Fighting Trensomnia

The following article was written by JuliuscaesarGG from r/steroids, the original post can be found here


I’ve made a few threads before, about acne, Selank in use with Tren. Don’t take me as an expert, but merely a synthesizer of information that is readily available for you to research. I’ve been running some Tren and have been experimenting with different ways to alleviate sleep-related side effects of Tren and I’ll compile what I have discovered.

First lets break down what I would consider the sleep related side effects of tren

  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Trouble staying asleep
  • Wakefulness during daytime

The substances used for falling asleep and staying asleep tend to be somewhat similar. Some substances are more risky than others, must be cycled, or are overall not recommended for people to take willy-nilly. I’ll talk about each of these three related side effects and label them at my own opinion of their risk level. Keep in mind, I do not claim this to be totally comprehensive, if you can include a post to this thread with merit that I missed, it should be added.

Trouble Falling Asleep/Staying Asleep

High Risk – Benzodiazepines


  • Pros: Can induce sleep quickly
  • Negatives: Extremely habit forming for some users, must be cycled, best if used sparingly.
  • My Suggestion: This should be a last resort – use it if sleep is imperative and would come no other way. Better to drop tren than get a habit so limit to 2-3x a week at a very low dosage.
  • Buying Benzodiazepines: I use Shipping to the UK usually takes 1-2 days and they do ship internationally too. Just send them an email explaining that you got their email address from this website and ask for a price list and they will send over a full list of products and prices.

High Risk – Phenibut/Baclofen


  • Pros: Induces a stronger bodily calm than benzos, long half life, helps stay asleep strongly as well as potentially induce sleep
  • Cons: Same as benzos
  • My Suggestion: Use it when your issue is staying asleep more than falling asleep. It is more effective at this than inducing sleep compared to benzos.

High Risk – GHB


  • Pros: The most effective at inducing sleep among the GABA agonists. Will give guaranteed 4 hours of sleep at around 3-5g dose. Not as addictive as benzos, phenibut, or baclofen(similar to phenibut with shorter half life). Gives a dopamine rebound upon wake up. Can be used if your issue is staying asleep (if you wake up very early, a 3.5g dose can induce another 3 hours of sleep with a bonus dopamine rebound)
  • Cons: Since the substance is relatively benign, it can lead to an accidental addiction. Extremely dangerous if accompanied with alcohol. It’s stigma because of it’s use in the bodybuilding community with users who were irresponsible. Arguably as addictive as the other GABA agonists, but many argue it is a healthier substance.
  • My Suggestion: If you can find it, it’s an incredible tool, but requires self control to moderate due to it’s effectiveness. Treat the substance with respect and do not abuse it for recreation if you use it for sleep, as it will quickly lead to addiction.

Medium Risk – Valerian Root


  • Pros: It works decently well. It is a partial GABA-A agonist.
  • Cons: It has GABA agonist properties making it possibly slightly addictive, however much less than the high risk supplements.
  • My Suggestion: Try it out, it might be effective for you and is better than using the high risk compounds.

Low Risk – L-Theanine


  • Pros: Harmless amino acid that induces calm and sedative properties at 200-400mg
  • Cons: Might lose effectiveness, may not be very effective
  • My Suggestion: Try it, it’s cheap, and L-theanine has other uses such as combination with caffeine to rid jitters and have clean energy. Quite effective.

Low Risk – Lemon Balm


  • Pros: Not many risks with its use. Lots of people swear by it.
  • Cons: Likely not incredibly effective.

Low Risk – Selanselank-10mg_1

  • Pros: Effective at reducing stress and paranoia from Tren. Helps keep asleep and induces a bit of calm for a hectic day. It lasts a while and effects accumulate. Overall great supplement with tren for reducing stress, anxiety, paranoia, and sleep difficulties.
  • Cons: Subq injection/Nasal spray, may not be effective at inducing sleep. Not 100% effective at continuing sleep.
  • My Suggestion: Definitely try Selank with Tren if you’re suffering any sides really. 200-600uq once a day at any time of day should have good effects. Pin it an hour before bed if you want it to help you sleep. I prefer the N-Acetyl Selank version, as it is more effective uq per uq and I get better effects from it. The original Selank is also effective.

Wakefulness Agents When Sleep Sucks

I’m not going to cover amphetamines, or other harder stimulant drugs.

Medium Risk – Modafinil


  • Pros: Great wakefulness agent for the whole day. 100-200mg works for most people. Not overly stimulating. Synergizes well with Tren when sleep was shitty. Can be a potent appetite suppressor if you’re cutting (not great for if you’re not)
  • Cons: Becomes less effective with repetitive use. Affects libido, might give obsessive kind of thoughts or a very talkative energy. Has the potential to be slightly stimulating and uncomfortable. Can drain you with subsequent days and make you feel not 100%. A small portion of the population is a non-responder to modafinil due to their genes. Others are non-responders due to other stimulant use and abuse.
  • My Suggestion: Use 100-200mg 3x a week max. Ideally 1-2x a week. Use it when your sleep was really, really bad.
  • Buying Modafinil: I use Shipping to the UK usually takes 1-2 days and they do ship internationally too. Just send them an email explaining that you got their email address from this website and ask for a price list and they will send over a full list of products and prices.

Medium Risk – Orexin-A


  • Pros: Completely eliminates mind-related fatigue. Destroys sleepiness with a couple nose sprays. Naturally occurring with very little risk.
  • Cons: Hard to source, expensive, degrades within 3-4 weeks in the refrigerator.
  • My Suggestion: If you have the source, have the $$ for it, orexin-a is the closest you get to a magic cure for the sleepiness associated with bad sleep from tren.

Low-Risk – Caffeine


Come on we all know about caffeine right?

2 Responses

  1. steronoilz

    I read the original post on reddit, he had some good suggestions but was very much off on his review of Valerian being “medium risk”. Valerian is pretty safe to use. There is some evidence that it might have a very slight withdrawal effect due to its impact on the GABA A receptor, but its very likely most will not notice it if it does exist.

    Also not listed is something like Benadryl or even better, Atarax. Both are sedating anti-histamines. Benadryl is very cheap in the US.


  2. steronoilz

    I am also going to add to the “high risk” of benzos, GHB and Phenibut. Benzodiazepines and GHB both can induce seizures during withdrawal which can be fatal. I’d argue that if you are often having to take something like that to sleep due to your use of anabolics then you should check yourself and also have a conversation with someone you trust to see if your perspective is being warped. Also, using something like valium off and on during tren could potentially worsen anxiety symptoms or make the insomnia worse when not on the drug. So essentially, you are increasing your risk for addictive usage.


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