Reliable Worldwide AAS Source (New Email Address)


Readers of this website will probably be aware that I usually recommend GearGalore as my go-to worldwide source for anything AAS related; injectables, orals, AI’s, PCT drugs, HGH, insulin, fat-burners and so on.

They have recently had an issue with their Tutanota account and have had to move over to a new email address.

Feel free to contact them on the email address below where you can request a price list and enquire about making an order.

If you have used GearGalore previously and would like to leave a review below, please feel free to do so.

15 Responses

  1. Chode

    I’ve used the sg line, tm line, and various human grade products. All top of the line quality and good prices. Shipping is fast and payment is straight forward. One of the only guys who I can vouch for at this point with all the dodgy sources around right now.

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  2. Christophe Benoit

    To be honest i was a bit skeptical at first (as all should be when it comes to that sort of business) but ever since i received my first order (like within less than a week which is amazing compared to my previous sources based in asia) i keep ordering every now and then like a couple hours ago when i realised i was going to be running short of nolva and clomid.

    Anyway, an amazing source, cheap, serious (fastest mail service i’ve seen so far) and trustworthy.

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  3. typical_lad1996

    Probably the best source I’ve been in contact with, won’t be looking around for anything whilst he’s about. Must have made around 20+ orders, never had a problem. Most I’ve waited for an order is 3DD to uk, 99% of my orders arrive pretty much the day after dispatch. Has a massive range of good quality products, the prices are great too. TM,SG and the pharma ancillaries I can vouch for.

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  4. Deco

    Best source I have ever came across for absolutely anything. Delivery is spot on, 99% of the time it’s on my door the next working day if I order early enough. Excellent communication too, could not fault, place orders almost weekly

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  5. Alex

    Reliable source. Takes 1 or 2 days for delivery .great stock list .will beat any back street gym and other internet sources on price. Out the meany meany places on the internet or the street to souce gear this guys the best

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  6. LeftZ

    I also have nothing but positive things to say about GG. Simply a great source. Was my first “international” source that I used. Shipping is always very quick to my city (a major US city in the Midwest). Communication is great and the multiple payment options make it easy. Great prices and selection, some items that GG carries can be difficult to acquire from US based UGL sources. Product has always been on point as well.

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  7. Big_Mig

    Used these for the following;


    Great service. Responds quick to messages. Parcel sent discreetly and delivered quickly.

    Gear also seems to be good.

    Will definitely be using them again.


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  8. RemainingAnonymous

    Fast, Reliable, Nice selection. As someone who never bought before. He answered all my questions (Even ones unrelated to gear but to bitcoin) and gave me recommendations.

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  9. MO

    Just placed an order via email. Communication was fast and smooth, so first impression is great. I’ll post am update when I receive my order.


  10. aj

    Next day delivery everytime customer service is unbeatable i had two test prop that came half full he replies instantly and sent me 2 bottles out the same day recieved the next morning

    His gear is quality cheap as chips and he is obviously in it for the longhaul

    The only one fault is i wish he sold igf but eitherway his product list is spot on


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