23rd June

25th June


26th June


28th June


As you can see there was a huge amount of progress made over a short period of time in both fat loss and muscle gain. I think this post is a good illustration to support the argument that it is a good idea to get lean before you blast and try to gain mass.


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